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A rollback reverts a post to the previous edit version, if any exists.

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Should the reputation that is required for making a rollback to improve dealing with vandalism be changed?

I recently flagged this post (screenshot as it is now deleted) for moderator attention, which had been obviously vandalized by the asker himself. Given that I am below the threshold of 2000 reputation,...
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Add a text field for specifying a reason when rolling back edits

In Leave comment when rolling back an edit?, the top answer suggests that you can click Edit for any post in the history, and then leave a reason for the edit. This is effectively rolling back a post ...
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Popular answer only handles subset of problem stated in title and question, poster rolls back edits to code

Recently I encountered and answered the question How to split a string into chunks based on specific length?. The question title may seem trivial, the cause isn't. That is because the user copied ...
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An editor rolled back my rollback on my question. What should I do?

A little more than two weeks ago, I posted '6 high severity vulnerabilities' in a fresh Create React App. Here is revision 1 of my question. And for your convenience, here is the Markdown ...
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An author of an important answer has repeatedly rolled back changes that make clear improvements. What should I do?

The specific answer:, is the top answer to a very popular question, How can I make a dictionary (dict) from separate lists of keys and values?. The ...
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Rollback invalidated suggested edit

In the "suggested edits" queue I was presented with an edit to this question, which was manually undoing this harmful edit to the question by the OP. I rolled back the harmful edit, thinking ...
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I answered a question which was replaced by a totally different one [duplicate]

I answered a question about topic X. When I came back, cause of a comment, the question was 100% replaced and now was asking about topic Y. So my answer (which is/was the only one) is now totally ...
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Were these edit rollbacks appropriate?

I've answered a question and after answering and accepting the answer, the poster requested an edit which removed some names that are probably a brand which is in development. I accepted the change ...
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Make Rollbacks more intuitive for <2k

zcoop98 answered 'How do you rollback?' a few minutes ago with an answer that shows how <2k rep users can suggest an edit. To quote that answer: Using the "Rev" dropdown, simply select ...
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Can't rollback my own edit with > 2K reputation [duplicate]

I have more than 2K rep, did some code cleanup on an answer, then realized I wasn't happy with the answer for other reasons. Want to rollback changes I made until I can investigate further. For my ...
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Should I revert edits that are helpful but shouldn't have been made?

Let's assume that a user made an edit to a post that was very helpful indeed, but should not have been made in accordance to Why can people edit my posts? How does editing work?. This is the edited ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Is it acceptable to answer a closed question by editing the answer into the question? [duplicate]

I've just come across a debugging question which was judged to be lacking in debugging details and closed. (I'm not convinced that was the right decision, but that is not relevant to my point.) After ...
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Please roll back the reintroduction of the rollback button in the post menu

A recent fix to rollback links in the post history has reintroduced the "[Rr]ollback" button in the post menu: When clicked, it shows a dialog: This allows a post owner to perform a two-...
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Rollback option visible directly underneath my post when it was edited by others

I wrote a post, and somebody edited it. I liked that edit, but now there's a quite prominent option to undo that edit, titled "Rollback". When cliked, it shows a dialog: That looks quite .....
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The Rollback option is missing from post Revision page

A recent update to the site appears to have removed the "Rollback" option from question and answer revision history pages. I can only currently see 'source', 'edit', and 'link' options.
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Are my edits needless?

Two days ago I came across a question where the OP had added an answer into the question itself, so I simply removed the answer from the question and pasted it into a new community wiki answer. I ...
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Enable follow notifications for answers when a rollback happens

Currently, there will be no notification if someone rolls back edit on an answer even if you are following the post. However, this kind of feature would be very useful mostly when encountering ...
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Do rollbacks push posts out of reopen queue?

We have all edited questions that are closed, when trying to improve grammar, etc. This pushes the post into the Reopen Review queue and most of the time that is just extra work. My question is if you ...
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Why is an edit, that reduces the inaccuracy of an answer, rolled back?

I'm not earning rep by editing answer/questions anymore. If I do, I do it with the best intentions and because I struggled myself to grasp some concept. This post is about an edit I did on a Stack&...
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Post rollbacks with optional reason [duplicate]

Quite often I find myself rolling back changes where I need to explain why I've done the rollback. For example, someone adds inflammatory remarks to a post after receiving downvotes OP adds edits ...
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Rollback the edit made by someone else to my answer - Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I have posted some answers and other people are editing the answers without my permission. I know it is mostly helpful but in cases, my answers have become wrong. So, I was thinking if there is any ...
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If an edit to an answer *substantially* changes that answer to make it a duplicate of another answer, should the edit be rolled back?

This is about this answer: It was originally a very distinct answer: You could subclass Formatter and then it is fairly easy: import string class ...
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Should I roll back edits that inline images of code? [duplicate]

I saw this question Rollback edit which inlined very low quality image? Here is a quote: The image itself is a very low quality mashup of multiple screenshots taken with an actual camera instead of ...
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A user decided he did not want his data on the web, so he removed it from my answer

I posted an answer around 3 months ago in response to a question that initially had an input data set as a test case. Around 2 days ago I got a notification showing that my answer had been edited and ...
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Is it acceptable to rollback a question to remove an additional question?

