I have posted n question in Unix&Linux community. Can I also put the question in Stack Overflow community in order to get more answers from more people?


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First off: verbatim cross posting is frowned upon

  1. Tailor your question to your audience:
    A SO question has certain quality standards and requirements it needs to fulfil. These may be different from the ones over at Unix & Linux (or wherever else). Also people expect different things from a question to be considered good.

  2. Investing into your question:
    Some people just have a dislike for cross-posted questions. I am one of them. Cross-posted questions are... problematic. If you as OP recieve an answer on one site, you maybe probably stop investing the effort it would need on the other side. Maybe (if you feel happy) you post a self-answer with the solution found on another site, but odds are you just leave it there, rotting :(

  3. Duplication of information:
    A duplicate question may inadevertently duplicate a lot of information in answers. This is especially true for problem-solving questions like: "Why does my program fail when ..."
    This is unecessary and bluntly speaking ... dumb.

But, sometimes

Questions can be tailored to their respective communities. Example: You ask a question about security of your code concerning user-storage. This may be a well-recieved question on both Code Review and Information Security. Keep in mind, you should tailor your question to your audience and be prepared to invest time in both questions.

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