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For questions requesting or suggesting one or more new badges.

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1 answer

Request for a Meta version of the informed badge

About 26% of all questions on Meta SO are closed. I'm not sure how to find the exact number of closed questions as duplicates, but looking at the new questions, it's quite a large amount. Most of the ...
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2 answers

Value of a "moderator eligible" badge

Recent election announcement reports moderator criteria for Stack Overflow includes: For the Stack Overflow election, candidates must have all the following badges: Civic Duty, Strunk & White, ...
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-32 votes
1 answer

New Silver Badge Proposal: Mega Reviewer

Mega Reviewer badge criteria: Max out all 8 review queues in 1 day.
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-21 votes
3 answers

Can we have 1 more type of badge?

I think we can have 1 more type of badge. Something like this: 5 answers that are accepted continuously. (Bronze) 10 answers that are continuously accepted. (Silver) 15 answers that are continuously ...
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6 votes
0 answers

How can I create custom badges in Stack Overflow Enterprise? [closed]

Is there a way to create custom badges if you're running Stack Overflow Enterprise? If you want to have a bronze badge when someone has done 10 upvotes, for example.
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An idea how to find and reward good edits

Good edits are helpful, but there's a lot of trivial non-meaningful edits, so it's not that simple find and reward good ones properly. I'd like share an idea that may lead to a proper rewarding. Here ...
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-35 votes
1 answer

Bronze Badge Request: Confident

Could there be a badge for posting a post that was initially negatively scored, while within, say 24 hours of posting, its score rose to be positive, without editing the post (meaning there isn't ...
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736 votes
29 answers

It's time to reward the duplicate finders

Stack Overflow sees many questions asked repeatedly, despite the large quantity of existing content. This is not always due to lack of effort - familiarity with the relevant keywords to use in the ...
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-14 votes
1 answer

Badges for early watchers of popular tags

Would it make sense to create a new set of badges for rewarding early watchers of popular tags? I can think of a few reasons why this may be useful: Encourage people who create new tags to help ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Should we award a badge to someone sharing a link to a question leading to a nice answer from a new user?

Let's say that I've come across an unanswered question that could be answered by someone that I know but who is not a registered member of Stack Overflow. That person goes through the sign up process ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Can we add a link to how to ask on the tour, optionally with a badge for reading it

I just went through a review queue marathon and although the life of a rookie-reviewer is tough (and for good reasons) I very often find myself referring new users to how to ask. I see there is a ...
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-16 votes
1 answer

Unresolved featured questions (bounty): How about creating an extra tab and award for important unresolved problems?

Problem description Have you ever offered a bounty on a question for a difficult or important problem and still nobody answered after seven days? Maybe you even got lots of upvotes, but nobody had a ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

Should there be a version of the "Informed" badge for reading the code of conduct?

The new code of conduct is, in my opinion, skillfully worded and worth a read. So, it seems appropriate for there to be a badge awarding those who read it, much like the Informed badge.
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52 votes
1 answer

A badge should be created to warn users that they are spending too much time on SO

This is actually a sarcastic suggestion from my wife. I had described for her the fact that I had another 200+ day and that I was 110/150th of the way toward a "Legendary" badge. She wonders if there ...
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1 answer

Badge proposal: editing questions for new users

There's a thing that happened recently with someone leaving Stack Exchange. Jon Skeet even has a blog post about it. I was thinking about it, too. I want to suggest a badge (Don't have a good name ...
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-15 votes
1 answer

Proposal: new Necromancer-like gold badge

necromancer is awarded if you "answer a question more than 60 days later with score of 5 or more". It has been "awarded 433915 times". There's no corresponding gold badge for some ...
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-35 votes
2 answers

Add a badge for recovering from a post ban

Everyone knows that getting out of a question ban or answer ban is hard. We should reward those brave souls who do so with a badge for their accomplishment. Ideas for naming the badge: "rehab", "...
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-30 votes
2 answers

Proposing new silver answer badge: Excellent answer

Answer score of 25 or more Answer is accepted Answer has a single revision. In other words, you answered accurately, no edits were required, OP accepted it => Excellent answer. Elaborating based on ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

Badge for closing own question as duplicate

I believe that having a question closed as duplicate is not a bad thing. When hinted, one could be happy to mark and close their own question as duplicate: it means that they just found a solution. ...
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-24 votes
1 answer

Bronze badge proposal: Abandoned

Abandoned A bronze badge awarded to people who: ask a question, get a series of comments (asking for details or perhaps even comments that answer the question/hints towards the answer) question ...
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-13 votes
3 answers

Why is there no badge or acknowledgement for impact?

