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For questions about other questions which have been 'migrated' (moved) from another Stack Exchange site to Stack Overflow (or Meta Stack Overflow).

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Would someone leave a helpful comment on this migrated question that was rejected?

I’m a moderator on Ask Different and migrated what we consider to be a code level question to Stack Overflow. That migration was rejected without any sort of comment. The OP is confused and I’d rather ...
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How can I regain ownership of my question after it has been migrated to another site?

I ran into serious trouble with PostgreSQL and asked for help here: PostGres with 62 GB of table gobbling up over 500 GB on disk? My question was moved to another Stack Exchange site: https://dba....
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How to get feedback about a closed question? [closed]

This question, Where is a CAcert's password used?, got closed for being unfocused. Honestly, I thought it was fine. I am still looking for an answer. That said, supposing it was unfocused, or ...
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Questions migrated to meta should not be rejected when closed

Questions sent to meta usually belong on meta. Can we please not reject migration for questions moved from main to meta if the question is closed? Questions like this (deleted; 10k) and this belong ...
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A deleted and migrated question is permanently stuck in Stack Overflow search results

I have found a question that was erroneously posted onto Stack Overflow, migrated here to Meta, and then deleted eventually by the community, as it was a pointless duplicate. I can find this post in ...
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Rounding for months elapsed isn't consistent between creation and migration

Look at the following question's timeline: asked 2019-09-11 23:40:37Z migrated 2019-09-12 06:04:11Z Yet, at of today November 30th 2019, I can see: asked 2 months ago migrated 3 months ago So the ...
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Prevent rejected migrations for duplicate closed questions that get deleted by a moderator [duplicate]

Unless something has changed I always assumed that posts that got migrated from Main to Meta and then closed as a duplicate stayed on Meta and certainly didn't lead to a rejected migration. I'm a firm ...
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Migrating a question to another Stack Exchange network site [duplicate]

I want to migrate a question I wrote on Stack Overflow by mistake to the Graphic Design Stack Exchange site. When I try to close the question as off-topic and associate it with another Stack&...
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Migrated question doesn't show new contributor indicator

A few days ago, a question was migrated from Stack Overflow to Meta. The question was posted by a user with one reputation, and a brand new member at the time (3 days at the time of writing this) on ...
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Should "migration" comments be flagged post-migration

A lot of times, when someone asks a Meta question on the main site, it will attract comments that say something along the lines of: This question belongs on Meta [...] It seems that once the ...
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Why was "Extract email address from gmail message body" migrated from SO to Web Applications"?

Extract email address from gmail message body is on topic both on SO and on Web Applications but it has more chances to reach knowlable people on SO as the core of the question is related to ...
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I also hate low quality / non-researched / clueless Meta questions that get migrated from Main

... but can we at least try to find a duplicate? There is no-one really, not a single user, that will benefit from closing examples like this or this ... (I mean before a Mod destroyed evidence) ... ...
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What happens when a question is migrated to a site that the OP isn't a member of?

I recently answered this question that was migrated from CS StackExchange. However, the OP doesn't have an account on Stack Overflow, just there. Will the OP still be notified about my answer? Can ...
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Guidance on migrating questions to Code Review

I am facing problems when trying to figure out if a question should be migrated. Last year (yes, quite a while ago), I flagged this question for migration to Code Review, with a custom moderator flag. ...
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More than 5 close votes on question [duplicate]

There is a bug on this particular question, as it has 15 close votes at time of post. Bug seems like it was caused by the question migration. Found via Close Votes ...
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Migrated question has six close votes but is not closed Also, when I voted to close it the close dialogue errored but it still recorded my close ...
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CONFUSING: same reputation points but different badges? [duplicate]

It's very confusing that reputation points is the same, but the badges are different on Stack Overflow and meta. Can you make this clear, or change this feature? Either reputation should be ...
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Why was this question deleted instead of migrated? And why was my reputation not reversed?

Why was this question deleted instead of migrated? I recently was researching different antivirus software. (Please note, this is not the place to argue using antivirus software vs. preventative ...
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Question moved from a site where it should have remained

I have found this question that had been migrated from Computer Science. I could understand and answer it. Then I realized that my answer was not involving any coding part, and that both the question ...
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Why doesn't my migrated question appear on search?

I asked to migrate one question. Because there was a better target. But when I try to search by tag, it didn't show up. But it still can be found in the original place. Original post Migrated Site
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Allow users to migrate their own question if the question has flags

Due to reasons explained in this comment, users aren't allowed to migrate their own questions to other Stack Exchange sites (to prevent mistakes and abuse). I would like it to be possible for users to ...
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2 answers

Can I myself move my own question to another site? [duplicate]

I posted a question on Stack Overflow and after a discussion with other users I noticed that it would fit better on Super User (it's about FTP hosts so it's at the limit between programming and ...
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How to move a question to another site?

Is there a general process to move a question to another site? Particularly something that was closed on one site as being off topic. I wanted to move one of my such SO questions but couldn't see ...
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How do I migrate an old, answered question to another SE site?

A long time ago, I answered a question. The answer I wrote was somewhat well received, but it would serve the audience at better. However, at the time, security....
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Post appearing in unknown circumstances

I've just noticed this old meta post in the new questions feed: It has no indication of what happened 5 hours ago, and looking through the post there are no edits, no new comments, no new answers etc....
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Statistics on migration from SO to mSO

I have some data to look at now thanks to the new 10k question close statistics tool!. However, there is some nuance that I am curious about with regards to migrating questions from SO to mSO which is ...
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What's wrong with this migrated post revision link?

If you visit this post and follow the link from this message: migration rejected from 16 hours ago This question came from our site for professional programmers ...
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Is it OK to duplicate question across sites to get larger attention? [duplicate]

As I remember I've seen some questions saying it is migrated. I know a question gets migrated when it is closed as off-topic but it could be fit on another Stack Exchange site. Obviously only ...
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Migration - what happens to answers and rep?

I recently answered a question relating to SNMP here. However someone (validly) pointed out in the comments that because the poster hasn't specified that their question is relating to programming ...
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How do I remove a duplicate tag created by a question that has since been migrated?

I recently noticed the creation of the tag url on meta. This tag is a duplicate of the existing tag urls (a synonym of hyperlinks). The issue isn't that I can't edit the question that created it (...
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What happens to specific questions, when new site in this area is created?

What happened to Drupal-tagged questions, when Drupal Answers were created? Were they all migrated to new site or new site is responsible only for accepting new questions? What is current SE politics ...
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An answer which cannot be accepted

I spotted this question -- a simple case of Basically Bad Coding, and so I went and posted an answer to it. So did a couple of others. But, much to my suprise, I don't believe the poster can mark any ...
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Why/how long do migrated questions still show up in the search results page?

Why after nearly 2 weeks migrated questions still show up in the search results page? Does anyone care about those migrated ones? I can avoid displaying the migrated as well as display only the ...
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Declined flags which report a move to Code review

I'm new here in Meta Stack Overflow, but after research I got a small idea about the migration rules. Recently (today), some of my flags has been declied by moderators and all was about "moving the ...
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