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Regarding what constitutes offensive language or constructs in posts, or the process of flagging such content that doesn't belong.

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Flag about possibly ToS-violating username declined

The user: (clipped for posterity in case something comes of this question). My comment in the mod flag I raised: this user's name could be considered ...
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Declined flag explanation - how to handle a user profile where one part of the "About Me" section is offensive but the rest isn't? [duplicate]

I recently mod-flagged a post because the poster's "About Me" section included the phrase "[expletive] you Stack Overflow". The exact flag text I used was: "User profile is ...
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Should a veil of anonymity have a say in how we flag offensive comments?

Today the following comment was spotted: To the downvoter. The least you can do is leave a f'ing comment as to why this answer deserved a downvote. Common decency and respect is what's lacking. ...
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Is an answer calling for downvotes against the question Rude?

I was alerted to this answer in a chatroom: Please note that this is a take home-exam question for the Algorithm Analysis and Design Course at IIIT-Delhi which is still going on. I am the instructor ...
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Report a single comment or multiple comments

If I saw a user that had a bad attitude to the others, and even insulted others on comments, for example, Why does it work? You should just delete your answer I guess. Please delete your ...
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What is the site's position on name calling with a somewhat mildly offensive word?

Recently I stumbled upon this comment: to the nincompoop who downvoted this question have the decency to explain why you're downvoting the question The dictionary defines nincompoop as: n. A ...
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What should I do when a comment directed at me is a reprimand without context / reason?

EDIT - To make it clear: I saw/see a potential conflict in the situation and want to avoid escalating it. I am asking for advice on how to do so. I'm also asking for opinions whether my original ...
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Question with rant about "downvote trolls" and saying something else very rude - rude/abusive flag disputed? [duplicate]

I flagged a question featuring this paragraph as "rude or abusive". (NSFW content, hover or tap to view.) I didn't edit the question to remove the rant because, frankly, I didn't want to in any way ...
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Should disguised insulting words in a username be allowed?

Recently, I found a user with name YuckFou. This user name is obviously (at least for me) a disguised version of the f-word, which should not be allowed in a professional context. I flagged this user ...
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To what extent would offensive content be considered "repairable"?

Just now a question containing offensive and vulgar words was caught by a moderation bot. We had some divergence about whether that question is "repairable". That is, some people think the question ...
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Is it offensive/rude to vent about or insult a product or library?

A question in a tag that I follow had some "color commentary". Excerpts from this revision for context (please be wary of the meta effect before voting or intervening too harshly): Title: &...
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Should I edit a pure abusive/offensive post

If some frustrated user posts an offensive sentence (not swearing in a valid answer, just pure hate & swearing & insulting everyone), should I: (Downvote,) flag, and wait Edit to some "...
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Is there a rule of conduct to handle supposedly ill-minded requests? [duplicate]

I've been following a post that was asking to spoof an email sender. OP was asking for details on how to spoof a sender's address. Downvotes were pouring in, while a lively communication in the ...
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Penalty for comments for being rude or abusive when someone point out mistake

I have gone through this question: Can we add a reputation penalty to comments that are removed for being Rude or Abusive? My concern is if a comment is removed for being rude or abusive, there ...
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Is this edit suggestion a bad joke or offensive behaviour? The editor changed to (also the bold). IMO, this is offensive behavour (isn't a porn site? idk). Should I reject ...
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How should a question with inappropriate/NSFW imagery be handled? [duplicate]

I think this has not been asked yet, or I could not find it. Specifically, this question links to a fiddle containing an image of a couple of topless women among other people. The question asks about ...
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So we are trying to allow less obviously offensive content, but calling closing a Question Nazi-like behaviour doesn't count?

I came across this answer while browsing meta SO, and thought that although it doesn't offend me personally, its one of the most offensive things to human decency I have found so far on this site. So ...
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Edit a post that can (possibly) contain offensive/unnecesary text

I have the following doubt Recently I saw a Q/A on the site Link to question In the answer the user posted the following: " download the 64 bits version, 32 is for ...
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404 - spine not found

Recently, I've been noticing a certain trend here on meta: People seem to become increasingly scared of possibly offending someone. Some examples: One of the suggested questions for the 2016 survey ...
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What to do when moderators don't care about rude users?

For quite a while there has been a user who is frequently making up their own rude, non-constructive close vote reasons. Examples: "I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because trash code" "...
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Offensive answers are not censored in "new answers to old questions" moderator tool

In the New Answers to Old Questions moderator tool (accessible starting with 10k of reputation), it seems answers that were automatically deleted because 6 spam / offensive flags were raised are not ...
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Offensive answers don't seem to get censored when manually deleted

Update This originally was a feature request, but Brad pointed out that suggestion #2 is how the system is supposed to work, so this actually appears to be a bug. Is it really a bug? For what it's ...
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Accepted norm/process for handling references to offensive usernames in comments

Yesterday, through some random navigation I came across a user name that was distasteful and offensive. Though the username used Latin script but was either a hindi/urdu phrase and a translation of ...
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Is "bigotry of any kind" really not tolerated? Who defines which are those "kinds"?

