This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

Paraphrased from Wikipedia, answers are replies to questions or solutions, retaliations, responses that are relevant to the said questions.

Answers are what Stack Exchange sites are all about (apart from questions). Without good answers, the sites don't function as no one will come and post their questions.

Since many answers contain some source code, a user posting an answer should understand the in place for Stack Overflow answers and questions. See Can code posted on Stack Overflow be used on closed-source software? for a discussion. See as well and and this discussion, Dealing with a claim that a post on SO is using copyrighted content without permission. See also and this discussion, DMCA take-downs ignored.

See also for discussion about questions and see as well. See as well and about unable to post a question or answer.

Answers can be converted to a answer allowing people with lower to edit the answer. This action stops rep gain or loss as the answer would be owned by the community and not an individual user. See also Should I mark my answer as community wiki when I am posting in someone's name who does not have an account?

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