For questions about new site "features" (which are actually pranks) that appear on or around April 1st as part of the site's traditional April Fools Day celebration.

There's only one April 1st per year, and chances are that if you're coming here on that day with a question about some absurd new feature, it's probably already been discussed. Please look at the newest questions for this tag before asking your question.

This is not a tag to use for posting your own April Fools pranks, jokes, and other random attempted cleverness on April 1st. It is specifically for the pranks that Stack Overflow itself implements to celebrate April Fools Day.

These pranks are always temporary—they go away just as suddenly as they appeared. If you're wondering why you are seeing an April Fools Day prank before the clock turns April 1st, that's because it is April 1st somewhere in the world.

List of April Fools Day pranks by year (and related tags)

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