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Why are so many useless questions ranked highly, and vice versa?

I find that more and more new questions consist of useless ponderings of obscure details of languages. Maybe I am not seeing the questions that involve actual issues. That could be because the ...
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Request for option to filter which networks appear on Hot Network Questions

I think most people would agree that the Hot Network Questions feature is a very nice one. We can see interesting questions we might have input on, or, more commonly, be exposed to interesting ...
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Can we have an ADHD Stack Overflow version? [closed]

First off, hide the hot network questions. I should be learning how to fix a JavaScript error, not why Darth Vader didn't talk with R2-D2 for a long time. It turns out he actually didn't have the ...
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What happened to the Hot Meta Posts?

I just notice that the side bar that has the Featured on Meta and the Hot Meta Posts now only has Featured on Meta section. What happened to the Hot Meta Posts? EDIT: The Hot Meta Post is back but ...
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Why so many up votes on this question and its answers? [duplicate]

I just happened to stumble across this question. At first I didn't see anything unusual, but then I noticed that there were an awful lot of duplicate answers. Not just "similar" answers, ...
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Hot network questions not expanding after changing tag filter

When I try and click on "more hot questions" once I've chosen a tag, it doesn't work. It just puts a # at the end of the URL and refreshes the page and my tags. Even without setting tags, it still won'...
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How is hotness calculated on the Hot Network Questions page?

Hovering over a link on the Hot Network Questions page gives a tool tip of the form: This question has been arbitrarily awarded X hotness points I presume the points calculation is not actually ...
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How come a Question this poor is having 8 upvotes? Also, why is it still open? [duplicate]

The question is how to capitalize the first letter of each word using loops in java? It's a Hot Network Question with 518 views and a score of +9/-1. Not a single close vote has been cast. The ...
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Film spoilers are showing up as Hot Network Questions

I've just seen two questions relating to the latest Star Wars film on the Hot Network Questions sidebar on Stack Overflow. I haven't seen the new film yet and I wasn't expecting plot spoilers to ...
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Allow to hide a hot network question

NOTE: This questions is a duplicate of Hide Hot Questions?, not of the question currently marked as a duplicated... Sometimes I click on the hot network questions finding them very interesting. I ...
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How did this question get so many views? [duplicate]

Okay, I admit it. I am at least partly motivated here by a basic annoyance that a question that is so obviously a duplicate has been jumped on by so many users and (IMHO inappropriately) upvoted, ...
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Weird Google result description

The thread in question: Matlab: Scatter plots with large datasets & colorbar Screenshot: Google query was "matlab plot penis".
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Is there a reason almost every "Hot Question" on Stack Overflow is about C++?

Since I've started using the Hot Questions, I've noticed a good 80% of all questions on Stack Overflow that appear there are to do with C++. Is there something about C++ questions that naturally ...
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Option to hide certain Stack Exchange networks in Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Is there a way to completely hide the existence of certain network sites, so that questions from those sites don't appear in my "hot network questions" list, for example? There's a few stacks which I ...
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What happened to Hot Meta Posts again? [closed]

For at least three days now, there are no Hot Meta Posts in the bulletin. It currently has 3 links only (two blog posts and a "Featured on Meta" post): Similar posts that don't answer this ...
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Hot network questions have broken icons

Right now on the main site in hot network questions I can see broken icons like these: I'm using Safari Version 11.1.2 (13605.3.8) on macOS 10.13.6. I can see the same issue on gaming.stackexchange....
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Hot questions are not that hot currently

I just added the Hot This Month tab to my browser and the questions in there seem not that hot. The list is the same for Hot Today and Hot This Week. That must be a bug, right?
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How to prevent close-able questions from being listed under "Hot Network Questions"

Not infrequently, SO questions that get listed in the "Hot Network Questions" sidebar are close-able or even already in the process of being voted to be closed. For instance, earlier today there was ...
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Is the quality of 'Hot Network Questions' a concern to others?

I've noticed a trend across multiple SE sites where the 'hot questions' that appear in the right column tend to be rather poor questions for the SE site they were posted on. They are often purely ...
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IPS Back on Hot Network Questions

A while back I remember IPS (Interpersonal Skills) being removed from Hot Network questions. To my surprise, just now I saw an IPS post on Hot Network Questions Is IPS back on the list?
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Hot network question filter?

Is there any chance that the powers that be could give us the option to select which networks we would like to see 'Hot Questions' from on the right-hand side of the page? I'm aware of the Hot ...
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How to find hot questions for particular tag

There is an tab on Stack Overflow called HOT with title displayed "Hottest Questions Today". where we can find today's hot filtered questions of SO. My question is what to do if I want to find hot ...
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What classifies a question as a "hot network question"?

I've seen a few "Hot Network Questions" recently that seem... not so hot. For example, this question has one answer, one question, and four votes altogether. Is this accurate? Perhaps someone could ...
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Google indexes "Hot Network Questions"?

This Google search: is giving me hits based on content from "Hot network questions" (not very ...
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How did this question end up at the top of the hot list

This was the second result in the hot questions tab When would you ever want a GetHashCode() to collide? Hotness formula: (MIN(AnswerCount, 10) * ...
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No more Hot Questions? [duplicate]

Till about 20 minutes back I used to get a "Hot on Meta" on the right side. This has reduced to only "Featured questions". Where can I find the Hot questions? Or is it deliberately removed? EDIT: ...
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What are the requirements of a question for it to end up on the hot meta posts section? [duplicate]

How are they chosen? Are there any specific requirements? Are any questions missed off?
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