Recently, my impact crossed 100K, and I had been anticipating a badge or acknowledgement (don't pin me down for anticipating), but I didn't get anything. Now, when you hover over impact, it says, ...
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-27 votes
1 answer

Badge for discarding question before posting

I was asking a question and while typing it thought of something new to try. I tried it, it worked, so I discarded the question. The question was not long, but it was of decent length. I was ...
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-13 votes
1 answer

Add badges for handling topic requests [closed]

There's one thing that stands out about Documentation: there's just so many topic requests that haven't been handled! ios has nearly 100, android has over 150, java has 26, etc. What can we do about ...
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Stats for documentation proposed changes [duplicate]

Great - a new review queue for documentation's proposed changes was turned on last night. So, we can reduce input box noise now. I know it's BETA and this question isn't for a problem but a feature ...'s user avatar
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-58 votes
2 answers

Can you introduce a Jon Skeet badge?

I was answering a question on Stack Overflow and saw that Jon Skeet was also active and commenting on the original question. I eventually answered the question correctly. So can I have a badge ...
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348 votes
6 answers

Needs More Sportsmanship

We encourage upvoting competing answers to questions with a badge: Sportsmanship. It's been awarded a fairly pedestrian 2090 times, as of this question. But once you upvote 100 competing answers, you ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should there be a "famous answer" badge?

There are no badges analogous to the popular/notable/famous question badges, which are awarded for page views. However, it seems quite possible that one of the answers was what drew the visitor to the ...
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34 votes
5 answers

A badge for answers that beats an old accepted answer

I think that a good idea for a new badge would be what I will call overrun. It would be awarded when: an answer is accepted on a question, then someone else (I'll call him person1) comes along and ...
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-31 votes
2 answers

Suggestion for a bronze badge: the perfectionist

If an user edits an answer or question several times in a short period just after have posted the Q or A.
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-8 votes
2 answers

Badge Propsal: Vacation

A while ago I discovered the Fanatic badge. After a couple of shaky starts of hitting 20-30 consecutive days, I really hit the groove and it became routine. The badge was mine. By that time, Stack ...
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-4 votes
1 answer

Add a badge for edits that change tags

I don't believe there is a badge for changing tags when editing a post. I would like to propose such a badge. Fixing the tags assigned to a question makes it more visible to experts in those areas, ...
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25 votes
3 answers

"Question Badge" suggestion: Philanthropist

So I've decided to start a personal SO version of "The Giving Pledge", i.e. 90% of my rep is going back to the contributors , 2-3K rep is enough for me. Now obviously I'll contribute to the subset of ...
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40 votes
0 answers

Award tag badges multiple times?

One of my favorite badges on this site are the tag badges - getting a gold tag badge is a pretty meaningful accomplishment! 200+ answers with a score of 1000+ indicates a lot of contributions that are ...
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20 votes
0 answers

New badge for the amount of visitors reached?

With the new added statistic, the amount of people reached, isn't it time for a new badge for this statistic? For example, (bronze) 1k people reached (silver) 100k people reached (gold) 5m people ...
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37 votes
1 answer

Duplicate duplicate badge question question

I just came across this old, highly upvoted question on meta: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions. In the interest of bumping that thread - almost 5 years to the day later - what do ...
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-26 votes
1 answer

Badge Addition: New Reputation high score in a day

I would like to suggest a new badge. I think there should be a badge (silver or bronze) that is earned every time a user reaches a their new high score of reputation gain in a single day. Maybe it ...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Gold badge for 1000 accepted answers

I recommend a gold badge for 1000 accepted answers posted by a single user. By this way, users would try to improve their answers by adding more explanations in-order to get his/her answers accepted.
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-14 votes
1 answer

Badge proposal: Semi-fanatic [duplicate]

I'd like to discuss proposal for having a badge, similar to Fanatic, awarded for people, who have visited particular SE site for five consecutive days (workdays, workweek) in 30 or 40 consecutive ...
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1 answer

Report a bug badge?

I found a bug/broken link. Does SOF have a badge for reporting bugs? The link below:
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1 answer

Weekday warrior badge

SO already has the Enthusiast (30 consecutive days) and Fanatic (100 consecutive days) badges, but I was thinking maybe there should be a Weekday Warrior badge that you get if you visit the site M-F ...
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2 answers

Introducing the Banana Split Badge (formerly Profundity Badge, Controversy Badge originally Banana Split)

Looking at the following question C# is irritating? English too? NO! I noticed the votes had a breakdown of +33/-33 at one point! How cool is that? I think there should be a badge for that! Let'...
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  • 4,177