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For questions about how to use Stack Overflow from China; people experience difficulties with this due to the Great Firewall, the Chinese government's way of regulating the internet.

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Please change the recaptcha link to ensure the site is accessible in China

Stack Overflow currently uses a recaptcha script hosted on This domain is inaccessible in China. In a section about using recaptcha globally, Google's own developer FAQ says: Yes, ...
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jQuery from is blocked in mainland China [duplicate]

I am a user from mainland China. And I understand that the great wall blocked Google. Is is possible holding the jQuery library on Stack Overflow servers instead of fetching it from googleapis....
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How to load Stack Overflow faster? [duplicate]

When I access to Stack Overflow, I got this sign Stack Overflow requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load. on top of the page because of my lovely ...
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Sporadic accessibility of Stack Overflow in China

I spent the last three days in Guangzhou, China, and, being pathologically addicted to using Stack Overflow, decided to spend a portion of my evenings answering questions. To my disappointment, the ...
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Ask for a solution to avoid SE being blocked in China

Sorry to bringup this topic again. I read these links but they did not answer my question. Is Stack Overflow accessible in China? What's up with China? It seems to me certain JavaScripts used by ...
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What's up with China?

The number of uniques for China seems to have increased 5 fold or more this last few weeks. Has anything changed regarding the accessibility of in China starting Friday, June 26th ...
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Please redirect jQuery to other cdns for users in China [duplicate]

Google's blocked in China, so users here can't assess Therefore, users cannot load jQuery, which results in that they can't ask/promote or answer a question/adopt an answer, etc. ...
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Replace [duplicate]

Since google services are mostly blocked in China, StackExchange sites get trouble in showing up because of It is appreciated to replace google refers to maxinum accessiblity. ...
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Use Stack Overflow where Google is banned [duplicate]

In China, due to some political and social messed-up events, Google is constantly banned by the government-built firewall. So like me living there, if I enter Stack Overflow I will get a red banner ...
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Can Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange provide QQ or Weibo log in?

I'm in China, where we haven't been able to visit Facebook or Twitter for a long time, as you know, and we haven't even been able to visit Google without help since this June. I think there are lots ...
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Is Stack Overflow accessible in China?

I am aware that the Chinese government blocks certain websites. Are any of the Stack Exchange sites among them?
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Use of is not China friendly

I often use Stack Overflow from China, where Google based services are regularly blocked or severely hampered. I have noticed that as of late, I am getting a lot of the following error: Stack ...
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