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No, you don't have to use once or twice. Saying this has been done 1 time is fine too, and easier to code up to boot. Sure, it is not great style, but it isn't wrong grammar! See Twice vs Two Times on English.SE. Just be glad the developers dropped the plural s from 1 time, saving you from Jeff Atwood and his giant S!


This should be fixed shortly. Basically, we have a syntax that indicates "affects pluralization", and we hadn't used it (the difference between in $foo$ days and in #foo# days, if you want unnecessarily and unusable detail). This meant it didn't have the necessarily pluralization variants for us to tweak. 2 per variable in English, many more for some other ...


Just apply common sense on a case-to-case basis. I think anything else will end up badly: "I have a cookie question" (baking advise?) "I have a Window question" (carpenter advise?) "I have a Pythons question" (reptile advise?) "I have a question about mutex:es... mutexes... mutices... many mutex." "I have a question about singleton instances." The list of ...


Instead of reading it as "1 answers", I make an effort to read it as "answers: 1". Then me and my OCD can get on with our day.


Indeed, traditional excuses don't apply. I'll have to come up with some new ones... But in the meantime, this is fixed!


Ah, yes, we've been lazy pluralizing all the new strings lately. A bunch of those should be fixed in the next build (build rev 2015.11.11.3857 on MSE/MSO, 2015.11.11.2970 on sites)


Thanks for reporting this. If you see any giant letterS flying your way, please redirect them at me. This was a not-so-obvious fail in our build config, that we totally missed. As a consequence of an invalid connection string, the build boxes weren't able to reach the DB that contains the translations, so the English non-pluralized fallback was used (which ...


Should be better now:


What is a problem about a column supposed to be? CSS? Some command? Your neighbor's roof (supported by columns) is falling down? This tag is too vague, that's probably why it's been banned. Rule of thumb: if you can't be an expert in the tag, it shouldn't exist. You can't be a "column-expert", you can be a "unix-commands" expert. You might be able to be a "...


status-completed The pluralization issue has been fixed. Screenshot for reference: (emphasis mine)


1. Needs to be fixed in chat 2. Will be fixed in the next build (build rev 2016.8.18.3904 on sites).

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