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Am I the only one seeing the '90s retro theme, with the unicorns and sparkles? [duplicate]

I am seeing a distinctly different Stack Overflow: The site now has a '90s "Geocities" feel, complete with unicorns, sparkle trails, gaudy backgrounds, and <marquee> tags. This is happening to ...
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2020 Developer Survey: any topic suggestions? [closed]

I’m Anita, a Product Manager here at Stack Overflow. We are starting to work on the questionnaire for the 2020 Developer Survey. Thanks to you, we had some great questions in the 2019 survey, such ...
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What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions?

Update: Our v1 experiment is done. We used a template loosely based on enderland's answer for this experiment. See this post for an overview of the results. Based on your feedback the DAG team is ...
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Aww, snap! We’ve got Filters now [closed]

How do you do, fellow Stackers? If there’s anything that Stack Overflow is known for, it’s being hip to the latest trends in every field. Gaming? We created StackEgg. Security? We invented Dance Dance ...
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Why is this user no longer a moderator? [closed]

I noticed that Samuel Liew, an elected moderator, here, on Stack Overflow, is... just simply no longer a moderator. What I first saw was: but I thought it was a bug and the diamond will come ...
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Why are Stack Overflow questions receiving so many views lately? [closed]

I am a C++ user. On average, all questions here have something like 40 views after an hour. A good question might even get 50 views within only 15 minutes. Or so it has been the last months. However, ...
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Did I inspire the Stack Overflow Time Machine?

Back in August 2018 I commented on a post about the 90's-esque link underlines that had recently been introduced on SE. Of course, in my mind, this comment did actually inspire the SE April Fools ...
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What are the past April Fools jokes?

How long has Stack Overflow been doing April Fools' jokes? Can someone list them along with screenshots?
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Why only back-end - I rather like front-end - it is far more important to the topic at hand

Why do I get shown only the backend? The frontend is far more important: I’m using Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit). Frontend only by F12 dev-tools:
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Why is the new website design not using tables for alignment? [closed]

It's the 1990s, Tables are all the rage for alignment control. Yet I see a disturbing lack of tables in use. This new-fangled CSS is just a fad and will never work, no good programmer will want to ...
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Why did Google Search Trends for Stack Overflow spike in April 2019?

According to Google Search Trends, there was a significant spike in searches for Stack Overflow during the first week of April 2019. On a larger scale, April 2019 marks the highest search interest ...
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