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Reserve Careers CV slugs in Developer Story if there's a chance they've ever been used

This makes sense for a new system; there are probably a whole lot of fairly attractive slugs out there that were picked on a whim and then forgotten about; they've never been used and they'll never be ...
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Upload saved resume triggers a "This app isn't verified" warning from Google Drive

Thanks for the report! Yup, it seems like this is a relatively new thing and we need to ask for an app review. We have already sent a request for them to review it. Their form says that "...
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My CV is completely lost after Developer Story release

Our dev team has looked into this and it appears that a miscommunication resulted in the disappearance of your data. On October 3rd you submitted a request asking that your account be deleted from ...
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Importing data from Careers destroys the preferred displayed sites under the avatar

This is intentional, but I agree it's not very clear. Importing the CV will overwrite any existing data in the story. Manual import is a beta-only thing; it's not worth to add any sort of content ...
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Reported failure to import Careers Profile to Developer Story

Thanks for your report. Your story failed due to our super fancy algorithm for coming up with a Title for you, based on your CV and experiences. I forgot to ensure that the length of such title was ...
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Reserve Careers CV slugs in Developer Story if there's a chance they've ever been used

We're bringing back the possibility to reserve (i.e. choose but hide) the vanity slug. We're doing this for everyone, so we're going beyond just grandfathering-in people who have used the option ...
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