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This tag is for questions about the user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

The user profile page is a collection of data about a particular user, accessed at a URL of<userid>. You can access this page by clicking on anyone's username, such as your own in the top bar or the flair box shown next to questions and answers.

The profile page contains a biographical block that includes your reputation, league standing, account age, last date seen profile stats, and About Me. Privately to the owner of the profile, it will also display hidden details such as helpful flag and visited day statistics.

A profile also contains links to other social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn. These links may include a nofollow in the link for users below a reputation threshold. See 'rel=nofollow' in Profile links.

The tabs on the profile page provide the following utilities:

  • "stats" provides a reading of questions asked, answers provided, votes cast, tag participation and performance, and badges earned.
  • "activity" provides a timeline readout of activity on the site, which can be filtered down on categories such as comments or revisions.
  • "reputation" provides a rough graph of your reputation. This is only available on normal Q&A sites, not on a per-site-meta. See also:
  • "favorites" lists out all questions you have marked as a favorite. See also:
  • "prefs" is only visible as private data, and allows the user to manage their favorite and ignored tags, as well as email notifications.
  • "accounts" lists all of the associated accounts of that user, via flair.

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