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Questions tagged [osx]

For issues with how Stack Overflow looks or works that are specific to Apple Inc.'s macOS (once Mac OS X and then OS X) desktop operating system.

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2 answers

Where is the best place to ask a question about how to set software on a new (Mac) computer?

My present home computer is a bit of a disorganized mess with a semblance of organization. More than anything, this reflects the fact that I learned to code over the time that I owned this computer, ...
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103 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow won't work on Chrome 77 for Mac because of text substitution support

Chrome is adding support for the highly requested Mac text substitution feature where in the OS automatically converts smart quotes in input and textarea fields like: printf("hello world\n"); into: ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Scroll bar overlaps the flag prompt

Steps to reproduce: Goto a question which has code blocks (which is rare nowadays) and is long enough for a scroll bar Open the flag prompt and drag that prompt to the scrollbar, the code block has ...
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32 votes
1 answer

The scroll bar on the code snippet makes the code unreadable [duplicate]

If there is just a single line of code then hovering over it brings the horizontal scroll bar up which makes the code snippet hard to read. The following is an example of as such
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2 votes
1 answer

Switching between SO and AD freezes my Web Browser [closed]

During last 2 weeks I noticed when I switch between Stack Overflow and Ask Different, it freezes my web browser. Only Chrome's restart returns it back to life. I'm running Chrome Version 59.0.3071 (...
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6 votes
0 answers

Horizontal scroll overlaps code block in Chrome [duplicate]

This answer has a single row code block that is completely obscured by a horizontal scroll bar. EDIT: After signing in (and reloading the page), this returned to its normal (correct?) behaviour. It ...
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44 votes
3 answers

One-line codeblock scrollbars won't disappear

This appears to be an issue exclusively on Chrome for Mac OS X, but for code blocks that contain a single line of code larger than the viewport, when I try to scroll them and the large scrollbar ...
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-2 votes
1 answer

The new "Drag and Drop Image" is flaky: often unable to upload image from local machine [closed]

Upon trying to use the new "Drag and Drop or click here", a Finder window is opened and I select a screenshot. However about half of the time the following occurs after attempting to upload the ...
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