Disclaimer: English is not my first language. I work part time as a teacher, trying to teach Python to a class of physically challenged people. I am far from being an experienced teacher. So a few ...
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What do I do when I'm being insulted in a post?

I am getting attacked. I have seen this happening quite a bit lately, but usually only in the comments though. How do we educate people on how this site works?
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If someone is abusive in another language (not in English), what to do?

If someone is abusive in a language that's not English, what to do? I flagged it as offensive but it got declined...
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Block users that write offensive answers

I reviewed an answer on this question How to best position Swing GUIs? that said: Warning: spoiler What can you do with this answer? I have flagged it as rude or abusive and added this comment: ...
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Should I flag comments which accuse someone of doing it just for reputation?

Is it appropriate to flag a comment, which accuses someone of having done something only for reputation? Which flag should I use?
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What makes something offensive?

I was offended by a comment directed at me today (no link, as it has already been deleted), so I flagged it as rude/offensive. It was declined. Does that declination mean "I, the mod or high-rep user ...
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Editing and offensive replies

I recently came across a question in which the OP had put a greeting (Hello Stackoverflow land), and ended with another two three lines of thanking. Seeing this as possibly distracting, I edited out ...
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Why does "convert to comment" validate SPAM / OFFENSIVE / VLQ - Flags?

The disputed review-audit Review queue audit question inconsistency demonstrates a bug in flag-validation: While it is proper that deleting a post validates most flags, convert-to-comments, which is ...
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Paradoxical flag within Stack Overflow

Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or ...
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Are there any rules and limits about profile pictures?

The profile picture of this user shows young people with weapons. Is this an appropriate profile picture? What constitutes an offensive profile picture?
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Flag a post (question or answer) as "offensive, abusive, or hate speech", or use a custom flag?

I recently ran into a question that contained two sentences that were problematic. The first one was just rude. The second was hate speech (advocating genocide). Neither could have been interpreted as ...
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Dealing with contributing but abusive users

tl;dr How can I as a user deal with content of users who are helpful in general but leave abusive comments and/or answers? Is there anything I can do to help mitigate the problem when I run into such ...
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How should we handle links to adult content in posts?

So this question has links to an adult site inside the code, since the website the OP is making is adult in nature. Which is fine. Is this inappropriate for the site? If so, should we be more ...
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Upvoted Offensive Post

I just flagged this post as offensive, and I noticed that, before I flagged it, there were two upvotes on it. Since it was a late answer on an old post, I feel it's unlikely that the answer was ...
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How to deal with users who's comments are "attacking" based on reputation? [closed]

Today, I answered a basic question regarding regexes on Javascript. Here is the question: Convert String ">number<" Into "><a href="tel:number">number</a>...
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Abusive/aggressive users taking it outside of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I know that the powers of Stack Overflow moderators and administrators are limited to within Stack Overflow, but what happens in a situation where a user is clearly being argumentative and abusive to ...
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How to deal with people making threats? [duplicate]

I have encountered an unhelpful and arrogant user. First he tried to close my question. Then he got frustrated by not being able to do so because the question got answers. He keeps being chatty in ...
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How is "Satan hold your orgasm" offensive remark? [duplicate]

Someone edited my answer here, and s/he removed part of the answer that said "Satan hold your orgasm", and the summary of the edit said that it is offensive remark. Why is that? Is it religious stuff? ...
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A user is making death threats

Got an account making death threats, they have had one post closed already but the latest one is still hanging around. I would have thought one death threat would be enough to ban them, anyone with a ...
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Offensive comments - How to deal with these

I marked an answer "as not providing an answer to the question" and I received a series of insults from the answerer. How to deal with these type of situations? I think that people not willing to be ...
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Is it OK to use an epithet in the code that is part of a question?

The question strcmp() error after scanf() has code which includes the string: "Screw you, learn to follow instructions retard" instead of something more like: "Please read and obey the instructions"...
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Downvote Brigade Because My Problem Had No Code and/or an NSFW Name

I had a question here which was (sadly) deleted by the community. It was (in my opinion) well-formed, had plenty of technical detail, and was a valid django/python/heroku question. It even ended up ...
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Can I flag a question for moderator attention if the image is not proper?

A user has posted this question and it has a obscene user avatar,so can I flag this for moderator attention? As far as I know we do not have flag option regarding profile photo
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OP used very bad vulgar language in comment

Recently i saw one question is SO. Here it is ...
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Please ban those users

I just found the following users in our chat (and other): https://chat.stackoverflow....
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Clarify guidelines for flagging words or phrases we perceive to be offensive?

I flagged an answer. SO took me through the process where it asked for the reason for flagging (I chose "offensive") and explained that you should only choose this if "a reasonable person would ...
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Should political (possibly offensive) content be allowed in user's profile?

I was reading a question and I decided to take a look to OP's profile. I found his About Me section expresses offensive political opinions. According to this post political opinions can be expressed ...