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Questions tagged [url-shortener]

For questions about the use of URL shorteners on Stack Overflow, which is (except for a few cases) disabled.

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3 answers

Additional shorter URL for questions and answers

In the same way a YouTube video of URL has a permanent shorter URL (for easier sharing), is there a similar thing for posts? Example ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Broken HTML and unhelpful guidance in URL shortener warning for mod flags

I was trying to flag a post, and the reason for flagging needed a lot of explanation, and some links to demonstrate why I think my flag is valid. As I'd exceed the length limit otherwise, I opted to ...
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21 votes
1 answer

How to deal with too aggressive short link ban when linking to documentation?

I tried to edit a question which used a roundabout way to refer to documentation it was working with. I formatted them as proper links however, I quickly found out why the user chose a roundabout way ...
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0 answers

How to use a shortened link [duplicate]

I am trying to edit this answer, but after edited, while posting my edit, I am getting: Body cannot contain "" And yeah! I know that should be replaced by the exact ...
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-6 votes
1 answer

Allow to use URL shorteners within error messages

In this question I have a runtime error, but the error message contains a shortened URL. While trying to ask a question, I was forced to replace that shortened URL by the real URL, despite writing the ...
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15 votes
0 answers

How do I post a comment with a really long URL, which will never fit without a URL shortener?

For example, I am not able to use a URL shortener because it is not allowed, and because of that I am not able to post a comment with this URL:
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24 votes
0 answers

Comment / URL shortener message shows tags

I tried to add a link shortened with bitly to my comment, and received the following error message. What I noticed about it is that it has HTML tags visible (<br>, <b>, etc.) I'm ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

URL shortner checker should not check code formatted snippets

Today while trying to salvage a question; I was prevented from doing so as the URL checker blocked the URL. The checker should ignore code snippets.
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-14 votes
1 answer

Using URL shorteners in questions [duplicate]

I'm struggling to see in the help pages if these are allowed on this site or not. I often find myself needing help when building websites for clients, and 99% of the time it's a WordPress site. I of ...
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32 votes
1 answer

I cannot post a relevant URL because it is too long, but I cannot post a shortened URL either

As suggested, I tried <br><b>replacing</b> the short URL with the URL it redirects to!<br>. Sadly the short URL redirects to:!%5Bfeature(raw)%5D%0A%...
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-15 votes
3 answers

URL shortening service for Stack Overflow

Inspired by this meta-discussion, I felt the need to discuss a solution. We could use a system whereby links that are arbitrarily too large would be automatically shortened using a service provided ...
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77 votes
7 answers

How are we supposed to post godbolt links now that URL shortening is blocked?

(near-duplicate of Common online compiler blacklisted. This Q was meant to be about posts, where length limits aren't a serious problem and posting full URLs is a valid answer. This has become the ...
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