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Questions flagged as duplicate, and what are, or are not, good reasons to do so.

Some questions are duplicates of questions that have been asked before though the wording of the question may be different. One task of the user community is to identify questions that have already been asked and to mark them as duplicate with a link to the question that has been duplicated.

See How should duplicate questions be handled?

The question which is linked to may in turn also be a duplicate question creating chains of duplicate questions. See Marking question as duplicate of duplicate and see as well Do not delete good duplicates!

There is also the problem of deciding which of two similar questions should be made the duplicate. See Should I flag a question as duplicate if it has received better answers?

Users with a gold badge for one of the tags specified for the post can mark a question as duplicate by themselves. This is also known as "the dupehammer" as well as "wielding the mighty Mjölnir". See Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

When a posted question is marked as a duplicate, the user who posted the question is notified. See How to accept another question as duplicate of one's own question and see as well "This question already has answers here" - but it does not. What can I do when I think my question's not a duplicate?