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2 answers

Stop closing duplicate pages; instead withhold rep on signposts

The Pain Points: For askers who treat SO as a help desk, a dupe closure is a point of frustration because they want to receive answers specifically tailored to their question. For answerers who ...
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Should I create signpost (duplicate) questions on purpose? [duplicate]

I was just looking for an answer to a question and did not find it. Therefore, I was about to post my own question. But after a lot more digging, I finally found the answer on SO. Should I now post my ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Should I really not try to make artificial "signpost duplicates"?

Today I attempted this project: Why did I get a "SyntaxError: cannot assign to function call"? I am an SME, so of course I do not have such a problem myself. There are over a hundred ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Seeking Canonical: Non-returning PHP Recursion

I've scratched together a heap of open or suboptimally closed pages that are all resolved in the exact same way. I would like to close them with a single canonical page that will best help researchers....
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1 answer

Is it time to rethink the rules regarding duplicate/signpost questions?

After receiving such a warm reception from my Cooperative, democratic, topic-scoped curation proposal, I decided to continue my crusade to find all of the signposts and related pages for the task of &...
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21 votes
6 answers

Change the stigma regarding signposts

Plenty of Stack Overflow users have told me over the years that having great signposts is a sought outcome because it helps researchers (and search engines) to find the desired content. However, for ...
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