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Questions about how Stack Overflow stores data from users for personalised advertising etc.

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Without having logged out before: which cookies are saved if I do not click on any button of that cookie settings window and just go on?

Whenever I change places or computers and without having logged out, staying in the same Firefox account, I am asked for cookie settings: I guess from this that IP address and place get saved anyway. ...
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Why do I get asked about privacy every time I reach Stack Overflow through a search? [duplicate]

Even after accepting the privacy settings, I get that annoying popup. Is it me, my browser, or something to do with Stack Overflow?
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Why is Stack Overflow asking me constantly about cookies? [duplicate]

I already responded to the cookies banner five times today, but when reloading the page I get: Customize Settings doesn't work at all. I'm using Firefox 111.0.1 (64-bit) on macOS 13.3.1 (Ventura. ...
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Stack Overflow continually asking for cookie permission [duplicate]

Since yesterday, Stack Overflow asks for accepting cookies every time the page is reloaded. Example: I'm going to and I click on "Accept all ...
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Cookie banner keeps popping up

Until a few days ago, clicking the "Necessary cookies only" made the banner disappear as long as I kept my cookies (I delete them when I close Firefox, and I don't mind setting my ...
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Do the cookies already work while you just log in on the login screen of a Stack Exchange?

Do the cookies already work while (that is, right before) you log in? At the point in time when it shows you the "Your privacy" box with the three cookie buttons to choose from, I want to ...
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Stack Overflow requires cookies for authentication—and YES, my browser cookies are enabled for this domain

This problem seems to have been around for about a decade, but it's Feb 2023 and it still lives. I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome running Windows 11. I tried to create a new Stack ...
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Why did the cookie disagree popup start to be delayed by several hundred milliseconds?

For several days now I notice a delay when opening the cookie-disagree popup. Before it felt instantaneous, but now there is a noticeable delay of nearly a second—enough to wonder whether the click ...
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Stack Overflow is adding a 1st party targeting cookie

We have created a new 1st party targeting cookie, “prov_tgt”. This cookie collects the information we will use to serve targeted course advertisements. You can find this new cookie in the list of ...
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If I tell Stack Overflow I'll accept all cookies, why doesn't it remember that setting? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow and all related sites pop up the ever-present cookie warnings dictated by the European Union. OK, I get that this isn't Stack Overflow's fault. But shouldn't they use a cookie to ...
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On SO: Cookie “_ga” will be soon rejected because it has the “SameSite” attribute set to “None”

It appears that Stack Overflow still has a problem as reported in Firefox's developer tools: Cookie “_ga” will be soon rejected because it has the “SameSite” attribute set to “None” or an invalid ...
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How do I make Stack Overflow stop asking for cookie preferences?

Every time I restart my browser and then browse to Stack Overflow, I get the "accept all cookies" button covering the bottom half of my screen. If I go into customizing cookies, it knows ...
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Stack Overflow has eaten too many cookies and developed amnesia

Every few days, when I first visit Stack Overflow, I am greeted again by the "Your Privacy" cookie settings popup: I click "Accept all cookies" and don't get the same prompt again ...
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Why does the cookie consent popup keep showing up despite saving preferences multiple times? [duplicate]

Maybe this has been asked before. Maybe not - nothing in my choice for title popped up. This has to be at least the fourth time in the last few weeks that I've been asked about my cookie choices. (I'...
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Unable to "Customize settings" in cookie popup, it never goes away, always covers content [duplicate]

In Safari with AdBlock + Safari's Content Blockers + Safari's Tracking protection. This happens on every page; the logs below contain the page I captured them on. These are the logs from the developer ...
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