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This tag is for questions about questions on Stack Overflow that have been closed with the reason "Needs more focus"

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Why was my question on what features in C# 10 are tied to the runtime closed?

I asked this question, Does C# 10 support the .NET Framework?, and it has been closed as “needs focus” (I am not sure how it was closed; I don’t see the close votes that normally appear, nor a ...
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Should two-part questions be closed?

A two-part question is two questions in one sentence. For example: "How to do this, and that?" From the docs: Needs more focus - If your question has many valid answers (but no way to ...
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What should we do with flawed attempts to solve a problem, where the flaw is unrelated, both are common, and the question isn't explicit?

What should we do with flawed attempts to solve a problem, where the flaw is unrelated, both are common, and the question isn't explicit? This is an extremely common issue I've been running into with ...
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Why is this question closed as 'unfocused'; how could it be improved?

Are there any languages that break the normal conventions of which enclosing glyphs mean what? Core of the question: Are there languages that don't use enclosing-glyphs in the most common manner: [] ...
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Why was my question about improving the performance of a code closed as lacking focus?

Yesterday I posted What is the best way / algorithm to make this sequential sorting code more performant (deleted) and it was closed with needs to be more focused mark (It had a mistake and was not ...
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Focusing a question

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is there a function that can pivot a table like I need without an aggregation? How could I reword this to be more "focused"?
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2 answers

Why was this question flagged as needs more focus?

I've posted this question that has been closed with the reason: This question needs to be more focused (...) Update the question so it focuses on one problem only. Why? The question is focused on a ...
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Help improving the focus of a question

Recently, a question I asked was closed for lacking in focus: Simplifying a Python AST for an arithmetic expression [closed] The help page for "focus" says: If your question has many valid ...
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How to handle a question that was scoped to a single language, but has a large number of answers that ignored that scope? [duplicate]

Find the smallest positive integer that does not occur in a given sequence asked how to solve a particular Codility problem in Java (it was tagged with the java tag originally). Since then, the page ...
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Was this question too broad? [duplicate]

I asked the question Is data from a HTTPS POST request secure on the client-side? the other day. To my surprise, it was closed as too broad by the end of the day. To my mind, the question outlines a ...
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My question was closed because it "needs to be more focused", but it seems like a question many programmers would want to know the answer to [closed]

In anyway. Here is what I would say to you. Recently, I had a very good question that you deemed "Not focused enough." I don't remember my question exactly since I have no access to it. It ...
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Why was my question closed? How should I edit it to improve it?

Link to question: Problems freeing memory and moving data between arrays in CUDA My question on Stack Overflow was closed due to needing to be "more focused". It says I should edit the ...
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This question of mine was closed due to lack of focus, but it shouldn't be more focused

I asked (and answered) this question: What variations of vector-like containers already widely established? Do I have to write my own? This was relatively well-received: 3 people upvoted the question ...
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Closed. This question needs to be more focused -> reopen

I have asked the question counting number of steps to reduce integer to 0 which to be fair was broad, thus it got closed, and got this message: Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is ...
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Why was my question closed due to "lack of focus" when I've included code and a JSFiddle?

I asked javascript iife doesn't work after refactoring with some sample code, and it was closed due to "lack of focus". What's that close reason and why would my question be closed for ...
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How should I alter the question to make it more focused?

I asked a question that got closed due to not being more focused. I'd like to focus it more. However, I'm a bit stuck on how. I've found others with similar concern, without any leads whatsoever, ...
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Is the description to "needs more focus" confusing? [duplicate]

It's very common that homework dumps gets closed with the focus reason. The description says: Update the question so it focuses on one problem only. Which in the case of homework dumps is not really ...
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Why was my question about UAC prompts closed?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Run a Batch File as Admin with no UAC on Another Computer? I'm not exactly sure why my question was closed. It says, "needs to be more focused&...
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How should we handle "weasel words", or unintentionally broad questions that aren't?

Related to Is asking for solutions to a problem that has more than one possible solution too broad for SO? and Please stop having opinions about things, but meant as a more general question. I think ...
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Do we really need more focus?

As you may or may not understand already, my question is about the Needs More Focus close reason. I'm sure everyone with the close privilege are quite well familiar with it. Recently I was having some ...
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What makes this question about CSS selectors not focused enough?

I've slightly modified this question ((How can I disable a whole CSS stylesheet on a specific list of domains?)) but I don't think it makes a difference. What makes that question unfocused, and is it ...
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How can I better focus my question? [duplicate]

My question Aggregate count of method calls within program run has been closed as requiring more focus: Update the question so it focuses on one problem only. The question might be a touch unclear, ...
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Why does this question lack focus?

This question of mine: Generating a single include file from a hierarchy of includes got closed for lack of focus. I don't understand why. The problem is very clearly defined IMHO. I already got one ...
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How to handle questions that should be closed as "need more focus" if you find dupes that answers one of the questions

Suppose that you find a question that contains multiple questions. For instance: Hi I have a few questions for my homework How big is the stack size by default on Windows, Mac and Linux? What is the ...
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What link should I give when people ask to write their software for them? [duplicate]

In handling first time posts, sometimes I encounter a 'write my software for me' non-question. Is there a link to SO official guidelines that I can give in such cases? Also, when I flag it, what is ...
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I provided a Q&A pair with a question that was too broad. What are my options?

