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It's time to reward the duplicate finders

Stack Overflow sees many questions asked repeatedly, despite the large quantity of existing content. This is not always due to lack of effort - familiarity with the relevant keywords to use in the ...
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Needs More Sportsmanship

We encourage upvoting competing answers to questions with a badge: Sportsmanship. It's been awarded a fairly pedestrian 2090 times, as of this question. But once you upvote 100 competing answers, you ...
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Weekday warrior badge

SO already has the Enthusiast (30 consecutive days) and Fanatic (100 consecutive days) badges, but I was thinking maybe there should be a Weekday Warrior badge that you get if you visit the site M-F ...
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Award tag badges multiple times?

One of my favorite badges on this site are the tag badges - getting a gold tag badge is a pretty meaningful accomplishment! 200+ answers with a score of 1000+ indicates a lot of contributions that are ...
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Badge proposal: editing questions for new users

There's a thing that happened recently with someone leaving Stack Exchange. Jon Skeet even has a blog post about it. I was thinking about it, too. I want to suggest a badge (Don't have a good name ...
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25 votes
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"Question Badge" suggestion: Philanthropist

So I've decided to start a personal SO version of "The Giving Pledge", i.e. 90% of my rep is going back to the contributors , 2-3K rep is enough for me. Now obviously I'll contribute to the subset of ...
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Should there be a version of the "Informed" badge for reading the code of conduct?

The new code of conduct is, in my opinion, skillfully worded and worth a read. So, it seems appropriate for there to be a badge awarding those who read it, much like the Informed badge.
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Badge Propsal: Vacation

A while ago I discovered the Fanatic badge. After a couple of shaky starts of hitting 20-30 consecutive days, I really hit the groove and it became routine. The badge was mine. By that time, Stack ...
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Gold badge for 1000 accepted answers

I recommend a gold badge for 1000 accepted answers posted by a single user. By this way, users would try to improve their answers by adding more explanations in-order to get his/her answers accepted.
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Duplicate duplicate badge question question

I just came across this old, highly upvoted question on meta: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions. In the interest of bumping that thread - almost 5 years to the day later - what do ...
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Can we add a link to how to ask on the tour, optionally with a badge for reading it

I just went through a review queue marathon and although the life of a rookie-reviewer is tough (and for good reasons) I very often find myself referring new users to how to ask. I see there is a ...
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Introducing the Banana Split Badge (formerly Profundity Badge, Controversy Badge originally Banana Split)

Looking at the following question C# is irritating? English too? NO! I noticed the votes had a breakdown of +33/-33 at one point! How cool is that? I think there should be a badge for that! Let'...
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Bronze Badge Request: Confident

Could there be a badge for posting a post that was initially negatively scored, while within, say 24 hours of posting, its score rose to be positive, without editing the post (meaning there isn't ...
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