Today while trying to salvage a question; I was prevented from doing so as the URL checker blocked the bit.ly URL.

The checker should ignore code snippets.

enter image description here

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    Ehh.. the URL isn't really important to the question here. If that endpoint is special, what's important is the payload, which should be included (or at least, the relevant parts) in the question anyway. – Rob Mar 19 '18 at 5:54

There's currently no support for limiting a blacklist entry to not-code.

Arguably a better way to implement this would be to restrict the blacklist to links instead of URLs anywhere, but... There's no facility for that either at present.

OTOH, questions generally shouldn't rely on external resources to demonstrate the problem being asked about. Either http://example.com/chiporders works just as well, or the test-case will almost certainly fail in the future.

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