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For questions relating to the Google search engine and Google's authentication protocol. For questions about Chrome, apply tag [google-chrome].

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2 answers

Being logged in with a Google account automatically creates Stack account

This has started recently happening on my work Mac with Google Chrome. I am logged in my work Google account. When I browse Stackoverflow it automatically creates an account, no confirmation or ...
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2 answers

Stack Overflow's favicon is missing in Google Search results, but it shows for other SE sites

For the past few days, I have noticed Google Search results no longer show's favicon/shortcut-icon in search results, but other SE sites (including Meta) are shown with them. This ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to associate my Stack Overflow account with more than one Google Login?

The company where I work does monitor everything we do by intercepting all HTTPS using proxy. I do not trust them and moreover I suspect them to monitor all of our activities. So I prefer to not use ...
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2 answers

Why does Google pick an answer with one of the lowest scores to show as its "snippet" when a search is run?

I searched Google for and was shown this "snippet" at the top: I quickly realized this was one of the lowest-scoring answers on that SO question. The accepted answer has 14 upvotes and no ...
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Google indexes "Hot Network Questions"?

This Google search: is giving me hits based on content from "Hot network questions" (not very ...
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42 votes
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ChatGPT banner is polluting search results

The text of the banner is the first thing shown in some of Google's search result previews. It's easy to make this show up by explicitly including chatgpt in your search query - e.g. searching for ...
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Cannot add email login if already have Google login

I currently use Google to login to SO. I would like to add an email login in 2022. Other questions on meta and other metas discuss older versions of SO and the switch from OpenID which was many years ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Is Google login with Firefox broken?

Is login with Firefox broken? I am logged in my Google account in Firefox (version 102.0 64 bit) and if I try to log into Stack Overflow using the Google Sign-in button I go in a page that says: ...
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How can I get Bing to prefer Stack Overflow over garbage sites? [closed]

In the past year or so, the number of garbage coding sites working their way up the search results from Google and Bing has really ballooned. I often have to scroll down two or three pages past "...
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4 votes
0 answers

Google login option isn't working on iOS Safari 12.5

I'm trying to login with Safari on Stack Overflow from my old iPhone 6 with iOS 12.5.5. But when I tap on "Login with Google" nothing is happening and the login does not work. Why?
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1 answer

Why do Stack Overflow questions appear weird on Google?

I am seeing this weird number thing in Google search results when they show links to Stack Overflow. Why do the results include a list of other questions that only have a number (or in one case the ...
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36 votes
2 answers

Why do MATLAB questions on Stack Overflow not tend to appear in the top of Google search results?

So, I recently started learning MATLAB for a course I'm taking and had the odd experience of having other Q&A sites (including MATLAB's discussion forum) routinely outrank Stack Overflow results (...
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3 votes
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Why do I see a number in the title while googling this question? [duplicate]

I googled "is Dijkstra's algorithm for undirected graphs" and the first result I got was on Stack Overflow, but the title has the number "19" in it: But the actual title is "...
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216 votes
4 answers
5k views uses Stack Overflow content to get traffic and how to block it in search engines

The site keeps showing on my search list every time I'm searching for programming or data science-related questions. It's rated higher than Stack Overflow even though the content is just a ...
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1 answer

When coming from Google, Stack Overflow opens itself in a new tab and closes the old one with Google history [closed]

I just realized that there is a possible bug with how you are treating incoming requests from Google redirects. If you open a Stack Overflow link from Google, it seems like you are opening a new tab ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

When does Google index your Stack Overflow profile?

I think that by default, a new profile starts out with a <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> tag, because I can’t find my unique name when I search on Google. Is there ...'s user avatar
16 votes
1 answer

Strange highlighting for a few seconds

On this Stack Overflow topic, I've seen this strange behaviour: It happened right when I started my browser, and it was the first page I loaded. Additionally, the page becomes unresponsive for about ...
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Weirdity with Google search result time stamp

Even though this is likely nothing to do with Stack Overflow and completely unimportant, I just noticed something weird. This question was asked 10 minutes ago Request.Files Comes Empty on Occasion ...
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Why did Google Search Trends for Stack Overflow spike in April 2019?

According to Google Search Trends, there was a significant spike in searches for Stack Overflow during the first week of April 2019. On a larger scale, April 2019 marks the highest search interest ...
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Why is Google showing the same Stack Overflow Q&A post twice with different dates? [duplicate]

When searching for "visual studio warning notimplementedexception" I see the same Q&A listed twice in Google, with the same green text for the URI - but with different dates, different page titles ...
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1 answer

What is this yellow highlight? [duplicate]

I've just noticed it today for the first time. Looks like if I come from google by searching for a specific text, that text gets highlighted (but also other related blocks).. Update: Looks like it's ...
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69 votes
2 answers

Searching for 'stackoverflow' in Google shows cookies policy instead of meta description

When I search for 'stackoverflow' in Google, it displays Stack Overflow's cookies policy instead of the meta description. Like: Is it a bug? Just to clarify I am from the EU, so I need to accept ...
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Cannot login to Stack Overflow ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED

From work, I could login. A few days ago I was disconnected. Now I try to login via Google, from work, and I am redirected on a: This site can't be reached. The webpage at
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Stuck at login - create account

So I hit the Log-In button. Then choose "Google" as the authentication provider. I had an email pre-set. Unfortunately I did not realize it was the wrong one. So I get an offer to set up my new ...
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Google "Featured Snippet" on Git Question shows a Downvoted/Deleted Answer [duplicate]

So, I came across a rather odd thing this morning. Curious to know exactly what is the difference between a branch and a tag in Git, I plugged into my trusty Google search. And, lo and behold, the ...
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Why is Google showing a wrong preview for this search?

