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For questions about the captcha used on Stack Exchange sites to verify that you're a person and not a spam-bot.

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ReCAPTCHA not working

I was trying to post a question on Stack Overflow, but the ReCAPTCHA was not working. I don't know why. It has been doing this for about a day now. The reason I can post on Meta is because that does ...
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Have there been any recent changes in the human verification policy?

I experience a very annoying evolution on Stack Overflow: I get the Captcha for every answer I post and it takes many trials to get through the validation process, to the point where it takes longer ...
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Why does captcha occur for Stack Overflow for Teams? [closed]

I just received a captcha request while using Stack Overflow for Teams. Assuming that the people who can sign up for the team are restricted, why is it necessary to check if I'm a human being?
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Stuff overflowing the "are you a robot" screen

When clicking the "post question" button, I was prompted with the "are you a robot" screen. Right away I noticed something. The text and the reCAPTCHA are overflowing the "...
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reCAPTCHA widget does not use the dark theme in dark mode

I usually don't come across a lot of forms on Stack Overflow. But today, when I clicked on the Contact Us section in the Help Center, I came across this form: Something looked off, I saw that big fat ...
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Captcha fails on Safari 14.0.1 Big Sur

When I try to solve the captcha on Safari 14.0.1 (on Big Sur), it gets stuck on the loading spinner when I tap the checkbox. I see the following error multiple times in the console: The source list ...
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Please change the recaptcha link to ensure the site is accessible in China

Stack Overflow currently uses a recaptcha script hosted on This domain is inaccessible in China. In a section about using recaptcha globally, Google's own developer FAQ says: Yes, ...
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15 votes
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Cannot post a question on Stack Overflow

It keeps saying "Oops, robot detection failed" after I fill out the CAPTCHA (the green check shows). I receive the same error in incognito. I cannot fill out the help form on the Contact Us ...
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How can I stop getting CAPTCHAs? [duplicate]

These CAPTCHAs are very obnoxious. After the 20th completed challenge, it should be obvious that either I'm not a bot, or I've passed the Turing test and your resistance is futile. Yes, I post a lot ...
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CAPTCHA connection issue obstructs legitimate questions from being posted

CAPTCHA seems to be broken, which makes asking questions a hassle. Is anyone experiencing the same issue over here?
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Does Stack Overflow still use recaptcha? And if so what version does it use?

I noticed I don't see it on the site anymore, so I just wanted to know whether it's still used.
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1 answer

Today I triggered a "Human Verification" page when I failed to login with the correct credentials, am I going to get banned?

Today I tried (and failed) to login with the correct info (I had skipped a some characters) and it showed me this page: Where I had to tick a capcha box. My questions is, could this result in a ban?
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I'm a bot (or at least you say so). How do I post? [closed]

Apparently I'm a bot, or I'm detected as such. I cannot even prove you wrong, since the captcha I'm supposed to solve won't appear. Unfortunately I cannot give more details, since I just see a ...
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What does this alphanumeric string mean in a CAPTCHA?

Is it me, or is the captcha checking a little tedious? It literally took me about a minute of clicking pictures before the system finally realized I wasn't a robot. In any case, what does the ...
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37 votes
2 answers

Captcha what Captcha

I'm assuming the captcha is initially triggered because I have an ad-blocker and presumably I'm also blocking the actual captcha box. I'm blocking: secure....
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Premature captcha on wrong password

Description Every* day I try to login, by mistyping my password a first time, on the second attempt I'm directed to a captcha confirmation page. Reproducing Open the login page (being logged out, ...
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When failed to load static files from Google CDN - it's impossible to report bugs on meta

I had a problem with Google CDN, which caused both Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow to show the following error: Stack Overflow requires external JavaScript from another ...
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Why am I sentenced to the captcha thing if I forget to login?

Typical scenario: I check questions on SO without logging in(*) I find a question for which I have an answer I write an answer I figure out I'm not logged in I login (and SO keeps my input) I submit.....
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What triggers the CAPTCHA besides the rate-limiter?

I'm aware of these existing QAs: What triggers the CAPTCHA when posting an answer? The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide However both refer only to the Rate-limiter. I recently switched my login from ...
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Login Stack Overflow with Elinks

Just for the sport: is it possible to login Stack Overflow with Elinks? Appearently, it accepts my credentials, but then it requires a CAPTCHA test that, clearly, is not an obvious matter with a text ...
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Captcha Alternative for China

I'm getting a "Human Verification" request. That seems reasonable. However, the only method is to solve a captcha from a server blocked by the PRC. Since the captcha won't load, I can't post anything. ...
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1 answer

How do I get past human verification for a GET request to a Stack Overflow query?

