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Review abuse is the behaviour of not reviewing properly in the review queues.

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Are "First Question" reviews supposed to take 5-10 seconds?

A particular individual has given me cause to pay attention to them, in multiple ways. One way is the following: Their actions log is full of "Looks OK" reviews spaced about 10 seconds apart....
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Someone just edited nonsense/spam links into other nonsense/spam links; isn't this inappropriate? [duplicate]

Someone just edited this post (which I flagged as "abusive", since it was mostly a gibberish "test post") containing two links to a similar looking gibberish test blog. The ...
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20 votes
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Should I flag robo-reviewers?

After this question (Adding a threshold for closing/reopening duplicate question to limit "robo-reviewers") where nothing will be done, I am wondering if I can at least flag "robo-...
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Foreshadowing of suggested edit audits [duplicate]

When the system gives you an audit in Suggested Edits, one of those vandalism-type edits, it’s really obvious that you’re going to get one of those, because it takes several seconds for it to come up, ...
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How is it possible that this edit was approved?

I'm talking about this edit. It clearly changes the code in the answer to something that no longer solves the problem. The previous code was what OP wanted, the edit changed it to something that no ...
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Why this suggested edit with seemingly no changes has been approved?

I'm not sure what to think of this edit to my question. I see no changes whatsoever. The updater has basically copied over what was already there. It's been rejected by two users with that exact ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Are there (guiding!) statistics about review "approval" rates?

Yesterday I learned the hard way (ouch, that hurt) that I really have to work on my discipline when doing further "edit reviews". Which is fine; life is about learning and improving. Leading to this ...
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What to do when other reviewers accept a low quality question?

While reviewing the triage queue, I saw this very low quality question, and by getting back after tagging, I saw that two other users reviewed it as "Looks OK". IMHO, this cannot be accepted as such. ...
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Should robo reviewers be banned in docs based on time spend on review? [closed]

Somebody just pointed out this to me where 3 robo reviewers didn't even have time to properly read the edit. Only one of those reviewer even has gained rep (a whole 3) in the php tag. I don't know ...
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Who reviews the reviewers?

Note: I am not including a link because the purpose of this post is not to call anybody out. I recently edited a question. The user had misspelled the word "within" in the post's title. I looked at ...
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Why was my 'offensive' flag disputed?

I flagged this post as offensive and it got disputed. If the reviewer had no idea of what the OP was saying in then why dispute it ? For the info OP is abusing to the people who will downvote his ...
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31 votes
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Potential for Duplicate Reviews/Gaming in the Help and Improvement Queue

I've noticed that if I find another user's H&I review (say from their profile), the item is still reviewable for me, and I have the option to edit the post further. Finding a post that has ...
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8 votes
2 answers

So many useless edit suggestions by a user [duplicate]

What do I do when a user is making dozens of useless edit suggestions? It seems like a waste of people's time to have to review each one and reject them one by one... if you catch my drift... Is ...
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Suggested edit claims to have been made by a bot? [duplicate]

I came across this suggested edit in the review queue today. The review comment contains "Added relevant tags. [Edit made by a bot (owner @ArtOfCode): algorithm revision 2015.11.05.21B]" and does ...
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Reviewer mistakenly marking well-intentioned edit suggestions as spam [closed]

I ran into a fellow reviewer today who flagged a perfectly legitimate edit as spam/vandalism. That's a step beyond merely making a bad call about whether an edit should be allowed through, as that ...
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Trivial edit spree by new user - get's all of it approved

See this user's rep - all of them are trivial edits that get approved one after the other. There is something wrong with current reviews. Edit: Seems all edits are only approved by the same user.
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What's the best practice for harmful suggested edits, when you have edit privileges?

Sometimes I see a suggested edit that I feel very certain should not be made, because it's harmful or spammy. I know, of course, to Reject it with whatever reason I feel is best, but you can almost ...
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My peer-reviewed edits are sometimes re-edited / overwritten, why?

My reputation is only enough to edit with a peer-review needed. I try to edit question & answers to provide help if necessary. Maybe I'm wrong but I can't seem to see any edits I've made seen as "...
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What to do when someone always rejects your suggested edits?

Today, I noticed that two of my suggested edits was rejected by the same person, So I said that maybe I didn't edited much things or I was little superfluous in that two questions and maybe he/she is ...
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42 votes
2 answers

Are we supposed to flag bad reviews?

Today I saw a suggested edit which seemed to me to be clearly bad (which I don't want to link, to avoid any sort of public shaming). The only change was removing a period in the title, and the edit ...
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2 answers

Poor conduct of high reputation user and abuses that follow

Please see the following question, which I feel was moderated only because I called out the user "creack" for his initial response and comments (which he or someone has deleted): Do I want a container ...
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4 votes
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Review privilege abuse

I have been trying to find the "correct" amount of editing to do when I see a posted question or answer with obvious issues. Fore front in my mind is that I want to make it clearer for the next ...
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Commenting on an audit gave it away

I got this question as an audit today: How to identify the color of image in c#? It read: I want to identify the total color present in image in c# and i want to change the individual color in the ...
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A user keeps editing in the wrong tag — bootstrap and twitter-bootstrap

This user keeps adding in the bootstrap tag, along with the twitter-bootstrap tag in instances where it isn't about bootstrap loading. I've personally rejected 10 of these so far. Mods, can you ...
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43 votes
2 answers

What is this user up to?

I came upon this edit in the review queue, and I was initially thrown - it appears that the user needed approval for modifying his own answer! Looking closer though, revealed that it was a different ...
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What happens when a user is caught doing robo-reviews? [duplicate]

I think I read somewhere that users who don't review well are banned for 1 week from reviewing tasks. Seems like a pretty lame punishment, so I'm wondering the following: After the week ban, are they ...
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Automated retrospective detection for robo-reviewers

Based on this question and the comments thereon as well as this question, it is clear that review audits fail to detect robo-reviewers properly. Should there not be some kind of automated detection ...
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How to deal with suggested edits that get approve but imho violate rule [duplicate]

I was reviewing suggested edit when it got approved. When looking at the post it was very clear to me that edit was invalid because someone other than OP was trying to "improve" the answer. Can ...
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