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About questions that were answered by the same user that asked it at the same time as when they asked it or directly after. For self answers where the OP returned with new information to add after a period of time, just use the self-answer tag.

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How do I ask and self-answer a correct, high quality Q&A pair without attracting downvotes?

Almost two years ago I asked and then self-answered this question about certificates. I did so because handling certificates has always been a great pain, requiring a combination of disparate command-...
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Can you answer your own questions on Stack Overflow?

As a new Stack Overflow user, I am learning about how to use the system (reputation, etc.). I have had many technical questions that I believe may be useful to post, but I answered them myself. Is ...
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1 answer

Self Answer Questions being too broad [duplicate]

I'm planning to do another self-answer Q&A style question, but I just had a thought that if I came across this question asked in the wild without an answer, I would flag to close as too broad. ...
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What is the advantage of posting to Documentation instead of asking and answering myself? [closed]

My impression so far is that most of what Documentation proposes could be achieved with questions answered by their own authors. We are used to this pattern, the existence of a question implies the ...
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2 answers

When you self answer should you wait to give time for other answers? [duplicate]

I was in the middle of writing out a question when I realized a potential solution to my problem. So I answered my own question at the same time that I published the original. One of the comments ...
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Can we have a special checkbox or something for purposely self-answered questions?

As stated here, one can pose a question with the purpose of answering it oneself. Perhaps this is a tricky situation that you encountered in your own coding and fixed and the material does not ...
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What should we do with "How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development"?

Recently How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development was posted and had several upvotes, but it was also closed. NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What to do about hundreds of the ...
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What subjects would be good for a self-answered question? [closed]

I'm good at researching, and I'm also good at debugging, so I rarely find the need to ask for help here. But I still want to contribute questions, which is an enormous part of SO. I have gotten the ...
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Creating the Windows 10 calendar in VBA Excel: can we allow broad and useful "canonical" self-answers?

This is concerning the question: How can I create the Windows 10 calendar in VBA Excel? This question has 4 close-votes and a lot of upvotes. It is a self-answer that appears broad… until you realise ...
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What to do with questions followed by completely wrong instant self-answers?

This question has raised a few red flags for me: The question itself is a duplicate (the topic has been discussed many times) The self-answer was instant The answer started with the infamous "I did ...
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Should/Can I post a question for which I already have an answer? [duplicate]

While answering a question about Why something doesn't work, I've come up with a workaround idea that is very unusual, and might be an innovating idea. I encouraged the OP to post a new question, ...
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Issues asking self-answered questions in different programming languages

I'm having an issue posting self-answered questions here on Stack Overflow. To begin with, I'm an NX Open developer. I develop automation programs for Siemens NX using its API called "NX Open&...
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4 votes
2 answers

What does a perfect Community Wiki Q&A template look like?

I joined Stack Overflow for the main purpose of sharing information in a Q&A style. Over the years, I can't help but wonder if the Q&A I posted as Community Wiki is serving its purposes as a ...
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