I am seeing a distinctly different Stack Overflow:

The site now has a '90s "Geocities" feel, complete with unicorns, sparkle trails, gaudy backgrounds, and <marquee> tags.

This is happening to me on Google Chrome. I have never installed any plugins or user extensions. I believe this is coming from Stack Overflow.

Am I the only one seeing this? What is causing this to happen? Did the site get hacked or something?

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    Can someone kindly explain the reason of down-votes ? Mar 31, 2019 at 10:08
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    I downvoted because you just posted a comment that used code formatting for something that wasn't code. Mar 31, 2019 at 10:10
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    Context for Cody's comment
    – Zoe Mod
    Mar 31, 2019 at 10:14
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    How can we turn it back on after clicking the clock button ? :'(
    – Pac0
    Mar 31, 2019 at 11:49
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    @Pac0 Click the clock button again.
    – RooiWillie
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:12
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    It's glorious !!! Nice april fool day prank
    – Kowlown
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:38
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    I love this.. let's keep it beyond April Fools please! Mar 31, 2019 at 14:31
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    I mean, really, what are the odds you're the only one seeing it, or that it got hacked, considering the date? Mar 31, 2019 at 14:58
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    Ahhhhch, me eyes!!! Hats off to SO for blinding a poor student. To the f̗u͇͔͖̟͙͈t̪̮͙u̟͉̙̪̻re͓͔͙̼̦!̭ Ṫ̥͐̓̒ͣͭ̽ȟ̲͐̑̉e̠̹̪͉ ̟͚̳̗̩̝͋f̱͆̔͛͋̅̈ṵ͕͎͉̺̻͊͛̆t͇̹͉͎̠̩̘̐̏̽̇̑̂̚ȕ͓̥̠̭͔r̰̹̰̣͍̜͎͂ͦ̒ͨ̒̉ḛ͓̜͇͒̓̏̂ͤ͂̚!̣̱̙̞̻̈͆ͬ͛ͭ̇̂ͅ
    – TrebledJ
    Mar 31, 2019 at 15:19
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    Thank God there's a way to turn this off. :) Mar 31, 2019 at 15:31
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    @Harsh How does Zalgo text work? Mar 31, 2019 at 16:38
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    Where did you see unicorns? I can't seem them Mar 31, 2019 at 18:17
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    I hope it's permanent.
    – bad
    Apr 1, 2019 at 4:04
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    I actually would like this as a permanant feature of Stack Overflow.
    – Kode
    Apr 1, 2019 at 5:05
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    It was closed as a duplicate of the official announcement of the feature. I think that's reasonable. Jon should have posted that announcement earlier, but he slept through his alarm. Apr 1, 2019 at 6:15

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It's clearly an April Fools' Day prank, as is tradition on Stack Overflow.

The Stack Exchange network follows UTC time, and it is already April 1, 2019 in some areas of the world.

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    Ohh, but here is still 31 March, I mean here in Dubai Mar 31, 2019 at 10:07
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    Stack Overflow goes by UTC time. Somewhere in the world, it is already April 1, 2019. Mar 31, 2019 at 10:08
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    @AyazShah SE has a habit of starting early and ending late to cover all timezones. It's already april 1st in some parts of the world, and this will continue until the last timezones exit april 1st
    – Zoe Mod
    Mar 31, 2019 at 10:08
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    What does Stack Exchange observing UTC have to do with it being April 1 in some parts of the world, beyond the absence of daylight saving offsets?
    – BoltClock
    Mar 31, 2019 at 10:36
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    It is a poor way of conveying the point that Stack Exchange is designed for a global audience, and thus does not tie itself to a particular timezone. Mar 31, 2019 at 10:37
  • Would have expected to see a nineties pair of glasses ...
    – rene
    Mar 31, 2019 at 11:32
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    They are, @rene. I haven't updated my style since then. Mar 31, 2019 at 11:44
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    @CodyGray and thus does not tie itself to a particular timezone. UTC is a timezone and you say in your answer it follows UTC time. Maybe the and in your answer should be a but?
    – JJJ
    Mar 31, 2019 at 11:55
  • @Zoe a good april fools joke ends at noon though. - So it ought to be up for 36 hours.
    – paul23
    Mar 31, 2019 at 11:55
  • @paul23 every hour it's noon somewhere (during some hours even in different timezones). ;)
    – JJJ
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:21
  • How annoying. It is March 31 here .... can't they check my profile?! Bit pointless if you ask me! Mar 31, 2019 at 14:11
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    I can't stop moving my mouse around and watching the confetti
    – Chris Farr
    Mar 31, 2019 at 14:13
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    Is this the gathering point for the thickest people on Stack Overflow? Come on folks, you can turn it off if you don't like it. Mar 31, 2019 at 15:41
  • whew. Let me say again whew. Mar 31, 2019 at 22:51

I would like to congratulate Stack Overflow, they did a fantastic job of re-creating the '90s. I guess they may not have considered that many current SO users don't actually know what the internet looked like in the 90s? In any case, the marquee at the top, the Comic Sans text, the lime green borders, the tiled background, cursor trailers - marvelous stuff!!

