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This tag is used to query the community on the specifics of a particular edit made or suggested on Stack Overflow or its Meta.

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I can't see why my review wasn't helpful [duplicate]

I got hungry on steward medal recently so I try to review a lot of posts from "suggested edit" review queue. I got blocked yesterday and I am wondering why. Your review on https://...
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Why was this suggested tag wiki edit rejected?

A recent tag wiki edit of mine was rejected, and I'm trying to figure out why. The stated reason by the reviewers was This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to ...
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Edit on question rejected. Why? [duplicate]

My edit to this question was rejected. The question was later put on hold as "unclear what you're asking", due to the fact there was no code shown, and also bad formulation. But, there was some ...
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Was this edit acceptable?

Note: links only available to 10K+ users. I made an edit on Define a function and assign it to a method in a ECMAScript 6 Class which was immediately rolled back. The edit attempted to put the code in ...
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Suggested Edit of link only answer

Rejected Edit which has me confused. I found an answer that had only a link as an answer. So I went to the link and pulled out some actual that I think might be useful if the link ever went away. ...
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No idea why a suggested edit fixing formatting and typos was rejected as "defacement"

I am not sure what to do, and do not know why this suggested edit was rejected indicating that the post was defaced. I reformatted and fixed some typos to help out a new user. I don't know the next ...
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"Windows" tag removed when behavior was Windows-specific

I added the windows tag to Why doesn't termcolor work for Python 2.7 on Windows?, but it was subsequently removed by the user who accepted my edit as being irrelevant. On the contrary, the issue the ...
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Need to stop my terrible edit

I misunderstood an answer that I think wasn't written very well, but I made a bad edit. The answer is here: Difference between Big-O and Little-O Notation. EDIT: I actually don't have justification, ...
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Edit rejected for not making post accurate; it does

I am a fairly new user to Stack Overflow, so forgive me if this is too specific to be posted on meta. If it is, I'll gladly remove it. I recently made a fairly small edit to an answer since it ...
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Recommendations for improving a rejected edit

I've heard that this is the place to ask for guidance on moving forward with a rejected edit. I have an old question that I wanted to revisit to check out the other answers that had accumulated. I ...
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Why is a specific edit request rejected?

This suggested edit fixes a genuine bug in my opinion, but it was rejected. I am the author of the original answer, and the commenter (xoolive) picked a bug in the code. I suggested to him in a ...
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Code added in edit by unrelated user

While editing a moment ago, I came across this edit which was made by a user seemingly unrelated to the OP. The edit however added the full code that should have been in the question, which is fine ...
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18 votes
3 answers

How far should the process of "question clarification" go?

The question Maybe this is a question of basic Stack Overflow philosophy, but that linked question seems to me to be an example of a little too much "improvement". (Check the revision history.) ...
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Does this edit change the meaning of the answer?

This answer has been recently edited (revision 4). This edit adds a lot of new information, which according to this Meta post is not a right thing to do. However, the author of that edit disagrees ...
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What was edited here?

I just came across a question with some edits, the third revision of the question states "added 24 characters in body" but I can't spot any differences. What was edited here?
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Why was an edit adding an answer to a question approved?

The edit shown here is a user with a relatively high reputation (+1500) inserting his own answer inside the OP's question. This edit would be a very clear reject to me. Nonetheless, it was approved ...
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Understanding why specific edit was rejected as adressing the author

Minor Prologue When strolling around SO I recently came across a nice proof for a math question. Once I noticed a gap in the reasoning, I properly wrote a comment to notify the author. Then I ...
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Post appeared in Suggested edit even though there are no visible changes

I found this while reviewing Suggested edits: I couldn't find a single character of difference and also no higlights in either side of the ...
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Is this considered "rep farming"?

I found this suggested edit where the editor in question has proposed to change a variable name. It is not in conflict with the answerer's intent as demonstrated by the comment from the answerer: ...
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Edited question made less readable

A co-worker posted a question and came back later to see that it had been edited. TL;DR: a Java stacktrace was edited to wrap at 90 chars instead of scroll. When we checked the edit my eyes glazed ...
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Edit rejected because it contains too much code

I stumbled with this question, which is basically a stack trace for an error, but it contains all of the stack trace like if it was a quote (also I think the title is wrong) so I decided to edit it, ...
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Why was this particular edit rejected?

The link is dead and I updated it using WayBackMachine, and it seems 3 out of 4 reviewers think the edit is "superfluous".
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I appear to have gotten rep twice for one edit

I made an edit to the tag wiki for AspectJ. If you look at the history, someone corrected an error I made (I accidentally had "of" in there twice in a row) right after I made my edit. Since this was ...
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Body content filter rejects posts with Chinese characters, but with a wrong error message [duplicate]

After migrating a question to Stack Overflow (Using a covering index to select records for a certain day), I attempted to make some edits, but found I could not save the text. Specifically, the error ...
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Was this rollback edit suggestion appropriate?

Yesterday I answered this question. Last night the OP edited the question to include the working solution, so this morning I suggested this edit that rolled back the change. My comment on the ...
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Is it possible to flag or revert trivial non-suggested edits?

Is there some mechanism for flagging (or undoing outright) trivial edits to our posts? I recently had this single-character edit made to one of my posts, and I'm wondering is there's any way to cancel ...
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Old question, completely revised [duplicate]

What to do with this old question, originally about Java and IMO close-worthy because of lack of a proper question (although it got some answers), then completely revised by the OP. Suddenly it's no ...
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How to deal with a rejected edit? [closed]

It seems that same kind of edition are sometime accepted and sometime rejected... Of course this depends on reviewer, weather... an so on. I would like to understand why in this case Two-way bit ...
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Help me understand how this edit rejection criterion applies

I don't understand how my edits to this question do not improve its readability "even a little," and I suspect that the canned explanation is shorthand for something that I'm not fully aware of. Can ...
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Replaced " with " in edit

I do not understand the edit made on my question: (direct link) If it is a retagging job, why have the quotes been changed? (It even does not work ...
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Feedback on clarifying edit rejected for defacement or deviation from original intent

Could I have some feedback on this rejected edit please? The first rejection says "This edit defaces the post in order to promote a product or ...
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Clarification for suggested edit rejection?

It looks, from searching, that Meta is an okay place to ask this question; if not, I can delete it. Here is the edit in question. 1 accept, 3 reject. The OP (me) asked a question and tagged both ...
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