I have a bot that runs a provided Stack Overflow query such as,, and up until yesterday I had no problem running a query and checking the question count ...
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Stack Overflow does not show a captcha on Opera Mini or browsers with JavaScript disabled

When answering questions in Opera Mini, the website tries to check if I am a bot or not, regardless of anything. As the Opera Mini browser renders the website in Opera servers, the captcha box is not ...
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Captcha impossible on Safari on iPad1 iOS 5.1.1

In some cases the captcha asks you to copy some code into a new text box, but there is no way of doing this on an iPad (1). It is also not possible to request a new captcha as the same paradigm ...
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Help finding SO podcast on human or bot

Can someone please help me find SO podcast, where Jeff Attwood was annoyed with a person posting spam questions, by entering captcha values. It was an incident where questions with same title and ...
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Unable to search due to captcha

Every single time I try to search for an answer, I'm unable to get past the captcha. None of the pictures will load for me so I can not select which pictures are the ones it asks for. The audio ...
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Replace old number-based captcha to the new nocaptcha on data.SE

As it's in the title. Should replace the old captcha where you need to enter numbers to Google's new one-click captcha, just like on all human verification pages that you see when you search.
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Why Stack Overflow repeatedly asks me if I'm a robot? [duplicate]

I'm an old enough user of the site and never got a question flagged as spam. I post regularly and have few threads locked. My IP doesn't change. Yet, almost every single time I post a new question, I ...
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Why is Human Verification required to do a search?

I regularly use various StackExchange sites via browser Quick Search presets created via the context menu on the search box (on Chrome the menu item is 'Add as search engine...'.) I've noticed over ...
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4 answers

Picture captcha are impossible to answer as pictures are not discernable

The recent captcha upgrade that asks you to select all X in the pictures is horribly confusing. When it asks you to select all cakes and then shows cakes, pies, cupcakes, etc.. it is horribly ...
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100 votes
5 answers

How do you answer the Human Verification?

I can't solve the reCAPTCHA on Stack Overflow. It's almost impossible. Two human beings (fully certified) have attempted to answer it and failed. I don't know what these are even trying to say: And ...
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captcha broken on Stack Overflow - No Challenge Shown

I attempted to post an answer this morning and got the "Are You Human" Captcha dialog -- however, it was just the captcha dialog window without any challenge captcha and no place to enter ...
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40 votes
1 answer

Bug in the CAPTCHA at

By mistake while me trying to prove that I am human I pressed enter before I finished the last character (One of my hands was faster; it's cold here.) and it worked; I waited and tried it again (twice ...
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-11 votes
3 answers

Captcha code on posts and reviews

It is ridiculously easy to make a bot that will spam posts/comments on posts, and auto-review posts, votes and edits (bypassing the 'attention tests'). Almost every kid, who wants to spam random ...
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Who are these guys?

I was giving an answer and this page showing up! I am wondering, who are these guys? (human robots)
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Question captcha bypassed [closed]

I just answered a question and on clicking "Post Your Answer", nothing happened. I copied my answer, reloaded the page and tried to submit it again; then it asked me to enter a captcha "Verify that ...
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Proof that we are human

I have just received 100 bonus points, because "I am trusted on other sites". Yet, when I asked a question, a day later, I was asked to enter proof that I am a human being... Why do I have to prove I ...
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In order to avoid spam, can't we add reCaptcha?

This is a good resource site wherein users,professors,etc interact with each other and help others thereby improving their own knowledge.Such a resource pool would be efficient only if we can ...
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Content oriented Captchas for suspected duplicates

When I ask a question I get this element of "Questions that may already have your answer" above the question body. To me thats encuraging to look there for the answers, but it seems like not everybody ...
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Answer not being posted and captcha error

I've been trying to submit an answer for the question: Can't assign Value to php date Box However, the answer is not submitting. When I try to browse the page as an anonymous user from another ...
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63 votes
4 answers

What triggers the CAPTCHA when posting an answer?

I've recently wrote this answer and the system challenged with a CAPTCHA before I could post. These are pretty annoying and slow me down, because I am scarcely better than a robot at reading the darn ...
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