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This tag indicates a reproducible problem on the site that you believe is due to a mistake, malfunction, or programming error. Questions with this tag are NOT automatically brought to the attention of employees. To create a ticket internal to the company, a [status-review] tag needs to be added by a moderator or employee.

When reporting a bug, try to describe it in a way that makes it easy for readers reproduce. "I saw some sort of error while I was doing something on one of these sites" doesn't get you very far.

Consider to add the following topics in your report:

  • exact URL where this bug occurs
  • steps and data to reproduce the bug or issue
  • expected outcome
  • actual outcome
  • anonymous or logged in
  • browser including exact version
  • active extensions, plugins and/or user scripts
  • Operating System
  • Network (Enterprise/Customer/ISP)
  • Rough location in the world (in case of network errors)

If there's a visual anomaly associated with the bug, then post a screenshot, circling the portion that offends you. Applying a tasteful drop-shadow to your screenshot is optional; drawing the circles freehand is mandatory.

If you can't get it to happen consistently, try harder; if you still can't get it to happen consistently, be sure to mention that before we all waste our time trying to reproduce this awesome new feature bug you've found.

If your bug only happens when you're using a beta browser, though, be aware they're not supported. Get a production browser and report back only if it's broken there too.

Bringing issues to the attention of the company

Just posting a question with the tag doesn't result in the issue being brought to the attention of company employees. Once a bug is confirmed by at least one other user, you can raise an "in need of moderator intervention" flag to request that a moderator add a tag to the question. Adding a tag will create a ticket in the company's internal tracking system. At some point after that, the issue will be triaged and routed to the appropriate internal group.

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is one of the four mandatory tags for meta sites. The other mandatory tag options are , and .

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