Earlier I came across this question where the OP had been given an answer and accepted it, then hours later updated their question to ask a new question. Also note, the new question was added at the ...
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Rolling back an edit of a "Thanks" answer that was flagged NAA

There was an answer that was saying "Thanks" to another answer and basically just copied-pasted the code from that other answer. While in the LQP queue, a user edited out the "Thanks" portion, making ...
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Edit-rollback fails and creates bizarre "disappearing edit"

Yesterday, a user edited this newly-posted question (10k only) to add a relevant tag and also a whole bunch of inappropriate backticks. I decided to revert this by clicking the "edit" link next to ...
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Suggested policy change on handling deliberate writing errors

Some readers will know that I am a keen editor on the main site (and that I probably spend too much time there). Over time, I have encountered a relatively small number of users who wish to insist on ...
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Can't I rollback just one action of an edit?

I made a question, and a person with good intentions make 3 edits to my post. The editions (that are made directly without review from my part) are all good except for the first one, the first one ...
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How to notify users, when their edits are rolled back?

Sometimes, edits go terribly wrong. This isn't too troublesome, as long as your edits are peer-reviewed. Once you earn the Edit Questions and Answers privilege, however, your edits are no longer ...
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Is a rollback ever generated by any method other than clicking the rollback link?

Recently, I edited a question to add some minor formatting. Later, I noticed that my edits had been rolled back and then the OP had then re-applied the exact same edits. This seems like a very ...
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Is this edit absolutely trivial, should it be rolled back?

Isn't it a trivial edit which could conflict with the author's intent? Which is more invasive, the first or the second edit?
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Edited incorrect answer, but my edit was rolled back

I stumbled upon this highly upvoted and accepted, but not really correct answer. While the comments to the answer clearly stated the error, this did not lead the author to edit his answer or other ...
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How to handle an edit that is partially destructive and partially helpful?

This revision history: notes that Revision 2 has the following impact: Improved code formatting. While it certainly does improve the formatting, ...
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Is it reasonable to roll back drastic changes in the question? [duplicate]

Two weeks ago I answered this question: Column features must be of type ... but was actually .... The question looked valid and OP seemed to be satisfied, and accepted the answer. Today, I found the ...
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Rollback does not rollback to the correct revision

I want to rollback a question because someone who is not the questioner randomly picked out one language tag when the OP selected 4. Since there is no mention of what language the OP is using (and ...
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Why was this user able to roll their question back to an edit with a 159 character long title

I found this question with a title of 159 characters. This is not surprising because the question was asked in May of 2009, before the 150 character limit on titles was in place. What is surprising ...
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What's the point of rejecting an approved suggested-edit that is likely to be approved?

I recently suggested an edit for an answer which was then approved by two reviewers. The main reason of my suggestion is to improve the answer's formatting. Another reason (if there is) would be that ...
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2 answers

Is this an attempt to disguise someone's edits as ones own?

I asked a question and got a response which expanded someone's else comment below my question. Since the comment was not turned into an answer this is fine by me. I edited the answer to add some ...
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Is there a way to suggest a rollback of a rollback?

Yesterday I came across an answer that helped me, but I found it difficult to comprehend. So, I edited it to make it more readable. My edit did not change what the answer says, it changed how it was ...
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Rollback of entirely edited question

The OP for Python classes and reference points edited the original question with an entirely new one. After rolling it back and requesting they post a new question, they rolled back my rollback to the ...
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Bug with rollback that would affect the wrong revision [duplicate]

I have just tried to rollback on this question from current revision 3 to old revision 2, in order to remove the [solved] title hack. However, the page redraws without the rollback having been done. ...
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Rollbacks showing GUID key in summary instead of Revision number on mobile site

So today I looked at someone's edit history on their profile while being on my phone (The mobile site view). Instead of saying "Rollback to Revision X" it displays "Rollback to [GUID]". I can't say ...
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Rolling back a question affected the body correctly but missed the title [duplicate]

I just rolled back this question from rev 3 to rev 2 (so the latest version is 4). In revision 3, you can see that the body and the title were modified, to add a solution and to mark the title as "...
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Was this edit acceptable?

Note: links only available to 10K+ users. I made an edit on Define a function and assign it to a method in a ECMAScript 6 Class which was immediately rolled back. The edit attempted to put the code in ...
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Rollback to tag-only revision fails to restore the body text present in that revision

A question was edited to a new question. It was subsequently rolled back to a past revision. After 11 minutes, the new question is still present. A Rollback war is not occurring. The browser was ...
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Roll back edited-in commentary about post not being duplicate

I came across this post which is just asking for a standard YAML feature called anchors and aliases. A question asked, and answered, on Stack Overflow before. So I voted to close it as a duplicate, as ...
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When we should rollback an edit contrary to author input?

Shog's guidance and the help page about editing are very clear and simple on how to edit someone's post: clarify meaning without changing it always respect the original author Now, how ...
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User suspended, but edits not rollbacked [duplicate]

Several of my favorite questions got edited by the same user in last 24 hours and I noticed that the edits made no visible changes, their summaries talk about hundreds of added characters, they did ...
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Rollback Etiquette when OP removes code from question after your answer is accepted

This question might be a duplicate of OP deletes code after question is solved / answered, what to do in these cases? [duplicate], but I am not sure. There is one significant difference between my ...
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