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This tag is used to query the community on the specifics of a particular edit made or suggested on Stack Overflow or its Meta.

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Why has this suggest-edit been rejected, but the proposed changes were mostly applied?

This suggested edit was rejected. However, most of its proposed changes have been applied to the post. Suggest edit Suggest edit comment: Added missing tag*; Added text for the symbols ?: to make the ...
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When is it correct to re-do changes that the author intentionally rolled back?

Another user recently edited an old answer of mine to remove this footer which came after a code suggestion for the answer: Do note the comment attached to your question. StackOverflow is not a code-...
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Is there a route of appeal for edits made by a moderators?

A question I submitted was edited by another user removing an explanatory first paragraph of the post. I didn't care for the edit, and I rolled it back, only to see it re-applied shortly by the same ...
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Is editing another user's answer like this a reasonable interpretation of the "add updates as the post ages" guideline?

I noticed a major edit to a 13-year-old answer today, in which the editor (who is not the original author) changed it from a short history-based explainer into a much broader treatment advocating for ...
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Is it not ok to update posts with standardization information?

Today I updated this answer. It is a good answer that mentions use of a function from a popular library. Some of the most useful parts of this particular library tends to get standardized into the ...
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Unsure about an edit that changes a very popular answer

There's a question asking how to make Git track empty folders. This answer suggested a way: creating a file called .gitkeep. It was posted in 2011. In the comments there was much debate whether this ...
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What is this edit about?

Recently I noticed an edit on my post here (Revision 2): Looking at the side-by-side I'm having trouble understanding what changed. There is a dash ...
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Small edit with the removal of product name considered as a bad edit, why?

I recently suggested this edit and it was rejected for not improving the quality of the post. I removed the name of the game since it's not necessary and is irrelevant. How does that not impact (or ...
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How do I make the asker understand that edits that change the whole question are not allowed? Can someone please roll it back for me? [duplicate]

I recently answered a question about Tkinter, and the OP accepted the answer. I don't think the OP understands SO's system. I know I can roll it back to one of the good revisions, but I don't have ...
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Should we drastically change titles on highly viewed/voted questions?

This was the original title of a certain Q&A (link at bottom): Seaborn Barplot - Displaying Values Now that's not a great title per MSO standards, but the question has been very discoverable ...
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What is the purpose of modifying the example domain in data example?

The revision changes instances of to domain.example in the sample data provided by the Question's author. Does this change follow some guideline or objective for Stack Overflow quality ...
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Why was this edit rejected? How is the reviewer's edit better?

Why was this edit rejected? The reviewer's action was "Reject and Edit". I don't know how that edit is better than mine and why mine was rejected. The additional text provided by the system ...
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Does this edit improve or add something to the question?

I submitted an edit to this question. Then, another user made another edit on top of mine (I am completely cool with that, obviously). But I have checked the edit to see what I had missed, and I found ...
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Why was my question edited for style? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question and it was edited within about 15 minutes for what are essentially stylistic word choices, mostly making the wording slightly more concise. Is this standard practice that ...
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Not sure how to handle this unkind suggested edit [duplicate]

My options on reviewing this edit don't give me the opportunity to draw the moderator attention it deserves, which is that the person that made the edit probably needs a time-out. There's no option ...
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Should this still-off-topic edit to a closed off-topic question be rolled back?

Does VS Code have language extension for Apache Groovy? It's not clear to me how the edit got approved (or has value) since it's still off-topic AFAIK, and is more of a complaint/observation than ...
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How did this edit get approved?

How did this edit get approved? I noticed this post and made an edit, but couldn't save it then because it showed this error: Another edit is awaiting approval for this post. Further edits cannot be ...
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What should I do when the OP edited a post and deleted most of the content? [duplicate]

I came across this question. After it is answered, the OP deleted his/her code and most of the content, leaving only one line, which is almost the same as the title. This makes the post not ...
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Question closed after submitting an edit

I edited a question a little while ago, the approval of which is still pending. However, the question got closed around 15 mins ago on the grounds of details needed. My edit essentially fixes this ...
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Should we duplicate part of an existing partial answer or edit it to include more information?

I had a programming problem involving SQL, and I found this question that corresponded to my issue: MySQL Error 1215: Cannot add foreign key constraint. On that question I found an answer that talks ...
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Why has my "good" edit, that fixed a significant number of issues, been rejected?

Today, I went to check my all actions tab to see what I did so far. I saw that one of my edits got rejected. As far as I see, the reason for rejecting my edit is "The edit does not improve the ...
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3 answers

Two suggested edits rejected because they don’t improve post quality—but they do

I suggested two edits: Plugin Bungeecord for chat prefix Can I make the inventory to be updated when clicking the item in another GUI, individually? Both suggestions were declined. That was a fear ...
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Post shows more content when edited than actually exists [duplicate]

Today, I wanted to edit the following question: Discord Global DM Wait Time I just wanted to change the format so that the post could be more descriptive. But when I was redirected to the edit, I ...
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Why does the diff on this suggested edit make it look like the editor destroyed the answer?

