About questions that were answered by the same user that asked it at the same time as when they asked it or directly after. For self answers where the OP returned with new information to add after a period of time, just use the self-answer tag.

posts are those where a user asks a question and immediately posts their own answer to it, either using the Answer Your Own Question feature, or posting the answer separately but within minutes thereafter.

Contexts potentially relevant to the tag include users posting questions with readily-accessible answers (such as in documentation), questions whose context is so narrow that they will never be useful to other users, and questions which only seem comprehensible to the person asking it.

It's worth noting that answering one's own questions at any time is permitted and encouraged, to the extent that both question and answer meet the quality criteria normal for any other post.

If the nature of your post does not relate specifically to how quickly a user has provided the answer to their own question(s), the tag should likely be used instead.