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For questions about new site "features" (which are actually pranks) that appear on or around April 1st as part of the site's traditional April Fools Day celebration.

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Where’s the 2023 April Fools joke?

April 1st landed here 9 hours and 17 minutes ago. Where’s the fun? Or is this incomprehensible thing the joke of the year? Or did SE for some reason decide that this year, the site itself is the big ...
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Which April Fools Filter was the most popular among users on Stack Overflow?

As part of the April Fools Day 2022 prank, the following Filters were made available on Stack Overflow as user-selectable themes: Bookface Hot dog stand Frisa Lank MariOverflow Terminal Top Secret ...
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Can normal people suggest their own filter design? [closed]

Today we can see that there are many cool designs available for the user interface with some people's names. For example, "Bookface by Tom" and so on. Are they staff or moderators or just ...
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Filters on mobile require reading illegible text in cookie consent to disable them

When opening a Stack Overflow page for the first time on mobile, the controls to disable or change the filters are entirely covered by the cookie consent dialog, which is ...quite difficult to read ...
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How do I disable Stack Overflow Filters (the April Fools themes)? [closed]

I just logged on to Stack Overflow, and there was a message introducing filters. But for some reason I didn't think and reloaded the page, and then there was no filters menu. I also looked in settings,...
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Can the joke filters stay after April 1st?

This year, the site is celebrating April fool's day with Aww, snap! We’ve got Filters now. I know it's a prank, but a couple of these filters actually make reading the site easier for me. Can the ...
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Frisa Lank: The most readable Stack Overflow yet! [duplicate]

Many thanks to whomever designed the "Frisa Lank" April Fool's Day theme for Stack Overflow! It's by far the most readable and usable Stack Overflow CSS update I've seen yet! Nice contrast....
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Aww, snap! We’ve got Filters now [closed]

How do you do, fellow Stackers? If there’s anything that Stack Overflow is known for, it’s being hip to the latest trends in every field. Gaming? We created StackEgg. Security? We invented Dance Dance ...
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Can I activate the rubber duck even if it is not April 1st?

I'd like to show the rubber duck to a friend, but it's gone. All the rubber-duck-related answers just tell how to get it back once you already clicked on "I hate this duck", but is there a ...
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How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow?

My name is David, I am the Senior Data Analyst on the Marketing team. I am new to the team but am not new to copying from Stack Overflow. I am very excited to share my first community-facing analysis. ...
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What are the past April Fools jokes?

How long has Stack Overflow been doing April Fools' jokes? Can someone list them along with screenshots?
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3 answers

Can I actually buy a copy-paste keyboard like the Stack Overflow April Fool's "The Key"?

So I saw the Stack Overflow April fool joke for "The Key" and I know it's just a joke. But I kind of want a real one similar to it just for novelty. Are there any products out there actually ...
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The copy-paste budget can be easily bypassed without The Key™ [closed]

The new copy-paste budget can be easily be bypassed using a simple JavaScript hack: localStorage["copyBudget"] = "Infinity"; Now people can copy-paste all they want without The ...
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Using the new Stackexchange keyboard, I have trouble coding [duplicate]

I was lucky enough to get a prerelease version of the new Stackexchange keyboard, but it makes it very hard to code. For example, it has taken me half an hour to type this question. Is there a better ...
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How to copy code from StackOverflow without paying the subscription? [duplicate]

It seems that StackOverflow wants to put a lock on the copy of the code from the platform. Is it possible to copy it from the source code? Thanks
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239 votes
33 answers

Announcing "The Key™" - copy paste like you've never done before

As we said in our blog post, Today marks a new beginning for programmers around the world. Stack Overflow is proud to unveil our first venture into hardware, The Key™. We all copy and paste, be it ...
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Ultra dark mode is only applied to the options menu and does not persist through page loads

I'm not sure if this is intended, but Ultra Dark Mode (the April Fool's joke) only remains activated on the preferences page and does not persist through page loads. If I refresh the page or if I ...
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Is the dark theme really here to last or is it just an April fools day joke?