I searched Google for elb add hsts headers, and the first result is a SO question titled "How to implement HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on AWS Elastic Load Balancer?", but the Google result ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Enhancement Suggestion : Single SignOn using Google should support to choose from multiple accounts

When I click SignIn > Google > It is directly selecting my primary account instead of showing an option to choose from my many accounts. It is critical issue since I am having multiple accounts under ...
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Shortlinks are not marked up to point to the canonical page? [duplicate]

Using Google Search on "systemd timer unit runs if expired during suspend?" returns two top results. https://...
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How can I login on Stack Overflow with only e-mail? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange is becoming an increasingly more important part of my work. I recently realized that it is tied to my Google account. At present, I can only log in using Google: I am not very ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Google search results now listing all SO questions under one result? [duplicate]

I've been away for a couple of days, just come back needed a quick answer to a problem, ran a Google search and I expected a SO result, which I did, kinda: Oh a page that would of been full of SO ...
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30 votes
3 answers

Google special SERP entry for Stack Overflow

Wow, have you seen the new search engine result page entry for Stack Overflow hits in Google: And when there are multiple answers: I am not sure if this has been rolled-out globally or if this is ...
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124 votes
1 answer

Google strikes again! Now mixing Google+ and Stack Overflow

It seems to me that Google likes mixing up logos. Two years ago mixing GitHub and Stack Overflow logos and now mixing Google Developers Google+ and Stack Overflow logos. Go visit Google Developers ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Search result title truncated before square brackets

When I was searching on Google I saw this question with weird title: and this is the actual page How should we retrieve an individual post now that /[post-id] is deprecated in v2.4? Seems like the ...
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Remove full name from Google search?

I have a Stack Overflow account with a chosen nickname for myself. When my account shows in a Google search, my name and surname are displayed. When I open the link, everything is alright and my ...
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Duplicated search engine results [duplicate]

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to report this but I've been noticing that Google gives me the exact same page twice in some search results... This has happen more than once and now I've ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Ad for Stack Overflow jobs within Google summary [duplicate]

When googling about a programming-related topic, Google gave me a summary quoting a snippet from Stack Overflow. However, the image on the right hand side isn't very helpful - it's about Stack ...
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1 answer

Log in to Stack Overflow with a login name not Google ID

I have long had a Stack Overflow account using an email (from work) + password login. Inadvertently, from home I recently created a login against my personal Google/Gmail ID, from within Firefox ...
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1 answer

Decay Old Questions for Google Searches

The vast majority of common programming questions and answers are now captured on Stack Overflow. This has resulted in Google pushing Stack Overflow results to the top unless you start using advanced ...
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Detecting user previously signed up with Google?

When a user has signed up with Google, by clicking the big red button on for example, that user might associate their email address "[email protected]" with ...
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13 votes
1 answer

'This email address is already registered' error when updating my account

I have already logged into Stack Overflow through my Google account. I am trying to update my account. I am getting this error: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: This email address ...
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1 answer

Cannot login into Stack Exchange with Google account

When I'm logging in with my Google account, the website shows me a "Confirm and Create" new account button, but I want to log in as an existing user. (It works on the Android app.) What am I doing ...
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57 votes
3 answers

Google search result actually spells out the input controls of Stack Overflow. Is this Google's fault or bug in Stack Overflow?

See the image. I randomly searched for "what is service layer in MVC" on Google. Google returned a Stack Overflow answer whose first 4-5 words actually "spells" the vote arrow, the actual votes, ...
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1 answer

Why does Google not show the most popular answer as the default? [closed]

I google mac disable shortcuts. Then Google shows me the answer form Stack Overflow in a special frame. I go by link, and see that actually the other answer is most voted. Is that because of ...
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2 answers

Can a comment be considered spam?

Can a comment be considered spam? If so, what makes a comments spam? I'm not serious, but technically speaking, shouldn't comments such as "Google it first" be seen as comment spam? :)
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0 answers

Description for Stack Overflow Teams page on Google [closed]

When searching "Stack Overflow teams" on Google, here is the result: Conveniently, the description points to my own team. (Yay, we're popular!) It's been like this for a while, and although I don't ...
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1 answer

Stop very low quality answers from appearing at Google results

Today I was googling what does http error 1009 means and I noticed that the first result is coming from Stackoverflow and is displaying a very low quality answer; that is also wrong. Jul 14, 2011 - ...
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Question appearing twice in Google search results

I was doing a Google search and found this question twice in a row in the Google search. Although, the to links are a little different. They are: Inserting a new text at given cursor position ...
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Stack Overflow login vs user accounts

I created my Stack Overflow account a while back using a login from my work email (stupid, I know). Now that I'm at another job, I went to change things around. I updated my email setting to be my ...
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7 answers

Why is Stack Overflow not removing closed questions from the Google index?

People frequently rant about how Stack Overflow's draconian rules stink, too many questions get closed, etc. Regardless of where one stands on that argument, those people often complain that they ...
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2 answers

Site policy regarding duplicates where first Google result is the duplicate [duplicate]

Over the past few months I've seen several questions where the first result on Google is the duplicate. Such questions often have critical comments along with the link to the original. However, Google ...
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