I usually don't come across a lot of forms on StackOverflow. But today, when I clicked on the "Contact Us" section in the Help Center, I came across this form under the URL https://stackoverflow.com/contact: Contact Us form in dark mode

Something looked off, I saw that big fat reCAPTCHA widget stand out as it still used the light theme.

From the reCAPTCHA documentation:

reCAPTCHA Theme Variants

I'm not quite sure where else StackOverflow uses reCAPTCHA, but was almost sure that I would find one on the Sign Up(sign out/use Incognito mode on Chrome to view the page) page. I think StackOverflow is still working on the dark version of the landing and sign up page for anonymous users as I would argue that the default theme must be "System Setting" instead of "Light" for a seamless experience to new users.


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