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GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use Git for version control. Use this tag for questions specific to problems with repositories hosted on GitHub, features specific to GitHub and using GitHub for collaborating with other users. Do not use this tag for Git-related issues simply because a repository happens to be hosted on GitHub.

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Where is the best place to ask a question about how to set software on a new (Mac) computer?

My present home computer is a bit of a disorganized mess with a semblance of organization. More than anything, this reflects the fact that I learned to code over the time that I owned this computer, ...
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Is there a test of a Github snippet integration on meta? [duplicate]

When reading a hot meta topic, I noticed that a mere link to a line of source code in a Github repository shows up as a preview of that code. This is what it looks like on the main page: This is what ...
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Error 500 on adding repo from GitHub to developer-story

I recently created a repo ("starter-kits") on GitHub. I was trying to add it to developer-story, a few times, and failed to add it. I get error 500 each time (the page itself get stucked). ...
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Duplicate GitHub repository after rename (Developer Story)

In recently change the name of one of my projects on GitHub, from 'Sender' (capital letter) to 'sender' (lowercase), and I removed it from the developer story timeline.When I want to re-add it, I ...
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How should GitHub issues (mentioned in the answers) be tracked?

Let's say there's a question describing a bug, asking for guidance (what happened?) and/or help (how should I fix this?) Let's also say someone tracked that bug to an open issue on the corresponding ...
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Bug in Developer Story → Open Source → Import from GitHub

When adding a project in my profile via Developer Story→Open Source→Import from GitHub, when I click to add a project I own on GitHub, nothing happens, and I don't get any error or warning. If anyone ...
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1 answer

Suggestions to improve Stack Overflow and GitHub

I'm new to programming and have been using stackOverflow and github only for the last 5 days. I have a couple of observations. Would it be worthwhile if, SO/gitHub adminstrators enforce strict code ...
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6 answers

Testing GitHub Oneboxes for Stack Overflow for Teams

UPDATE: Some new features and bug fixes based on your feedback! PRs now render HTML that matches exactly with GitHub Links to the GitHub username now go to the user profile See the updates in the ...
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Are there plans to import code from git repo

I see on other sites that run tutorials on a number of things from android, ios to web stuffs importing part or whole of code snippets from github. So does SO have such plans to avoid people linking ...
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3 answers

Are questions about GitHub on topic on Stack Overflow?

I just noticed that this question is closed: GitHub - List commits by author It's not obvious why it got closed, but I'd feel reasonably confident guessing that it's because the question is about ...
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