According to Google Search Trends, there was a significant spike in searches for Stack Overflow during the first week of April 2019.

12 month search trends for Stack Overflow

On a larger scale, April 2019 marks the highest search interest for Stack Overflow in the past 5 years.

5 year search trends for Stack Overflow

What happened in April 2019 to cause such a drastic spike in searches?

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    A wild guess but - is 1st of April responsible? Was there some external resource that linked to SO as a joke or something? – VLAZ Feb 10 at 6:48
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    @VLAZ Yeah, related queries and related topics list april fools. – ayhan Feb 10 at 7:12

During april fools, SO changed it's whole layout to it's old original one for a few days.
With sparkly background colors and effects, comic-sans font, a guestbox and an unicorn.

It was announced on this Meta too: Announcing the Stack Overflow Time Machine

It's very likely that's the cause of the search interest.

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