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Incentives for users to contribute on the site. Posting quality questions and answers. Moderating the site with close votes, flags and voting generally. Ways to incentivise quality contributions on the site.

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Is it time to rethink the rules regarding duplicate/signpost questions?

After receiving such a warm reception from my Cooperative, democratic, topic-scoped curation proposal, I decided to continue my crusade to find all of the signposts and related pages for the task of &...
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Is Stack Exchange actually considering Collaboration Bounties (or other similar measures)?

The recent satisfaction survey asked if people would like to see rewards for collaborative behavior, such as badges, collaboration bounties, and some new form of currency. However, unless I've missed ...
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Disincentivising duplicate answers

I have recently noticed this happen on a number of occasions. Either an answer very similar an existing one (no improvement), or a copy of an existing one is posted to a question, then the answerer ...
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Bring downvote limits and possible reversals in line with the system auto flags and downvote/delete votes and incentivise positive contributions

TL;DR After considerable downvotes, a question gets improves to no longer warrant the downvotes but they are rarely reverse since users move on. How can we prevent this situation or encourage users to ...
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