Every few days, when I first visit Stack Overflow, I am greeted again by the "Your Privacy" cookie settings popup:

"Your Privacy" pop-up dialog

I click "Accept all cookies" and don't get the same prompt again for a day or two (which, I believe, makes this different from a previously reported issue: Cookie settings on every page). But in about two days I get the same again. I do not clear cache, I do not clear cookies, I do not logout/login (I'm always logged in), I do not use any browser extension/plugin/ad blocker, I don't do anything that might cause these settings to be reset. I'm also talking about just Stack Overflow, not browsing another SE site which is a different domain hence might need another consent explicitly. I just browse Stack Overflow "clean" (without anything I think of that might cause cookies to stop working) on macOS Big Sur + Safari 14.1.

Since I don't think SE cookie policy changes literally every two days, why am I getting this consent every few days or so?

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    Pretty sure this is Safari related thing. Can’t find the reference atm, but I remember something about Safari’s privacy mode causing this kind of thing. (Also, I experience this on iOS, but not on desktop Firefox) – yivi Jun 6 at 11:35
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    It should still be considered a bug. This behavior also happens with Chromium browsers. – Security Hound Jun 6 at 12:07
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    I feed SO a cookie everyday. It's annoying, but SO always asks so politely... – Ann Zen Jun 6 at 12:15
  • I had that at least once at chrome today. I am afraid there were some space cookies strayed in :-P – πάντα ῥεῖ Jun 6 at 18:16
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    It could be that the browser is having problems. Have you tried using a different browser, e.g. Firefox? – Andrew Morton Jun 6 at 19:26
  • @AndrewMorton no I didn't, but considering the comments above it also happens on Chromium browsers too. – Can Poyrazoğlu Jun 6 at 20:02
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    So besides giving you insuline resistance with the inevitable results that follow from that (diabetes and making you fat), eating too many cookies also gives you amnesia? Why are tasty things always so bad for you. – Gimby Jun 7 at 9:22
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    Great title!َََََََََ – Peter Mortensen Jun 7 at 12:13
  • I rejected all (possible) cookies and I don't have the popup anymore. But I do get automatically logged off time after time – Vega Jun 7 at 15:22
  • @Gimby the problem is that they are eating too much, not that they are eating at all. – Braiam Jun 7 at 18:00
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    Wish I could vote this up more. Could anything be more embarrassing than the purveyors of technical knowledge being unable to get cookies working properly? – z5h Jun 7 at 20:55
  • FWIW, I don’t have this problem in Chrome on either Windows or macOS but I do still occasionally get the cookie pop up using Chrome on iOS. I suspect that there’s some setting I can adjust in the regular browser that doesn’t exist in the mobile version. – BSMP Jun 7 at 21:01
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    I use Safari. I don't seem to have a similar problem on other websites. – z5h Jun 7 at 21:15
  • Why not store the choice in user preferences rather than another cookie? – DaveL17 Jun 7 at 22:11
  • @DaveL17 it could only be set if your user preferences if you are actually logged in. That privacy nonsense must work regardless of your login status. – Gimby Jun 8 at 14:02

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