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For questions and anything related to the 2020 Developer Survey.

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Stack Overflow Survey 2020: IDEs question?

Going over the 2020 survey I can not find the question about IDEs. It is present in all the other years the survey was made. Is it missing in 2020s survey, or are those results just not presented in ...
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Rust being the "the most loved programming language" is misleading

I was looking at the result of 2020 developer survey. It says For five years running, Rust has taken the top spot as the most loved programming language. My understanding of this sentence was: Among ...
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"Take our short survey" appears every time I open SO [duplicate]

Every time open Stackoverflow it asks me to take the survey. But I've completed it yesterday. I've tried to dismiss it manually but after page refresh it appears again. Of course, if I click on ...
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Error in discussion of Job Search Status by Geography

The discussion of the Job Search Status by Geography states: In the US, India, UK, Germany, and Canada, over 80% of developers are not actively looking for a job, but at least half are open to new ...
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2020 Developer Survey results feedback

Depending on how you count it (there were some beta tests and various versions) this is the 10th year Stack Overflow has been conducting its annual developer survey. The software industry has changed ...
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Why did the 2020 annual survey ask your age, when that can also be derived from two earlier questions?

In the current annual survey, in one of the questions, it asks for your age in an optional question right before asking your gender/race/sexuality. However, shortly before that, it asks when you ...
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Did I take the survey?

I think I've already taken the 2020 survey but I'm just not sure (been distracted lately). Is there a way of knowing if I in fact already did take it? As far as I can tell the site lets me take it, ...
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Developer Survey is missing countries

Not sure if this is the right place but the "Where do you live?" question on the developer survey is missing at least my country; Bermuda. I checked the Qualtrics website (product used for the survey)...
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2020 Survey ambiguity: Which platforms have you done extensive development work in

This question in the 2020 Developer Survey is ambiguous: "Which platforms have you done extensive development work in over the past year, and which do you want to work in over the next year?" The ...
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Why did the developer survey not include all questions?

I just took the 2020 developer survey. As usual, there are many questions regarding my coding skills and my career status. I found it odd that the survey did not ask too many questions around my ...
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I got my Census badge on the wrong site [duplicate]

today I was visiting the Unix & Linux Stack Exchange site when I got notified about the survey. I clicked the link, immediately. I filled out the form, but it returned me back to Unix & Linux ...
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Why is "Search the web" NOT an option for "What do you do when you get stuck on a problem?" in the survey?

When asked "What do you do when you get stuck on a problem", "Use google" / "Search the web" is not an option!? My guess is "using google" would be the most popular answer. Why is it not an option?...
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The 2020 Developer Survey Link is blocked in my country

I've been on SO for almost ~6 years. I'm sure there are many other, more active users from my country (and other countries) who are in the same situation as me. Why have you used a service which ...
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Take the 2020 Developer Survey

Our 2020 Developer Survey launches today. Whether an active member of the Stack Overflow community or not, we encourage everyone who codes to participate and make their voice heard. The survey will be ...
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2020 Developer Survey: any topic suggestions? [closed]

I’m Anita, a Product Manager here at Stack Overflow. We are starting to work on the questionnaire for the 2020 Developer Survey. Thanks to you, we had some great questions in the 2019 survey, such ...