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For questions about the list of words and phrases which are blocked from appearing in posts.

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Comments beginning with "+1" or "-1" that are longer than 120 characters are supposed to be allowed, but some do not appear to be

Today, this question was posted on the global meta pointing out a comment that was blocked for beginning with the text "-1" even though the comment was not referring to the user's vote. To ...
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Refuse questions containing the words "don't work" or "doesn't work"?

It occurs to me, after years of prompting individual questioners to explain what "doesn't work" is supposed to mean when they complain that something is wrong, that our question submission ...
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7 answers

Should the string 'noob' be added to the blacklist for question titles?

Problem There appear to be quite some not descriptive question titles that boil down to [program language]-noob here..., noob-question why does y do y? (See for yourself.) The actual questions might ...
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Make the short link ban less aggressive when linking to documentation

Related to: How to deal with too aggressive short link ban when linking to documentation? Linking to documentation about the is blocked because the links are detected as if they were ...
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How to deal with too aggressive short link ban when linking to documentation?

I tried to edit a question which used a roundabout way to refer to documentation it was working with. I formatted them as proper links however, I quickly found out why the user chose a roundabout way ...
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Cannot edit C preprocessor question due to blocked keyword "error" in title [duplicate]

I just tried to edit this question, to remove some redundancy and fix grammar: #error directive in C? Unfortunately, I cannot submit my edit, because the title contains the word "error" (...
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Make "+1" and "-1" comment blocks a warning instead

Today I was trying to comment on a post about negative indexing and I ran into this: I thought this was pretty ridiculous. If I suddenly felt a desire to explain to a user that their post was ...
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114 votes
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Please blacklist

Same reasoning as Trigger MCVE error on the content of is always temporary, and as such has a negative value for Stack Overflow. Current usage: 80 posts
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36 votes
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Title cannot contain "How to build XXX in VS Code?"

Since introduction of some regex limiting the titles, I can't ask the question about Visual Studio Code in the title. Title cannot contain "How to build X in VS Code?". I was struggling to ...
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URL shortner checker should not check code formatted snippets

Today while trying to salvage a question; I was prevented from doing so as the URL checker blocked the URL. The checker should ignore code snippets.
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Can we ban bad use of code formatting?

I've seen many posts where code formatting is used to highlight keywords (example), which is not really allowed. A lot of these edits are made by low reputation users and get approved by high ...
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52 votes
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Body can not contain "packag", we don't like spam [duplicate]

I just tried to retag a question and got the following error-message: First of all, I was wondering why I couldn't save a question which a 7-rep user successfully created. I literally changed nothing ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Not allowed to post because ' Body cannot contain "text" ' [duplicate]

I'm trying to post a question about HTML and it keeps saying my first sentence isn't allowed. I've tried a number of different combinations of things, but with no success. I have tried again after ...
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9 votes
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Unparsed HTML in comment warning dialog, works fine in post body warning

Blacklisted dialog for post body: Blacklisted dialog for comments: As we can see, the HTML formatting is instead being escaped. Shog9 said I should post this as a bug report, stating. they ...
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57 votes
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Ban links to

So recently, I have seen images linked from (an image hosting site) used in questions. Often times, the OP doesn't post their code in the question, but just links it to the website. ...
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291 votes
15 answers

Blacklist the use of common link shorteners in posts

Moderators on Stack Overflow are currently discussing the addition of common link shorteners (,, tinyurl) to the site's blacklist. Before we do so, we'd like to see if the community ...
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Blacklisted URLs still work in tag wikis

Even though links to were blacklisted in may it was still possible for someone to add such an link for the "Head First Java" book to the Java tag wiki. If you look at the revisions of ...
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Does the blacklist not apply to question titles?

I just edited a question to remove a reference to from the title. The question already used in the body. I would guess that the asker originally used in both places, was ...
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