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I'm trying to post a question about HTML and it keeps saying my first sentence isn't allowed. I've tried a number of different combinations of things, but with no success. I have tried again after ...
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Body can not contain "packag", we don't like spam [duplicate]

I just tried to retag a question and got the following error-message: First of all, I was wondering why I couldn't save a question which a 7-rep user successfully created. I literally changed nothing ...
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Bug when answering a question on Stack Overflow ("" detected as spam) [duplicate]

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Why there is this strange tip, I tried to delete something. but this just is a xml data. My post is bellow: From wikipedia RSS introduce: RSS is XML-formatted plain text. The RSS format itself ...
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Why is "In short" and "TL;DR" not allow in body anymore? [duplicate]

Why is "In short" and "TL;DR" not allow in body anymore? I have been using "In short" and "TL;DR" to give some answers to the questions on Stack Overflow. And then an "In Long" to give more detailed ...
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Body content filter rejects posts with Chinese characters, but with a wrong error message [duplicate]

After migrating a question to Stack Overflow (Using a covering index to select records for a certain day), I attempted to make some edits, but found I could not save the text. Specifically, the error ...
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Spam identifying issue during edits [duplicate]

So I was trying to edit the post found here and when I submitted my edit, StackOverflow showed some unexpected behavior that I have not encountered before while editing. It flagged my edit as ...
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In attempting to review this edit, I tried to do an Improve edit and include the images. In so doing, the edit was refused because it Looked like Spam. What was I doing wrong?
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Potential bug in body validation pop-up [duplicate]

Just now I tried to edit this question to remove the urgent begging, so I took out this line: Urgently waiting for a solution, thanks in advance. When I did so, even prior to submitting the edit, ...
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Title that contains Japanese character doesn't show proper warning

Mistakenly I was about to post a question in Japanese to instead of That was prevented by the warning of title that contains not proper string. Title cannot ...
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Should answers or comments be edited to not use the words "above" or "below"?

I have come across a number of answers that relate to existing answers or comments, using directional words like above or below. If a user comes to a question with existing answers, the "Your Answer" ...
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Spam blocker prevents update of an answer from 2009

I was trying to update an answer to a question about processing Japanese content from May 2009. The updates include formatting changes, some grammar and punctuation changes, replacing a link that no ...
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