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Don't know where to ask your question on the Stack Exchange Network? Give as much detail as possible about the question you'd like to ask, and the community will help you find the appropriate site.

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Where to ask questions regarding Generative AI? [migrated]

I want some suggestions on which tools and technology to use and and how to approach a requirement which involves Generative AI engineering. On which network site should I ask this question?
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Where to post a question about host configurations/issues

My question is something like this: We are using Windows 2019 Server in our office, and the host PC uses Windows 10 mostly. Sometimes after the login credentials are entered, the OS doesn’t load ...
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Where to post a question about imap folder structure mismatch

In my mail client I am using imap to connect to 2 different email servers. 1 account seems to work well, while in the other the folder structure does not match between the client and the webmail. As a ...
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Can I ask about CMakePresets.json vs. CMakeLists.txt here?

I originally posted the following question at the Software Engineer Stack Exchange, because I thought it fit their "Software development methods and practices" clause for "what topics ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange site related to questions on using LibreOffice?

I had a question on how to do certain thing in the LibreOffice Writer, and it was deleted as "not related to programming". Is there a Stack Exchange site that is related to problem with &...
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Are questions about the "right" way to organize your code within files on topic? [duplicate]

I'm writing this C code in which inheritance is emulated by means of composition, and I'm unsure whether I should give each child struct its separate .c and header files as is normally done in other ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Are questions about the security implications of design choices considered "primarily opinion-based"?

Today I asked a question about potential security vulnerabilities associated with different ways of implementing a piece of software. I received a vote to close the question on the grounds that it is &...
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2 answers

So which SE site would be good to ask about ways to use ChatGPT?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to write a proposal by ChatGPT with at least 10 cited references in A4 paper size But it has been deleted and banned as you can see below and this ...
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2 answers

I need help implementing a (very simple) "algorithm". Where should I ask?

I think there are several options and SO will probably not be the best place to ask. But I would like to understand the pros and cons. For context, I want to check several web services and wait until ...
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Is there a better place on Stack Exchange for this question about a Perl+Tk RAM-related crash?

I donated now 250 points of mine to their question and with these "popping" bounties it will be the last. However, this user asks a good question and gets no answer. Is there a better place ...
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Tag-specific site recommendations

A fair number of the kubernetes questions are off-topic for Stack Overflow. Especially if a question is tagged kubeadm, that is a fairly clear indication that the question is about "installing a ...
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What is the correct SE site for a question about sfdisk? [duplicate]

I asked this question about sfdisk. I thought it was about programming, since reformatting or copying data back and forth is often a function of what I do in programming. Apparently it's not, so it's ...
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Which type of questions about Singularity containers are on topic on Stack Overflow?

I asked a question about Singularity containers,, and it was shut down pretty quickly as off-topic. I ...
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2 answers

Where is the best place to ask a question about how to set software on a new (Mac) computer?

My present home computer is a bit of a disorganized mess with a semblance of organization. More than anything, this reflects the fact that I learned to code over the time that I owned this computer, ...
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Where and how should I ask this question?

I'm working on a medium-sized project that is about to become a large project. We are about to onboard a large number of new developers with a wide range of experience. Our current standard ...
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Where is the most appropriate place for posting DRBD questions?

Would this be the best place to post DRBD questions or is there another site specifically for DRBD questions?
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Where do questions about hashing belong? [closed]

If I were to ask a question about hashing, would it belong on Stack Overflow, Computer Science SE, Cryptography SE, or Math SE?
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Are questions about programming-related software on-topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Where should I ask questions regarding (programming-related) software? Software like Visual Studio Code, etc. Example: Does FileHistory in VScode store after leaving the program or when does it save ...
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What is the best Stack Exchange site to discuss general artificial intelligence?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: I want to make an AI. How do I combine words to create context? I figured that AI would be mostly discussed on Stack Overflow, however it seems that ...
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Questions on theorem proving in type-driven languages

I have a small number of questions on issues I have encountered while working with the Idris language, specifically trying to utilize it as a theorem proving language, and I am tempted to ask my ...
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Is there a place on Stack Exchange to ask a question about the Google Play Console?

I am having a problem with the Google Play Developer Console (where you upload apps to the Google App Store) and a problem trying to use the Help form to ask about the problem. Can I turn to Stack ...
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2 answers

Are there any Stack Exchange sites where recommendations, best practices or industry standards questions can be asked? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is focused on Q&A style questions. Questions that seek recommendations, best practices or industry standards are discouraged because they may generate discussion and are seen as ...
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0 answers

Should Microsoft Power Platform suite questions be asked in a different community?

I asked a question about Power Apps in Set collection to selected values in PowerApps form when opened in edit mode and even gave it a bounty of 200 points, but it receives very little traffic. I ...
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27 votes
7 answers

Is a question that asks "for a word that means ..." on topic for Stack Overflow?

My software development teams usually builds an application or a service. And there are a lot of common elements between an application and a service. Right now my documentation writes out "...
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Which Stack Exchange site should users with 'Windows Administration' questions add their questions to?

