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Use for questions related to the interaction of the this community members with the international (non-English language) Stack Overflow sites

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How many language-specific Stack Overflow sites are there?

I'm not sure how many exists out there. I'm only aware of a few: URL Language Spanish Portuguese Russian ...
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What should we do when a question in another SO language-site has a duplicate on the main site?

For example, someone asks a question on that already has a duplicate on the main site, but the OP does not understand English. What should we do here? I think there some ...
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Where should I link the translated questions to?

I translate every question I ask into Spanish and Portuguese, and I should also link to translations to each other, similar to how a Wikipedia article has sitelinks to the translated articles. I had ...
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Q&A translated to ru.stackoverflow. Is this a known behavior?

Today I noticed the following: This SO question translated to the RuSO This SO question translated to the RuSO This SO question translated to the RuSO (More answers were added but all of them are ...
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Banner "Não encontrou uma resposta?" goes to Spanish SO (Again)

Yes, it has been reported before here, back in February 2017. Marked as status-completed. So I'm reporting it again. This banner is redirecting to
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Spanish Stack Overflow: how to deal with cross-site duplicates

I've read the Spanish Stack Overflow is about to be created. (I haven't made up my mind whether that seems a good idea or not; but that's a different matter). Consider the following very plausible ...
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Fluent in Spanish? We're hiring a Community Manager for a Spanish Stack Overflow [closed]

Here's where you can find the full details and application. But if you hate clicking: Requirements If you're fluent in Spanish and you're reading this, you likely have at least 75% of the things we'...
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Cross-posting between localized Stack Overflow versions

Cross-posting between Stack Exchange sites is disapproved as we can see in Is cross-posting a question on multiple Stack Exchange sites permitted if the question is on-topic for each site? But with ...
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Stack Overflow in Spanish? [closed]

Since we now have a Portuguese version of Stack Overflow, the question is whether you are planning to support other languages. In particular, I'm interested in a Spanish version of the site.
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How should we deal with non-English Stack Overflow sites?

I see that a Stack Overflow site in Portuguese was launched, and that there are plans for other languages as well. My mother language is not English (nor Portuguese), but even if a site in my mother ...
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