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Can't get my Stack Overflow CV to print to PDF nicely

Your CV can be saved as PDF from your Developer Story tab: The resulting CV is very nicely laid out:
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Include the company's URL in Stack Overflow careers PDF resume

Company names now appear as links in the PDF if a company website has been provided in the dev story editor: =>
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How do I change the email displayed on the print version of my CV/resume?

Please have a look at your Preferences Page and see if you have different "Q&A Emails" and "Jobs Emails" addresses. Your Jobs Email will be used if it exists (we're moving away from that because ...
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How can I export the developer story/CV as Markdown?

It's possible to export a JSON copy of your Developer Story (CV) using the third-party tool https://developerstory.dev/stackoverflow. The export includes Markdown formatted descriptions for each of ...
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How to disable print manipulation in Stack Overflow CVs?

I see what's going on here, and I think it's a bug. I'll repost this as a bug a bit later. The long and short of it: the print style for non-Developer Story CVs is broken. On the top is what my ...
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How can I export the developer story/CV as Markdown?

It is possible to export your developer story as .json using the MAC format and docker in less than 5 minutes. Use this command: docker build -t getmanfred/dev-story-scraper https://github.com/...
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