After receiving such a warm reception from my Cooperative, democratic, topic-scoped curation proposal, I decided to continue my crusade to find all of the signposts and related pages for the task of "transposing an array with PHP".

This isn't even a common question/topic -- most new programmers don't even know what "transposing" means. Even still, I was surprised by how much redundancy there was.

As I searched, I took it upon myself to up/downvote posts, edit, answer, vote to close/reopen, comment, and delete with the intent to improve the researcher experience. And yet, I am still concerned that researchers will get lost in the sea of redundancy. Maybe I'm wrong. So now I'd like to ask...

How many signposts does one narrow technique/topic need on Stack Overflow?

If the response to that question is "as many as possible", then this effectively says that posting duplicate questions is a good thing (regardless of the vote score of the question).

If posting duplicate questions is a good thing, then why do we question ban users for asking too many duplicate questions?

Why do we block new answers after a duplicate question is closed? If we do not want answers on duplicate questions, then why do we allow answerers to be rewarded with rep points? If answers must not be added after the closure, then why is it okay to add answers before the closure?

I find all this dissonance to be maddening. Is it time for a rethink of the rules? As things are now, I am considering hanging up my hammer and just answering every dupe -- because the system design incentivizes me to do so.

Folks asked me for context on my previous question, so below is my current list of transposition questions.

