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Cross-posting refers to posting the same question on multiple websites.

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24 votes
2 answers

What can we do with a cross-site duplicate that has answers on both sites?

I have answered this question on bioinformatics. It was first asked on Stack Overflow, and then, following a comment, also asked on Bioinformatics, but without deleting it on Stack Overflow. The ...
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Should there be support for the same question being visible to multiple communities, to handle cases of overlap?

A frequent occurrence with the algorithms tag is that questions get downvoted or closed by people who think such questions are better suited for Mathematics or Computer Science. I don't know if ...
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What should I do when a post is cross-posted on external site and abandoned on SO?

This question is also posted on an external website (not Stack Exchange network) devoted to the programming language. The OP put the link in the question, but didn't explicitly state that it is a ...
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-9 votes
2 answers

Why were these 31 questions about [intersystems-iris] deleted? Was it because they were posted in another site simultaneously? [duplicate]

I'm a community manager on Some time ago I asked a user in our site ( to repost several questions here on SO,...
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58 votes
1 answer

Why was my cross-posting flag declined?

I flagged this question (now deleted by the OP) for being cross-posted verbatim to Data Science SE; the exact text of my custom flag was: Cross-posted to Data Science SE (where it arguably belongs): ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Custom flags for cross-posted questions don't seem to get through

In the last week or so, I have raised 4-5 custom flags for questions cross-posted verbatim to other SE sites. Save for one, all these other flags seem to be perpetually pending - neither accepted nor ...
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44 votes
4 answers

Q&A translated to ru.stackoverflow. Is this a known behavior?

Today I noticed the following: This SO question translated to the RuSO This SO question translated to the RuSO This SO question translated to the RuSO (More answers were added but all of them are ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Is it acceptable to ask a WordPress development question here AND on WP SE? [duplicate]

I know that WordPress SE exists. I am a member and, well, I have more than a few issues with that one SE. I'm trying to learn a whole new skill set (developing within WordPress) and I am starting to ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Is it allowed/tolerated to ask the same question somewhere else? [duplicate]

For example, I recently saw a question in which someone commented "The author also asked this question on r/haskell", with a link to a reddit post. This seems to me disapproving, so I would like to ...
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Is it okay to rephrase my question without programming, on a different SE?

Imagine I were to ask a question about calculating when circles will collide in JavaScript. It's barely seen at all; it's an important issue, and I can't really wait 2 days for a bounty. If I rephrase ...
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11 votes
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Posting questions and answers from my blog [duplicate]

My day job is teaching Hardware Description Languages. But I run what is called a fiddle for my employer. As part of that, I have started writing a blog, the theme of which is ...
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18 votes
1 answer

A cross-posted question's answer making the initial a bit trivial

In a fairly old question of mine, posted on Stack Overflow, I was encouraged to ask for help on MathOverflow. It did make sense since the question was mostly maths related, but I was still looking for ...
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Is it ok to post an answer on Stack Overflow but a question on Code Review?

I have posted an answer on SO and I was wondering if it is OK to post on Code review in order for people to critique it? I saw this answer about SO/SE cross-posting, but unlike my case it mentions ...
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Is it Spam when a questioner requests replies be posted on a different site?

Regarding How can I convert my Excel VBA Macros to EXE File?, the user posted this in comments: I have posted this same thread on the below forum. Please check there and then reply over there. Thanks....
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3 votes
1 answer

Answer to question on SO on unix.stackexchange

If there is a question on SO with an answer that solves the problem on unix.stackexchange, is it right (is it possible?) to close the question on SO as duplicate of the one on unix?
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19 votes
1 answer

On what basis do you flag/vote to close a cross posted question?

How do I flag/vote to close a question which is already asked by the OP on an other SE website (example)? By how I refer to on which basis/criteria? I think I can flag it with 'in need of moderator ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Posting a question that is coming from another domain-specific forum

Sometimes I have questions that should also be asked on the specific library/framework official forum, but I'd also like to have it here to gain more possible answers/solutions. Is this generally ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Would this be better off on Stack Overflow than Super User or both? Now, I read this:
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Is it correct to post a question more than one Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

I asked a question related to SQL queries, and the answerer told me to ask on dba.stackexchange for the part of my question relative to performance. Is it OK if I copy my post and repost it to the ...
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Off Topic Questions which have not yet migrated posted again on the right network page

Just a few minutes ago, I noticed this Question. It seem to belong to another network page. Somebody raised a Offtopic Flag with this comment: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because ...
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9 votes
1 answer

What is the recommended course of action for cross-meta duplicates?

While browsing meta I've been seeing a lot of questions pop up here lately that have already been asked and answered on Meta Stack Exchange. Usually someone leaves a comment in the form of MSE ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Same question posted and answered on different Stack Overflow sites [duplicate]

I came across this post today, which the OP has posted a low quality/link only answer to. The link that was posted as an answer leads to an answer on the portuguese SO site, to the exact same ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Should we add links between equivalent questions in different languages?