Is the dark theme/mode really here to last or is it just an April fools day joke? I, of course, hope it's here to stay, however, it seems to be missing in some places e.g. meta.
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Is there a way to bring back new experimental Stack Overflow design? [duplicate]

On April 1st there was introduced a new design on this site. And now it suddenly has been rolled back. Is there a way to bring it back? Maybe with some additional browser extensions or whatever. I ...
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How did Stack Overflow create the star sparkle mouse trail effect?

I love the star sparkle mouse trail effect that Stack Overflow used for April Fools' Day. How did the Stack Overflow developers create this effect? If I want to continue using this after April Fools'...
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3 answers

Can we *permanently* disable April Fools jokes?

I have a confession: When I look up a question on Stack Overflow, it's often not for fun. It's for work, and I'm probably already slightly miffed because something didn't work, and I probably don't ...
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Did I inspire the Stack Overflow Time Machine?

Back in August 2018 I commented on a post about the 90's-esque link underlines that had recently been introduced on SE. Of course, in my mind, this comment did actually inspire the SE April Fools ...
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Why is the new website design not using tables for alignment? [closed]

It's the 1990s, Tables are all the rage for alignment control. Yet I see a disturbing lack of tables in use. This new-fangled CSS is just a fad and will never work, no good programmer will want to ...
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Netscape 3.0 is not supported very well [closed]

Your website has a claim below: Unfortunately it is not true. Your site does not load very well at all in Netscape 3.0. In fact, a number of links do not appear to be working, nor does the awesome ...
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3 answers

Who is the wonderful artist? [closed]

Who is the ascii artist? <!-- HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S FROM STACK OVERFLOW \/ __/ .::::.-'-(/-/) _/: .::::.-' .-'...
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Announcing the Stack Overflow Time Machine

Over the years, users have told us that Stack Overflow is an indispensable tool for coders all around the world. Programmers know that when they get a Stack Overflow search result, it's likely the ...
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Why were icons not in Time Travel? [closed]

The icons of the Hot meta questions are not showing: Why do those icons not exist on site Time Travel? Does this feature exist in Time Travel Past?
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Why only back-end - I rather like front-end - it is far more important to the topic at hand

Why do I get shown only the backend? The frontend is far more important: I’m using Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit). Frontend only by F12 dev-tools:
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3 answers

Comic Sans font is missing in Ubun... er... Unix [closed]

Ubuntu Unix users are barred from experiencing the full glory of this year's April Fools prank, as it relies on Windows 98 supplying the Comic Sans MS font used in headlines and several other places. ...
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31 votes
5 answers

How to stop the 90’s look of the Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I’m getting this annoying background and mouse pointer trails on Stack Overflow and a popup bubble that says back to the future. I’m not finding any option to turn it off. The unicorn and the text ...
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The guestbook is getting populated too quickly [closed]

The guestbook works well enough, except it's getting populated too quickly, resulting in memory usage growing when I keep a page open for long enough. Normally I would suggest adding pagination, but ...
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Web page gets unacceptably laggy with Developer Console open [closed]

Without Dev console open, the firework appears at a rate of roughly 1 per frame. With F12 open... BOOM. I'm on 8th-gen Intel Core i7 (6 cores, 12 threads) and integrated graphics, the specs shouldn'...
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Please don't show the licorne on each question [closed]

I notice the strange nice design when navigating the site and that it can be deactivated by clicking on the "clock" icon: but when I navigate to another question it shows the same April Fools' ...
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Am I the only one seeing the '90s retro theme, with the unicorns and sparkles? [duplicate]

I am seeing a distinctly different Stack Overflow: The site now has a '90s "Geocities" feel, complete with unicorns, sparkle trails, gaudy backgrounds, and <marquee> tags. This is happening to ...
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On April 1, have the "Papers, Please" music playing while we're in the review queues

The idea got ahold of me and I haven't been able to get it out of my head for a while (much like the music), so I figure hey, maybe it'll be worth considering.
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What the duck?​

There is a duck in the bottom right corner. It is asking me whether it can help, absent any indication that I am indeed in need of help. There is no "no thanks, go away" option. The duck asks ...
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Isn't it a bit early for the April fool's joke?

Just noticed the April fools item is showing up. Current time here is L Thursday, March 31, 2016 @ 7:52 PM
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What's with the Stack Overflow UNIKONG game?

What's the deal with this new UNIKONG game on Stack Overflow? Is it some sort of ad? Is it just for fun?'s user avatar
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