While reviewing first answers, I came across this question and it's answer, this is a first (at least for me) seeing a user, identifying himself as an educational faculty member, and calling others not to answer a question.

(The deleted answer, added here later)

As Academic Conduct Officer for the XXX University Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics I am reading your question with interest. Rather than ask other people to do your [question type] for you, I suggest that you stick to honest endeavour, and perhaps read the Code of Practice on Student Discipline (sections X and Y apply in this case).

Other posters - your suggestions are doubtless kindly meant, but please don't assist cheating.

While we have a moderation system for Q&A's that are a clear "do my homework for me" case, and seasoned users will flag this appropriately, what should be the case for a supposed "outside authority" calling users to not answer?

I flagged it for moderator intervention, but something about this feels like it should be brought up for discussion...

Is this appropriate? Should this be posted but as a comment? Should specific entities receive moderation rights for what the community already regards as an obvious issue? Any other thoughts for something I may have completely missed here?

EDIT: as commented - the mentioned answer has already been deleted, since it does not answer the question (that was quick :) ). Anyways, my question still stands - is flagging this kind of issue for moderator attention enough?


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Flagging for moderator intervention was not needed here. Simply flagging as 'Not an answer' suffices in this case, because regular users can handle the problem.

You may want to leave a comment and explain what the answerer should do instead, as someone has done:

Although I can see where you are coming from, this is not an answer. Gain some reputation and you could comment. You may want to talk to the Community Managers team by using the 'contact us' link in the footer.

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