This year, the site is celebrating April fool's day with Aww, snap! We’ve got Filters now.

I know it's a prank, but a couple of these filters actually make reading the site easier for me. Can the filters stay in some form, after April 1st?

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    Moving to MSO. The filters aren't across the network.
    – Catija StaffMod
    Apr 1 at 0:36
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    Already discussed here: Aww, snap! We’ve got Filters now. Apr 1 at 0:38
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    I fear they will be removed but I guess we could use User Scripts/custom. CsS for bringing them back.
    – dan1st
    Apr 1 at 0:38
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    It actually scared me at first glance! I was like Stack Overflow has gone too far with the "design improvements"!
    – Ann Zen
    Apr 1 at 0:38
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    Actually, please delete all the filters except for the 3d-glasses; they're the best.
    – code
    Apr 1 at 1:02
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    LOL! This scared me at first.. thought I clicked on the wrong google result
    – atultw
    Apr 1 at 2:13
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    Strangely, the facebook one is excellent Apr 1 at 2:43
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    Some tweaking needed but I am liking terminal.
    – QHarr
    Apr 1 at 3:43
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    I knew there was a reason I was holding onto these 3-D glasses. I also have a set of disposable glasses that were given to me to watch the eclipse. Both of these glasses make a couple of the new Filters Truly Awesome! If anyone else has 3-D or Eclipse glasses, check it out!
    – Rapt0r
    Apr 1 at 5:29
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    Nobody needs the filter feature. Apr 1 at 9:16

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Yes please keep them. So far my favorites ones are Windows 3.1 and Terminal.

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    Those are also my favorites! Apr 1 at 19:48
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    I think the Windows 3.1 theme is missing a trick by not processing the images to reduce their palettes and/or use dithering. But maybe that's why we like it—just a homage, not so realistic as to be usuable. Apr 2 at 16:18
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    I like both of those too, the MariOverflow one is surprisingly nice too but I can understand why that theme might have to go.
    – codewario
    Apr 2 at 19:43
  • Keep Hot Dog filter!!!!
    – user07
    Apr 4 at 13:44

@DonaldDuck has created userscripts for enabling these themes.

They're available on GitHub.

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    SE only does releases. I'd imagine they're in a state where disabling it requires developer intervention, which isn't feasible on a saturday. Probably gonna disappear on monday instead Apr 2 at 20:11
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    @Zoe: It seems that the Developers are also working on Saturdays. ;-) As far as I can tell, the filters are gone now, and everything is back to normal. Apr 3 at 0:15

The filters are confusing and ugly. Get rid of them.

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    You don't have to use them. Apr 1 at 2:03
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    @DanielWalker How do I get rid of that annoying "FILTERS" button that stays on the bottom of my screen? Apr 1 at 2:05
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    Okay, maybe that feature could be changed. Apr 1 at 2:06
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    +1. The hot dog one is especially bad and shouldn't be the default.
    – Isaiah
    Apr 1 at 2:19
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    The default is chosen randomly @Isaiah. And that one is supposed to be ugly. The real question is why it was literally a built-in windows 3.1 theme
    – miken32
    Apr 1 at 12:56
  • @miken32 I didn't know that it is a windows 3.1 theme. Thanks Apr 1 at 13:07
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    The whole site make-over is ugly IMO (i.e. not funny haha joke)
    – martineau
    Apr 1 at 22:24
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    As long as they move the theme selector to somewhere less obtrusive, I see no reason why it should go. Possibly move it where you select between dark and light mode.
    – Benargee
    Apr 2 at 18:58
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    Obligatory reminder that disagreement is expressed with downvotes, not delete votes Apr 2 at 20:13

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