I have seen multiple downvotes to Windows administration type questions on Stack Overflow. If these questions don’t belong in Overflow, which Stack Exchange site should they be included in?
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1 answer

State of DevOps question [duplicate]

I need to ask a question about the State of DevOps report and the relationship between Google, Puppet and DORA. Where is the recommended location for this question?
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Where can I ask about Julia-code? [duplicate]

On which site can I ask about Julia code? I found on GitHub a useful code written on Julia, and I need help running it on my Pc. Where can I ask questions related to this?
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Where should [ros] questions be posted?

As already mentioned here, the robotics community is used to asking their questions on a different forum very similar to the Stack Exchange Network: There are about 25 questions ...
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7 answers

Where do history-focused questions belong?

Obviously the question should be somewhat related to programming or software development, but it feels a bit odd putting them on Stack Overflow because of the nature of the topic - oftentimes they are ...
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Are questions seeking an explanation for a concept related to a problem acceptable?

For example, I have an issue with garbage collector pressure affecting my program. I've been trying solutions from the internet, but they all seem to decrease performance. I suspect I'm missing some ...
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Where should I go with program architecture best practice questions? [duplicate]

I asked about a best practice for working with ViewModels in SwiftUI, and: On Stack Overflow, the question was closed as opinion-based, and I was directed to ask at Code Review site. On Code Review I ...
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2 answers

Is an easy Docker question about a command parameter and which does not have any programming in it off-topic on Stack Overflow?

This is linked to Should Docker questions go on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, or Super User? I am dealing with Docker and docker-compose for a few weeks only, still rather a beginner. Thus, I might be ...
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Question is on-topic for one site, but fits userbase knowledge of another where it would be off-topic

I very recently asked this question over on Super User about ZMODEM. This is fairly old technology and from what I've seen from browsing this site, it's something that a good few Stack Overflow users ...
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1 answer

I am not sure where or how to post a question about writing a program that uses some of my hardware's features [duplicate]

I am looking for a way to decode and encode videos on Linux using the hardware acceleration features my system offers. Yesterday I posted this question, but it was closed: Decode and encode videos ...
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Possible almost-duplicate question intended for CodeReview and Stack Overflow?

I’m inexperienced with Stack Exchange. After days of effort I think I have a way of doing something with technology that is new to me. I have two objectives: Learn if the solution I’ve come up with ...
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1 answer

Is a question asking to explain the details of a software patent lawsuit on-topic? [duplicate]

This article (and I'm sure there are others) discusses a patent lawsuit ...
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1 answer

What is the correct site for quaternion and rotation questions?

There are many Stack Exchange sites where a question of this type could fit. I can think of: Computer Graphics Game Development Mathematics Physics Stack Overflow. To explain my question I would use ...
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-14 votes
1 answer

Should Information Security be added to flagging options?

When you flag a question for the community-specific reason, "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network", there is no option to select the Information Security Stack ...
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I have a configuration problem with MATE and Linux. Which Stack Exchange site should I post to? [duplicate]

I'm trying to ask which site I should post this question below. I have FC30 and the MATE desktop, and I'd like to make it look as close as possible to Windows without making my own theme. I'm using ...
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1 answer

Ask question about VM management in Azure

Where do I ask questions about VM management on Microsoft Azure? I know this question is off topic on Stack Overflow and on Unix & Linux there is no azure tag. However it's not an Ubuntu question ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What is the most appropriate place to ask for help when the question involves code, combinatorics and CSTheory?

I would need help to implement in Python an algorithm called DXZ. It is similar to Donald Knuth's DLX algorithm (Dancing Links) with the exception that is uses a ZDD (Zero Suppressed Decision Diagram) ...
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Where and how can I ask questions related to no-code tools like Webflow and Squarespace?

I recently started working on Webflow to finish up a web development project. I am active on SO and this a very good community to ask and answer code-related projects. Is there any Stack Exchange site ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Suggesting change for the Stack Overflow careers, Deletion of job listing

There is no copy of the job listing once a job is applied for after the listing is deleted. I applied for a job and quickly there after the listing was deleted from s/o. I still received an email ...
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Ask questions about using an open API

Which Q&A site is best place to ask a question regarding the following issue: I send a request to an open API as I think according the specs I get an unexpected error (a field is not accepted) ...
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Where can I ask questions that need conceptual and non-technical reflections? [duplicate]

I'd like to know is there is a place where we can ask questions about tools and software development, which are not really or not fully technical, but rather more conceptual or helping on higher-level ...
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Help asking a question that may not have a specific answer: I want to see how others would have solved a particular problem [duplicate]

Good evening, I am rather new to this site and also rather new to coding. I have finished coding a discounted cash flow problem but I am wondering if there are better ways to reach the same solution ...
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Where can I ask questions about biology?

I have the DNA sequence of a virus and I want to ask for a software recommendation where I can convert the genome into a 3D model. But I don't know where to ask it. I asked it on Stack Overflow and it ...
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Is there a community (stack*) to debate about some matter?

My question is similar to that one but in this case, I´m asking for a different web/community where one can debate/rebate about any theme of a matter (preferably classifiable) with the same or similar ...
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Where do I need to ask question about Google Earth Engine?

I try to learn how to use Google Earth engine (GEE) for GIS and I don't know where to ask my questions. There are two solutions: SO where the TAG google-earth-engine is available SE GIS which seems ...
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Where can I ask questions about conventions?

I would like to know what people would recommend for general PHP namespace rules and how to for example improve the namespace of the popular package
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