I just reviewed this suggested edit that moved some Python code out of a runnable snippet. It's obviously a good edit, so I approved it. But before I approved it, I checked the diff; it helps me spot ...
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How can I best respond to endless additional questions in the comments and aggressive edits to an answer? [duplicate]

A few days ago I was answering a question where implementation with python-requests was impossible, so I suggested Selenium and gave a short implementation of his code. The question asker has since ...
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Encourage people to post an image as an image rather than [enter image descriptions here] [closed]

Does SO really encourage people to post an image as an image rather than [enter image description here][1]? Since, I have stated answering questions on Stack Overflow, I think I have edited most of ...
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3 answers

Should this edit have been rejected as "does not improve the quality of the post"?

Yesterday, I've suggested an ordinary edit which I've done many times. I've added a missing inline code formatting, fixed some spelling mistakes, removed explicit line breaks within paragraphs (used ...
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Were these edit rollbacks appropriate?

I've answered a question and after answering and accepting the answer, the poster requested an edit which removed some names that are probably a brand which is in development. I accepted the change ...
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Why was my suggested edit that added a tag to a question rejected?

I suggested an edit to a question about the NEAR protocol that was later closed because of missing details or clarity. My edit added the blockchain tag. The question is about a blockchain, so the ...
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What happened to this question when I edited it?

This question had a critical Markdown issue, where the post had an image and a code block, and the image link was accidentally included in the code block, causing the image not to render. I opened the ...
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Should I edit answer for : Merging between forks in GitHub?

I'd like to make an edit to improve this answer. The edited answer would look like this: You probably have a "remote" for each repository. You need to pull from the one remote and push to ...
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Why was the protocol removed from my URLs?

A high-rep user removed the https part from URLs in an answer of mine. For example, from to :// I'd like to understand ...
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Is it ok to edit instead of asking a new question? [duplicate]

While reviewing the Reopen Votes queue, I encountered a duplicate question. Something about it seemed off - the revision was quite extensive, and from looking at the duplicate and the revised question ...
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Why can I not edit this question? [duplicate]

I was trying to edit this question (to add the sourcegenerator tag) but for some reasons, when I click the Save edits button nothing happens. The suggested edit queue doesn't seem to be full, there's ...
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I edited an answer, adding what seems to me was necessary information, but got rejected

TLDR: This edit was rejected with "This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes should strive to preserve the goals of the post's owner."...
57 votes
2 answers

"Do not use" recently added to [language-agnostic]

I noticed recently that the language-agnostic tag got "DO NOT USE" added to its excerpt on Jan. 5: DO NOT USE. Instead, use a tag that is related to the content in your question, e.g. [...
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Roll back latest edit of

The edit history of How do I reference a JavaScript object property with a hyphen in it? shows how the editor replaced "javascript" with "jQuery" in the title and also removed the ...
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Is formatting "I am" to "I'm" really a necessary revision to an existing post? [duplicate]

I have this question on Stackoverflow from almost 5 years back. A recent revision was done on this question by a user with 2k+ reputation where the only changes were changing the words "I am"...
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2 answers

Edit to replace images with Markdown tables was rejected [duplicate]

My suggested edit to an answer, replacing an image of table containing code with a Markdown table representation of the same content was rejected. Why?
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2 answers

Why was this suggested edit that removed redundant text, rejected?

I normally do not care much about my rejected edits. It doesn't happen too often and usually it is because somebody with higher rep edits the post before mine edit is accepted, but this time it makes ...
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2 answers

What was wrong with this edit that changed code to be more efficient?

This question is based on When should I make edits to code? - from what I can tell, this situation isn't covered by it. What did I do wrong here? I thought I was operating under SO best-practices, ...
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Edit on answer got rolled back. Did I do something wrong?

So I was looking at a few old edits of mine and found that one of my edits got rolled back. Here are the revisions of this answer. I also noticed that the creator of the answer voted for rejection on ...
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Rejection Reason - Unnecessary Formatting

I know this question comes and goes in different variations over the years, but we still see lots of edits that format tables, or format code but often the format didn't actually improve the post. I ...
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1 answer

Bogus rejection reason for an edit by the post's author

I've been doing some edits lately and am now getting a warning when editing because of some rejected edits. While I can agree with the most of the rejections, one rejection is bogus in my eyes. The ...
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User keeps changing question markup to use HTML markup

While looking at this question's revision history, I've noticed that there's a user who goes by the name Alex Skorkin who has edited the contents of a question to use HTML markup instead of the ...
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Why was my edit that fixed code indentation rejected for actively harming the readability of the post? [duplicate]

I made an edit in this post. Excel VBA Web Scraping IE NAVIGATE method Works Vs MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 not Working Edit rejected with this reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier ...
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User removed content from question [duplicate]

I was now upvoting questions when stumbled across a very peculiar question with a behaviour never seen up to this point. In this question, OP edited the content of the question to content has ...
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2 answers

Is this question edit ok?

I'm wondering if the edit (revision 2) made at is an ok edit to make. The edit significantly changes the original author's intended answer, and ...
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A questionable edit

I noticed that my question has been edited. However, the edit in question makes the question more annoying to read. This edit consists of 3 parts: Converting a name of a framework into code style - ...
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Why was my noise reduction edit rejected? I removed the noise from this very short post and mentioned that it was just noise reduction. Why was my edit rejected? Are there some ...
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