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For questions about specific suggested edits that have already been rejected by the community.

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Invalid code in frequently viewed question

This PHP question is highly upvoted and frequently visited, yet the question's example code is not valid PHP. The invalid component of the code does not affect the question; in fact for such a ...
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Why was an edit adding a class tag to a question about that class rejected?

I recently suggested a tag edit to a question entitled Spring Rest Template. The question asks about the benefit of returning an instance of Spring's RestTemplate in the main function, so it seemed ...
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Why was an edit removing all bold text formatting rejected?

I recently suggested an edit that removes the bold formatting that was applied to all the text of an answer and fixes some minor typos and language errors. It was approved by one user and rejected by ...
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Why are my edits which add the "kernighan-and-ritchie" tag to relevant questions being rejected?

I have recently been adding some (half a dozen or more) kernighan-and-ritchie tags to questions about K&R (2e), that is: The C Programming Language (2nd ed; Kernighan & Ritchie). A lot of ...
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Best practices on cutting a correct comment and pasting/processing it into its parent post when I don't have full editing privileges?

So let's say there is a question (or answer) which has a comment I consider relevant to the question. I might have the idea to include it in the answer explaining something like included extra ...
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Requesting clarification - how did this tag wiki edit fall short according to the criteria in the "Reject" reason?

I recently submitted an edit to the tag-wiki excerpt for gcc-pedantic. The original (and, since my edit was rejected, current) excerpt was: The pedantic option to gcc to forces ANSI-compatibility of ...
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Why was this edit, which added a link, rejected?

Why was this edit rejected? Two reviewers rejected it with this reason: This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes should strive to preserve ...
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Why has this suggest-edit been rejected, but the proposed changes were mostly applied?

This suggested edit was rejected. However, most of its proposed changes have been applied to the post. Suggest edit Suggest edit comment: Added missing tag*; Added text for the symbols ?: to make the ...
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Is it ok for a user to reject an edit and then edit on their own, but just add a few words to the edit?

I suggested edits to a couple of questions today, mainly adding the missing images to the posts. I noticed that they were rejected by the same user, claiming that: This edit did not correct critical ...
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Notify <2k rep users about rejected edits [duplicate]

When I had <2k rep, I frequently made suggested edits to posts that needed it when the Suggested Edits queue wasn't full. During that time, I would receive a notification when one of my edits was ...
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Should edit rejection reasons be updated to encourage rejecting minor/trivial edits? [duplicate]

I think it is an ongoing problem that too many trivial edits which don't fully address the issues in a post are proposed. Related to this is that many of these trivial edits are accepted by reviewers. ...
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Small edit with the removal of product name considered as a bad edit, why?

I recently suggested this edit and it was rejected for not improving the quality of the post. I removed the name of the game since it's not necessary and is irrelevant. How does that not impact (or ...
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Why was this edit rejected? How is the reviewer's edit better?

Why was this edit rejected? The reviewer's action was "Reject and Edit". I don't know how that edit is better than mine and why mine was rejected. The additional text provided by the system ...
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Wrongly banned from editing [duplicate]

I recently edited a question, correcting grammar and converting image links to images. My edit was accepted once by a reviewer, but shortly after, the question author edited his question to include ...
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Does this suggested edit count as vandalism?

I just rejected this suggested edit on an answer as vandalism. But thinking about it now, I'm wondering if I made the right choice:
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Requesting review of rejected tag wiki edit

I made a tag wiki edit for the tag slideshow, which had no excerpt or wiki. The edit was rejected for the following reasons: The edit does ...
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Suspension from suggesting edits

Edit, disclaimer: This reflects myself at time of asking. This community FAQ is definitely worth reading, which was done in the process. Seemingly out of nowhere, I got the message You are currently ...
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OP rejected edit to remove upvote request [duplicate]

I noticed an answer (since deleted by the author) that had a sentence at the bottom asking to accept and upvote if the answer was useful. I remember reading something that said omit any such sentences ...
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Should we duplicate part of an existing partial answer or edit it to include more information?

I had a programming problem involving SQL, and I found this question that corresponded to my issue: MySQL Error 1215: Cannot add foreign key constraint. On that question I found an answer that talks ...
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Force to review suggested edit before making a new one

In all of my edits, some are rejected because they conflict with others. For example: node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:936 Error: Cannot find module '.yarn/releases/yarn-3.0.2.cjs' How to display ...
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Why has my "good" edit, that fixed a significant number of issues, been rejected?

Today, I went to check my all actions tab to see what I did so far. I saw that one of my edits got rejected. As far as I see, the reason for rejecting my edit is "The edit does not improve the ...
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Small but important tag excerpt change rejected?

The excerpt of hwioauthbundle now says: HWIOAuthBundle adds support for authenticating users via OAuth in Symfony2. This is incorrect. It can be used by Symfony, not only Symfony 2. The current ...
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3 answers

Should this edit have been rejected as "does not improve the quality of the post"?

Yesterday, I've suggested an ordinary edit which I've done many times. I've added a missing inline code formatting, fixed some spelling mistakes, removed explicit line breaks within paragraphs (used ...
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Why was my suggested edit that added a tag to a question rejected?