  1. 2009 Transposing multidimensional arrays in PHP -- 50K views
  2. 2009 Joining Arrays in PHP -- 150 views
  3. 2010 Is there better way to transpose a PHP 2D array? -- 5K views
  4. 2010 Combine 3 or more arrays (php) -- 4K views
  5. 2010 Can I convert individual fields of a 'mysql_query' to arrays? -- 500 views
  6. 2011 Combine arrays in PHP 300 views
  7. 2011 PHP: Take several arrays, and make new ones based on shared indexes? -- 100 views
  8. 2011 Insert Multiple rows using implode -- 3K views
  9. 2011 how convert the element structure of an array in php -- 100 views
  10. 2011 php reassign array contents -- 150 views
  11. 2012 PHP Grouping Array by Index -- 1K views
  12. 2012 displaying a mysql table vertically - for comparison or for print out purposes -- 4K views
  13. 2012 Elegant way to convert associative array into an indexed one -- 3K views
  14. 2012 PHP Grouping Array by Index -- 1K views
  15. 2012 Order in loops foreach -- 350 views
  16. 2012 PHP Array, Move Elements -- 100 views
  17. 2013 Refactor (transpose) array to unique keys -- 200 views
  18. 2013 How to merge 3 arrays into one big array (same keys) -- 200 views
  19. 2013 Smarty/PHP - How to match up keys between 3 different arrays? -- 750 views
  20. 2013 PHP rotate matrix counter-clockwise -- 3K views
  21. 2013 loop to populate html table vertically -- 9K views
  22. 2013 How to merge 3 arrays into one big array (same keys) -- 200 views
  23. 2014 PHP looping array to get combined rows of items -- 50 views
  24. 2014 MYSQL / Query Builder / Eloquent - Transpose rows to columns -- 1k views
  25. 2014 Change several ARRAY into new ARRAYS -- 50 views
  26. 2014 array merge issue in php -- 50 views
  27. 2014 How to combine associative array by indexes -- 450 views
  28. 2014 PHP: Grouping array values by keys -- 150 views
  29. 2014 How to transpose two arrays to form an indexed array of associative arrays? -- 100 views
  30. 2014 PHP - multidimensional array from arrays -- 100 views
  31. 2014 Display transposed data as html table -- 100 views
  32. 2015 I have 5 arrays each array contains 10 values, I want to invert these arrays into 10 arrays and each array contains 5 values using php? -- 6K views
  33. 2015 create transpose matrix using php -- 6K views
  34. 2015 Why does array_map() with null as callback create an "array of arrays"? -- 2K views
  35. 2015 Chunk and transpose a flat array into rows with a specific number of columns -- 50 views
  36. 2015 Merge 2 arrays into 1 multidimensional array by index -- 800 views
  37. 2015 Merging two simple arrays into a multidimensional array -- 50 views
  38. 2015 Populating HTML table with multidimensional array vertically -- 1K views
  39. 2015 Merge multidimensional array preserving keys -- 100 views
  40. 2015 Transpose csv file data -- 300 views
  41. 2016 Multi dimensional loops from 4 existing arrays -- 50 views
  42. 2016 How to use an array of arrays with array_map(...) in PHP? -- 2K views
  43. 2016 How can I combine arrays in one multidimensional array in php? -- 50 views
  44. 2016 PHP array, move keys and values to new array, but mix it up -- 50 views
  45. 2016 How to transpose array elements? -- 900 views
  46. 2016 Hierarchical Array Conversion to Flat Array -- 300 views
  47. 2016 merge and reorder 3 arrays -- 50 views
  48. 2016 Insert database rows from columns of data from associative array of indexed arrays -- 50 views
  49. 2017 Transpose rows and columns in a 2D array -- 5K views
  50. 2017 php reformat array representation from html form array -- 50 views
  51. 2017 How to insert arrays into a main array in PHP to make it 2d array? -- 50 views
  52. 2017 How can I combine array's items? -- 250 views
  53. 2017 Restructure multidimensional array of column data into multidimensional array of row data -- 1K views
  54. 2017 Transpose associative array of associative arrays to create associative array of indexed arrays -- 4K views
  55. 2017 Merging PHP array to multidimensional array from another array -- 50 views
  56. 2018 Combine items of two array and create new array using php -- 50 views
  57. 2018 How to collect 3 arrays in 1 array using PHP? -- 50 views
  58. 2018 How do I use array_map recursively in PHP? -- 1K views
  59. 2018 Laravel loop through set of input arrays -- 150 views
  60. 2018 Foreach to combine to array -- 50 views
  61. 2019 php extract associate arrays -- 50 views
  62. 2019 How to combine and transpose 2 PHP arrays -- 50 views
  63. 2019 How to merge two arrays into one without iteration -- 100 views
  64. 2019 How to create an associative array from two arrays? -- 3K views
  65. 2019 how to get each column of values as array directly, and without using pluck laravel? -- 650 views
  66. 2019 Combine (merge) 2 arrays by keys and change keys name in the result array -- 800 views
  67. 2019 Array_map and array_combine for more than two arrays -- 500 views
  68. 2019 Merge values from different arrays to one with the same key -- 100 views
  69. 2019 Native PHP function that pairs elements from arbitrary number of input arrays -- 50 views
  70. 2019 Transpose multidimensional array and join values with commas -- 50 views
  71. 2019 How to create 3 arrays from 1 multidimensional array with 2 arrays inside -- 50 views
  72. 2019 How to store 3 key by index per row PHP -- 50 views
  73. 2019 How to change associative array value in php -- 400 views
  74. 2019 How to put array inside array in PHP? -- 50 views
  75. 2019 How to Loop through multi dimensional array of $_FILES array -- 200 views
  76. 2019 How to change associative array value in php -- 400 views
  77. 2019 PHP multi-dimensional array, merge duplicate keys into new arrays -- 50 views
  78. 2020 Transpose of column to row in php -- 50 views
  79. 2020 combine and merge array in laravel -- 100 views
  80. 2021 how to import a transposed excel in Laravel using laravel-excel -- 450 views
  81. 2021 Transpose imported Excel with Matrix table to Laravel -- 50 views
  82. 2021 Group multi array by key and value PHP -- 50 views
  83. 2021 Create a multidimensional array based on number of values -- 50 views
  84. 2022 Rotate a Collection in laravel -- 50 views
  85. 2022 Zip multiple arrays in PHP based on their identical keys and not their indices or their positions in array -- 50 views
  86. 2022 Convert nested associative array to single array in php -- 50 views
  • Is it worth stating what the current "rules" are? Or (eek) include a link to a post covering them?
    – QHarr
    Apr 23 at 10:57
  • 2
  • 9
    "why do we question ban users for asking too many duplicate questions" ... that's not the issue, the issue is asking bad questions. If they are dupe or not doesn't matter as long as they are positively received. And I might have a pessimistic view on this, but I guess wasting time on this isn't worth it. "quality" (like good signposts) is a battle you can't win (anymore). There are way too many posts coming in and way to few users doing housekeeping chores like voting, editing, reviewing, etc. And you have users who prefer quantity over quality working against you as well.
    – Tom
    Apr 23 at 12:39
  • 2020 seems to have been a good year. Only two questions in this list from that year.
    – Trilarion
    Apr 27 at 20:02
  • Also I think this is by now the standard for many other popular problems as well. People don't do research on the one hand and others like to answer rather than close. Nobody likes to search really.
    – Trilarion
    Apr 27 at 20:16

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I sometimes find myself writing comments with tags in them, like , that say something like this:

FYI your task is often called taking the of your array.

And I often edit a question's tags in the hopes of making the question more visible to other answerers.

It's a little less work for me than trying to hunt up the canonical answer to close something as a dup. And it, I think, contributes more to the questioner's learning than just duphammering the question: they get a chance to refactor their formulation of their question instead of just getting a smack.

These little breadcrumbs (they hardly qualify as signposts) sometimes help a questioner who says they've googled with no joy. Knowing what something is called in the trade-specific jargon is often what a questioner needs.

Obviously closing a question as a dup is still the right move in many circumstances.

Maybe making a tag edit more visible to the questioner would help this learning process without needing a global rework of the signpost question weltanschauung.

I agree that the php transpose q&a is, umm, a bit over the top.

  • 2
    "they get a chance to refactor their formulation of their question" Is that actually a good thing? If they remove their "wrong" description, that means others with the same vocabulary won't find the question. Apr 24 at 9:51

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