Would it make sense to create a new set of badges for rewarding early watchers of popular tags?

I can think of a few reasons why this may be useful:

  1. Encourage people who create new tags to help manage them and build momentum.

  2. Encourage people to find tags synonyms.

Scout Bronze
Is one of the first twenty people to watch a tag later watched by 100+ people

Explorer Silver
Is one of the first twenty people to watch a tag later watched by 500+ people

Pioneer Gold
Is one of the first twenty people to watch a tag later watcher by 1000+ people

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    I see it encouraging more silly tags, just for a badge. – Patrice Feb 11 at 23:29

Why should users be actively excluded from earning badges if their habits around browsing Stack Overflow don't involve them actually watching any tags at all?

Badges are supposed to be fairly inclusive, instructive and pose no real barrier to participation, even if some are harder than others (looking at you, Unsung Hero). By being the first twenty of a specific badge, you now get something which is fundamentally impossible to earn for any established tags, and would require new languages or technologies to come up and for you to be interested in participating in them.

All for a badge.

No thanks.

  • I see what you mean; I didn't look at it from that perspective. – customcommander Feb 11 at 23:39
  • Even though you're making a valid point, I don't think we can say that this is actively excluding people from earning badges. I mean a similar point could be made for "Synonymizer" then; arguably there is a finite amount of synonyms you can make for a given tag. As you said people have different habits which will inevitably lead them away from earning certain badges. Someone who never ask questions is unlikely to earn any question-related badges. If one doesn't want to watch tags, why do you think they would feel excluded from earning these "early watchers" badges? – customcommander Feb 12 at 0:05

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