I have to admit that you suckered me with the new theme for approximately 2.578 seconds - I had just visited a meta question of mine regarding a tag that had officially been burninated and I thought the theme was a celebration of that. Then I checked the time and realised it wasn't all about my question at all.

Edit: OMG there's even a guest book!! ROFLMAO!!

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    Proudly built in Notepad...
    – TGrif
    Mar 31, 2019 at 11:40
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    This answer best viewed with Netscape Navigator. Mar 31, 2019 at 11:44
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    We're missing a music theme that starts to play upon opening the page.
    – paul23
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:00
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    Thank you for mentioning the guest book! I would have missed that completely! Evidently I need to scroll more!
    – RooiWillie
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:15
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    First i thought i had a virus on my computer, then i thought SO got hacked, THEN i looked at the date and relized it was 5 to april fools :D Love it!
    – Larzan
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:29
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    @CodyGray and better viewed in 800x640. Mar 31, 2019 at 12:56
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    I like the fires next to the HNQ Mar 31, 2019 at 14:46
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    Ah, good old days when there was no build tools, no Javascript frameworks, and people gave values to developers / Programmers. Mar 31, 2019 at 15:13

Personally It bothering me, so to back to the original site just click to the button in top :

enter image description here

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    Unfortunately, this seems to auto-disable itself for new tabs :/ This kinda reminds me of last year
    – Zoe Mod
    Mar 31, 2019 at 10:11
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    Yes, april fools are supposed to be funny, why make it so painful? Even in the 90s not many sites were so bloated. Sigh. It's monday, you need a quick answer and... holy crap (ok, it's not yet monday here in France, but I know I will eventually need something on SO).
    – user10307643
    Mar 31, 2019 at 10:40
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    would be nice if it were a toggle (once you touch it I'm not able to turn it back on ; of course I want to annoy people behind me who are looking at my screen) Mar 31, 2019 at 11:44
  • @Zoe huh? Not seeing this. Do you have a tm2019 and tm2019d cookies?
    – Braiam
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:32
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    @Braiam it was a bug. It has since been fixed. The forced per-site toggle still persists though
    – Zoe Mod
    Mar 31, 2019 at 12:33
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    THANK YOU, I think I was legit on my way to a migraine, or seizure.
    – Andrew
    Mar 31, 2019 at 13:39
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    Pretty annoying, please just have a global toggle for all SE sites next year... April Fools pranks are funny the first time, but not when repeated across all sites (and the toggle wasn't remembered even in one site initially)... Also please use the user's local time, this started before noon on March 31st for me.
    – RichVel
    Mar 31, 2019 at 13:41

For the sake of completeness, a screenshot of the guestbook and footer of the page:

enter image description here

  • unfortunately, the people are fake
    – user7847084
    Apr 1, 2019 at 14:06

As the website indicates at the bottom right corner, it is "BEST VIEWED IN Netscape 3.0". Not sure why it is not showing the W3C compliant banners, but if you setup Netscape 3.0 it should fix it all.

enter image description here

If you cannot find Netscape 3.0 (a more recent version will not work), you can conveniently click the little clock at the top right corner in order to instantly setup Netscape 3.0.

enter image description here


Oh! That was supposed to be comic sans! I’m both sad and happy I don’t see it that way on my iPhone. Sad because I don’t get the full retro experience. Happy because now I know my phone is clever enough to replace comic sans with something not entirely as atrocious.

For the curious, this is what it looks like to me:

iPhone screen shot of tags and comments under the question

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    You cannot use your iPhone to view this site because iPhone didn't exist back in the 90s.
    – slugster
    Apr 1, 2019 at 5:21

No, you're not the only one seeing it. It seems to be an April fools joke...

...which unfortunately cannot be permanently disabled right now in Chrome as it seems.

Edit: It seems this bug fortunately has been fixed: Please don't show the licorne on each question

  • I see it today...
    – Jay
    Mar 31, 2019 at 21:28
  • 7
    Why would you want to turn it off? This is FANTASTIC!!!! Apr 1, 2019 at 2:24

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