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For questions about the the 2022 Ask Question Wizard, which was first tested in 2022 with first-time question askers. For questions about the 2018 version of the wizard, use the tag [ask-question-wizard-2018].

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Where is the "Answer your own question" button?

I just found the solution to a problem that had me bugging out for weeks and had me scraping the entire Stack Overflow website. I thought it would be useful to share it with other people, so I went ...
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Post Question Button Greyed Out

I started off using the Question Wizard. When I finished with the Wizard to the point where it gave me a single body for my question, I then toggled off the Wizard and chose to answer my own question. ...
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Multiple issues when adding images in new Ask Wizard

For about 7 years now, we've had a really useful, sitewide feature in place that warns new users (<15 rep) when they post an image. Example from Ask Ubuntu (from a new-user test account I created):...
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Ask Wizard cards could have colors coordinated with focused field

This is how Ask Wizard highlighting looks now (Stack Overflow, dark theme). Notice how the blue frame around this text area is the same color as background of the big box at the top, even though there ...
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The Stack Overflow "Ask Wizard" option keeps crashing my page

Is it the "Ask Wizard" causing this? I can't turn it off. I am using Google Chrome Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (x86_64) on a MacBook (OS Version 12.6).
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Could we ask about Ask Wizard / Staging Ground studies details?

The Ask Wizard (2022) has graduated mentions that the Ask Wizard is shown to people based on how many questions they have posted, so the reputation/privileges aren't considered in any way. Several ...
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67 votes
13 answers

The Ask Wizard (2022) has graduated

Update: This feature launched on 2022-10-25. TL:DR: Back in March, we announced an experiment of the Ask Wizard, and in June we shared the results. Later this month, we are graduating the experiment ...
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Is the New Question Form for New SO User's Working to Prevent Low Quality Questions? (maybe a revisit?)

This time of year Stack Overflow seems to get bombarded with numerous low-quality questions. That's understandable. It's about a month and a half into the fall semester and burgeoning programmers are ...
33 votes
9 answers

Ask Wizard Test Results and Next Steps

Three months ago we ran an experiment testing a new Ask Wizard on Stack Overflow. The Ask Wizard is planned as the first phase of the Staging Ground project (see here and here for more info), and we ...
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Disable the Stacks editor in the new Ask Wizard

Please, I kindly ask you to disable the flawed Stacks editor for new users. Most new users don't know how to manually solve the issues caused by this editor which leads to garbage posts and broken ...
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Ask Wizard for New Users Feature Test is complete

Update: This feature test was live on Stack Overflow from 2022-03-21 through 2022-04-06. The overall results from this test were very positive and are available in a separate post. A couple of weeks ...
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Feature Test: Ask Wizard for New Users (trial has completed)

This experiment was live from 2022-03-21 14:20 UTC until 2022-04-06 12:00 UTC. Initial data from the test looks to be positive. We plan on doing some bigger data analysis on the results and will post ...
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Verification step for mostly-off-topic tags?

A substantial portion of questions on grub, uefi, efi and bios are "I upgraded my OS, and now my computer won't boot". Would it be possible (/useful) to add an extra verification step for questions ...
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