On the Russian Stack Overflow site, there was a proposal to add a feature to Stack Overflow where you could add links to the same content across different languages, similar to the feature on ...
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57 votes
6 answers

LilyPond programming questions on Stack Overflow

LilyPond is "a computer program and file format for music engraving" (quote from Wikipedia). There's a LilyPond tag on Stack Overflow and a LilyPond tag on Stack Exchange site Music: ...
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1 answer

How to Repost Question?

I have a situation where I posted a question on Super User and then realized it would be more likely to get an answer on Ask Ubuntu. So what should I do in this situation? As of right now I have it ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Is a link-only answer acceptable if a Stack Exchange sister site Q/A offers many solutions to a question? [duplicate] I answered this question a long time ago pointing to an answer on SuperUser. I felt that that q/a offered many solutions and perhaps a link to the QA is ...
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2 answers

Is it ok to post on code review and SO at the same time? [duplicate]

I have a finished piece of code that I submitted on code review. As I did not have had any answer nor comments, I was wondering if it could be a good idea to submit it on SO too. I'd be glad to know ...
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Can I ask a question on Stack Overflow that I already asked on Code Review? [duplicate]

If the question is also suited for Stack Overflow, should I delete it from Code Review if I didn't have any answers on it and ask it on Stack Overflow, or can I keep both alive?
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May I ask the same question on Stack Overflow if not answered on a different SE site? [duplicate]

On different stacks I've asked a few very specific questions that weren't answered. The newest one I asked on Server Fault. Of course I wouldn't ask it right away on Stack Overflow because I just ...
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1 answer

Cannot mark question duplicate on another part of Stack Exchange

I discovered a question on Stack Overflow that was identical to one asked on Arduino Stack Exchange. I had already answered it on that other site. I tried to flag it as a duplicate but the link was ...
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1 answer

Please don't encourage cross-posting :-)

I would like to request that people don't encourage cross-posting to different Stack Exchange sites. In particular, I've noticed that on a number of occasions people get pointed to the new(-ish) Vi ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Cross-posting by user and removed question by moderator on SO in Russian. Does our SO has same rules?

Recently I found this question on Meta ruSO. I've seen some posts on Meta SO and on Meta StackExchange, BUT that question was removed by moderator with the reason (translation): If you will still ...
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Cross-posting is not prohibited - is that correct?

I flagged this post for moderator attention because it was simultaneously cross-posted on multiple Stack Exchange sites (Stack Overflow and CS.SE). My flag was declined, with the comment: "Cross-...
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Multilingual support for Stack Overflow

Why is Stack Overflow branching off sites geographically/nationally? Knowledge should be amalgamated, not categorized by country. It doesn't make sense that the same question/answer exists on ...
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1 answer

Is multilingual cross-posting allowed in SO sites? [duplicate]

I’ve seen SO in Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian languages, particularly the Russian SO site is showing a lot of traffic. Since search engines don’t do multilingual searches, at least not yet, maybe ...
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1 answer

Should I flag a crosspost for deletion? [duplicate]

I bumped into two questions which are exact copy-and-paste duplicates; one on SO and one on DBA. There's a solid community consensus that crossposts are bad, 'mkay, but should I flag one for deletion ...
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-6 votes
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Is it OK to duplicate question across sites to get larger attention? [duplicate]

As I remember I've seen some questions saying it is migrated. I know a question gets migrated when it is closed as off-topic but it could be fit on another Stack Exchange site. Obviously only ...
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How to report user posting same question on several Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

For example, the same question was posted by the same user on: Stack Overflow: How to use IO Buffer with defined location in VHDL? Electrical Engineering: How to use IO Buffer with defined location ...
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15 votes
0 answers

How does a migration use duplicate titles, but a regular question not?

This question was asked on Stack Overflow: What is the correct format for final block in EVP_DecryptFinal_ex for decryption? Question number 27763420 (from the 'Share' link) And then this question ...
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How should I handle this low quality question which was cross-posted?

The question is Minecraft forge mod: Remove a block and place a new block I tagged it as java because that's the language used for development in Minecraft, so it can be on-topic here if modified ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can I repeat the question in different communities in Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I have posted n question in Unix&Linux community. Can I also put the question in Stack Overflow community in order to get more answers from more people?
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2 votes
2 answers

Can I post the same question on Stack Overflow and GameDev? [duplicate]

Is there any etiquette around posting the same question on two (or more) Stack Exchange sites? I have a question that is programming related, but involves a game I want to write in Cocos2d-X in Lua ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can I crosspost to Stack Overflow a question that was barely seen on DBA?

I posted this last night: and it only got 13 views. I am worried frankly that no-one saw it, an issue ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Cross-posting between localized Stack Overflow versions

Cross-posting between Stack Exchange sites is disapproved as we can see in Is cross-posting a question on multiple Stack Exchange sites permitted if the question is on-topic for each site? But with ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Is SO/SE crosspost accepted?

I came across two question, one on SO and one on DBA.StackExchange that are one and the same within 5 minutes. SO one: Give nested query an alias DBA one: Problem in Nested Query Is this behaviour ...
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Question got wrong answer on SO, but was answered correctly on SU

This question on Stack Overflow has a bad accepted answer. Normally I'd just give another answer, and downvote and comment on the wrong answer. But, the same question was asked on Super User where I ...
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