At the risk of asking another question that will be poorly received: I wanted to share some knowledge I had recently acquired, and as I couldn't find a simple answer to my original research question ...
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Question put at hold as too broad and I have no code but added more details

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to program my computer to open a file with a certain application and change the extension Could someone help me understand why my question was put ...
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Question about video processing for the Windows desktop closed as too broad

I’ve answered a question that’s now closed as too broad, this one: Realtime video processing for the complete Windows desktop I’ve reworked the question. What do you think, is it still too broad? If ...
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How many ways do we need to remember how big an integer is?

Consider this question: What is the maximum value for an int32? I know it was created in the dark-ages of Stack Overflow, but this should have been trivial to look up in any of your preferred ...
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How is this question on holding a key for several seconds too broad? [duplicate]

Ruby, check if key is held for several seconds? Yes, it's short and has no code, but the question is very clear to me. "I want to check if the user is holding a key for several seconds" -...
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Creating the Windows 10 calendar in VBA Excel: can we allow broad and useful "canonical" self-answers?

This is concerning the question: How can I create the Windows 10 calendar in VBA Excel? This question has 4 close-votes and a lot of upvotes. It is a self-answer that appears broad… until you realise ...
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Unity3d questions are often closed because too broad

I just got an example of it here: Enemies don't collide with each other A new user asks a question about Unity (game engine). In Unity, it is possible to interact with 3d objects by scripting (...
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How should we handle popular canonicals that ask two separate questions?

Every now and then I find a popular question that asks two (mostly) unrelated questions at the same time. Basically like "How do I do X? Also, how do I do Y?". Example: User input and command line ...
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Multi-part question answered with multiple answers by same member (different from OP) [closed]

I know how to handle a multi-part question in general, by closing it as too broad as per How to handle a question that asks many things How to Handle Multi-Part Question But what do I do when a ...
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Triage how to flag questions asking how to make things?

In Triage I've encountered questions that is a good fit for VLQ but since that's not an option in Triage flags, how can I flag questions that are VLQ? Examples are those questions asking how to do ...
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Question too broad - feedback issue

After seeing the following links: Data modal design for structured interviewing SO Data modal design for structured interviewing CodeReview Data modal design for structured interviewing DBA I ...
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Should there be a canonical resource for OAuth 2.0 on Stack Overflow?

I think a question like The definitive guide to form-based website authentication should be allowed as it gives much information in an indexed manner to a beginner. I therefore wrote a similar ...
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How to improve a canonical question, that may appear to be "too broad"?

I keep finding myself posting an [mcve] link in comments to questions with either too much or too little code, but askers seem to be having a hard time actually producing a "Minimal, Complete, ...
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I know it's not too broad or is it?

Look at this SO question. The user wants specific output on given input, but the question has been put on hold as too broad. It's very straight forward (OK not very straight forward but I understand ...
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Is this NOT too-broad of a question?

There's currently a featured question in tkinter, manipulating values in Tkinter [Python]. I believe it is too broad. Is it not? Is it something else? I believe it is clear that it could use some form ...
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4 answers

Is asking for one-solution-out-of-many too broad or is it fine?

I recently asked a question asking for one solution in any of several frameworks. I was clear that I didn't need all of them. It was closed as too broad. Before you take a look at it, please keep in ...
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Why is this MS Access question too broad?

I just saw and answered a question. To my surprise, the question was closed as "too broad": How to have children form with Access? I have some experience on SO (> 100k rep), and I have cast a lot of ...
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Why is "Is this correct?" an off-topic question, and what should I ask instead?

Disclaimer: I'm not actually asking this - this is intended to be a reference post. Also, if you have additional tips for how to get started with testing, please feel free to add them to the ...
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When is too broad not too broad?

A while back I flagged this question: Any way to add multiple images on Materialbox Materialize CSS? As too broad. As it turns out it may have been a victim of the error I pointed out here: Flagged ...
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Why is my question too broad, and how can I improve it?

I asked this question on how to find methods with modified code between two versions of a Java class. The initial version came with too much background code (or at least that's what the one comment, ...
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How to handle "too broad", but interesting questions? [duplicate]

I found this question today. In the current state, the question is too broad, at least in my opinion (there is no easy way to detect if something is acting malicious or not). However I think that this ...
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A clear question made unclear by OP's comment

SVG Path Data Regex C# is a question that was put on hold as to broad, which suprised me as I believed to understand it clearly, and gave a simple answer. What I now believe what happened is that a ...
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Is this question really too broad? And if so, how did I manage to answer it anyway?

My answer to this question from 2013 is accepted and currently has a score of 17. Yet the question itself is closed as "too broad". Based on the acceptance and the comments left by the OP, it seems ...
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Handling an old, viewed and upvoted, but clearly too broad question and its answers

I was reviewing following answer in the Low Quality Posts Queue: First get he basic understanding of protocols used in Voip , these are mainly SIP ...
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A question asking for a list of use-cases for a language feature... too broad? [duplicate]

This C++ question begins by listing a couple use-cases for the new C++17 language feature named structured bindings, before asking: Can you provide some other, possibly less obvious use cases for ...
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