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Make deleted posts searchable for 30 days

I regularly teach programming classes. Like most instructors, I occasionally see students that I know to be both lazy and weak turn in suspiciously good projects and sometimes am able to locate online ...
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SO is being used as a real-time cheating platform

What can SO do to discourage users from abusing the community? See This is obviously not a screenshot of my answer but never have I felt more disgusted ...
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How should we address the "I assigned you this homework" answer shared on /r/ProgrammerHumor?

This answer is a bad answer of which half the content is irrelevant. The question asks how to insert a string in the middle of another string (and notes that the asker wants to do this numerous times)....
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What does "rubber duck" mean in debug help?

So I've read How to debug small programs, which is linked to from the Help Center and tells you how to debug your code. It says "If your program still has a bug, obtain a rubber duck"; what does he ...
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Please clarify the policy on homework questions [duplicate]

"How to exclude letters while adding numbers in a for loop?" appeared today. It's clearly homework. There's no attempt at a solution, just a bare-bones statement of the problem. The policy in the ...
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Plagiarism and using/copying code from Stack Overflow and submitting it in an assignment

What is the view on the ethics at copying the code you find on Stack Overflow? My issue is that I posted a whole source code for a short project where I could not find a small bug that was causing my ...
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I've rethought my question about a homework assignment—why can't I get it deleted?

I asked a question related to a course I was taking. I followed all the Stack Overflow rules, and I got a useful answer. But it's coming to the end of the [grading period here], and my professor has ...
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Caveat emptor. Making students aware they cannot delete their homework questions

It's the usual trick of people asking a homework question, then as soon as it's answered, they delete it. For example: How can you put 20 turtles on a circle in Python? Visualize a sparse matrix using ...
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OP deletes example code from my answer, can I prevent this?

Some time ago, I answered a question. At that point in time, the question had a link to a nice runnable example. Since then, OP has deleted that example and the link to it from their question. This is ...
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Is an answer calling for downvotes against the question Rude?

I was alerted to this answer in a chatroom: Please note that this is a take home-exam question for the Algorithm Analysis and Design Course at IIIT-Delhi which is still going on. I am the instructor ...
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How should we address/flag an answer by a supposedly educational entity?

While reviewing first answers, I came across this question and it's answer, this is a first (at least for me) seeing a user, identifying himself as an educational faculty member, and calling others ...
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SO is for answers. Should it be a cheatsheet for exams and tests as well?

There are some questions about homework but I weren't able to find one on this particular problem: What about answers for particular exams/tests? Say, there is a test used by some school/corporation. ...
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Instructions for reporting copyright infringement have (accidentally) been removed from the site

The official DMCA Designated Agent has changed from the one linked in the text below (which was terminated on 2020-07-05). If the status of the contact linked in this note is no longer "Active&...
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