I suggested an edit to a question about the NEAR protocol that was later closed because of missing details or clarity. My edit added the blockchain tag. The question is about a blockchain, so the ...
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Why was this edit updating outdated information rejected?

I know this question has been asked on Meta a number of times before, but I do not understand why reviewers rejected my edit with the response "this edit was intended to address the author of the ...
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Why has a beneficial edit on a popular locked question been rejected?

This is the edit in question: Rejection Reason: This edit was intended to address the author of the post and makes no sense as an edit. It ...
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Why was this edit rejected by the author? [closed]

I am trying to figure out where I went wrong with this edit: link: I noticed that if was misspelled (the OP's question was about if ...
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Contest rejected edit (grep/tr)

My suggested edit was rejected by the OP: This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes ...
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I edited an answer, adding what seems to me was necessary information, but got rejected

TLDR: This edit was rejected with "This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes should strive to preserve the goals of the post's owner."...
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Rejected tag wiki edit [duplicate]

I recently suggested edits to some tag wikis, and I tried to edit again, and suddenly I got this message: I didn't see any notifications about rejected tag wiki edits. I didn't see any reasons for ...
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Edit to replace images with Markdown tables was rejected [duplicate]

My suggested edit to an answer, replacing an image of table containing code with a Markdown table representation of the same content was rejected. Why?
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Why was this suggested edit that removed redundant text, rejected?

I normally do not care much about my rejected edits. It doesn't happen too often and usually it is because somebody with higher rep edits the post before mine edit is accepted, but this time it makes ...
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Looks like the reviewers rejected my suggested edits. (Part 1?)

So I wanted to try and fix the titles of older Stack Overflow questions, to clarify the meaning better. Turns out only 3 edits of mine are approved, while the rest have been rejected, and 1 is still ...
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Edit reviewers are given misleading information [duplicate]

I was going to edit somebody's question but I promptly got warned that my last edit was rejected, that's odd I thought. Looking into it I noticed that somebody else had gotten their edit approved ...
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My [javascript] tag wiki excerpt edit got denied

Link to the denied edit Recently when I've seen the javascript tag's excerpt, I see 2 errors. One of them is a forgotten space in a list: ... associated with the tags [node.js], [jquery],[json], and [...
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What did I do wrong with this edit? [duplicate]

I suggested this edit yesterday, which I think makes several worthwhile improvements, as I described in the comment: More recent versions of the documentation in question calls the parameter delta ...
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Does this edit not make the post more accurate and easier to read?

I recently suggested an edit to this question. It was rejected by 2 reviewers with the following reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more ...
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Request feedback/clarification on a rejected edit [duplicate]

My suggested edit (to add in a missing code snippet) was rejected with the following reasons. I am providing some context/explanation, but I would like some feedback/clarification, as this is only my ...
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A new user has just rejected an edit of his answer written in poor English

What to do as a new reviewer, when a new user rejects your edit of his contribution, even though it is clear it was written in poor English, and devoid of punctuation? This is the post in question.
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Edits that conflict with a subsequent edit should not count as rejected edits [duplicate]

I had a good suggested-edit rejected because "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit". Fair enough. It still counts as a rejected edit that is shown in my stats though. This post (and ...
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1 answer

Is it intentional that 'Reject and Edit' option doesn't work in Suggested Edits review audits?

When doing some suggested edits reviews, I came across a suggestion that needed editing, but it was an audit to see if I was paying attention. Right after pressing the "Reject and Edit" ...
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Edit on answer got rolled back. Did I do something wrong?

So I was looking at a few old edits of mine and found that one of my edits got rolled back. Here are the revisions of this answer. I also noticed that the creator of the answer voted for rejection on ...
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Bogus rejection reason for an edit by the post's author

I've been doing some edits lately and am now getting a warning when editing because of some rejected edits. While I can agree with the most of the rejections, one rejection is bogus in my eyes. The ...
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Minor tag wiki edit rejected

My suggested edit of the Python tag wiki was rejected for the following generic reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more ...
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How can I contact a user or respond to an edit rejection?

Is it possible to respond to rejected edits? I fixed a bug with a C# answer: One rejection advised me to reach out to the author of the ...
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What should be the next step after I get "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit"?

I had asked a question which was about "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit". I was told that OP made a change after my edit and my edit wasn't fully reviewed before that edit, so it ...
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Why I am getting "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit" but there doesn't seem to be any merge conflict?

I have read the question about why this is shown and according to the answer: Someone else edited the question already, and did so in a way that touches the same lines yours does. Its a merge ...
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Why was my edit that fixed code indentation rejected for actively harming the readability of the post? [duplicate]

I made an edit in this post. Excel VBA Web Scraping IE NAVIGATE method Works Vs MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 not Working Edit rejected with this reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier ...
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Why was my edit on a class import rejected? [duplicate]

This was my suggested edit on this answer. The reason for the rejection was: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more accessible. ...
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Why aren't reviewers allowing people to fix this question? [closed]

Java: Why can we define a top level class as private? It's very clear that the person intended to say "can't" instead of "can" (see the history), because of the sentence: Is there any other reason ...
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